My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1541

Vol 5 Chapter 1541: The Ultimate Heritage Of The Evil List

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"His defensive skill is too strong, not like the holy weapon, but better than the defensive strength of the holy weapon! We can't rely on our attack power to blast his defense!"

"If he wants to kill us, we are dead, not like that."

"He is the only one who beats us, but we can't hurt him? This is too shameful!"

After the frontal battle, the evil spirits are agonizing!

This Lin Chen's defense is too special!

Unless everyone's attacks are concentrated on him, it is impossible to break the defense!

Lin Chen held a knife in one hand and a flying knife in another hand.

Completely turned!

Under Lin Chen's offensive, even the top 50 evil spirits of the evil spirits list can't stop him for a few rounds!

Who can stop this monster!

Hard as a ghost!

The Holy Force is also strong enough to crush the ordinary open world. He still fights with the desperate momentum and the evil spirits. Even the Seventh-grade Defensive Sacrificial Equipment cant stop him from hitting one, it must be severely damaged or even destroyed on the spot. !

All the saints were shocked and dumbfounded.

Originally, they thought it was a full-blown battle.

Unexpectedly, it was a unilateral crushing battle!

The evil spirits couldn't even break Lin Chen's defense. He almost hard-wired most of the attacks, resisted some of the attacks, and forcibly crushed all the evil spirits in a super fast way!

It should be known that Lin Chen has expanded his points 31,000 times, and at this stage he has broken his total points by 10,000 times.

On this basis, bless the talent effect of Tai Yi Fu Tian Jue and the possession of the supernatural being.

The quality of its Holy Power is high, and when the ultimate energy of 27970 destructive power can be exploded, when this Holy Power is transformed into a defense, it can be called a true dead end defense!

However, Lin Chen's orange-level intermediate defense skill, "Golden Jade Garment", is still [Enhancement +15], and the power of the skill increases by 410%!

What is even more terrible is that 710% of the talent effect of [Extreme Possession] is 710%!

With the divine power equal to 28,000 deities, release an orange-level intermediate defense combat skill that increases more than seven times...

There are ghosts if they can be moved!

In the Fourth Congress, all the denominations of the family and saints were completely dumbfounded.

Their proud worldly demon are actually beaten by Lin Chen one after another...

"This... this is the top 200 united wars on the list of evildoers?"

"Damn, the novel doesn't dare to write this, too fake this!"

"Shameful, it's too shameful! The old man can't stand it anymore!"

"It's not that these evil spirits are too weak, but that this kid Lin Chen is too ridiculously strong!"

Countless saints twitched at the corners of their mouths, which was a few epochs away from what they expected to be "evenly matched"!

The whole battle can only be summarized in one sentence-beat the children.

Lin Chen almost ignored the attacks of the evil spirits and chased them all the way to beat them, who was unlucky.

Isnt this what the kid beats? Hammer whoever you press directly!

"Lying trough, he's coming!"

"What are you doing, don't! Miss Ben doesn't want to see this thick saber!"

"Uncle Lin Chen, I admit defeat! I am an ally, don't make a sword!"

"Damn, Lao Tzu fights with you... my holy weapon! No, brother, I'm wrong!"

Many of the evil spirits were extremely hard-hearted at the previous moment. After being smashed by Lin Chen with a lot of cards, his face was completely horrified!

Qiang~! At this moment, a sword chanting sky rose, and the Jinyang machine, the second in the list of evildoers, held the golden holy sword, Jin Xia rolled, and the sword shot out, and the sky paved a golden avenue and turned into a golden road!

At the end of the avenue, a sharp shot came sharply, which is exactly where his sword sharpened!

Sigh~! Lin Chen held his sword violently, splitting the sword spirit of the Golden Avenue, but he was shocked for three steps for the first time.


Lin Chen was interested, and the smile on his lips grew thicker.

The morale of many monsters has soared!

The top 30 strongest in the list of monsters began to sacrifice their trump card!

If the characters standing at the top of the list of evildoers can't break Lin Chen's defense, then this battle will not be fought!

"There was enough time before the delay. If even this move could not win him Lin Chen, Ben Shao could only admit defeat."

"I can't think of the cards that I have accumulated for thousands of years, so I want to use them here."

"If he is fighting alone, he is the best deserved list of Lin Chen, but he wants to pick out groups, and idiots say dreams!"

Bang ~!

Infinite might once again pervades the entire desert plane!

Many families, hundreds of denominations, all kinds of old monsters, eyes soaring!


finally come!

The ultimate bottom card of the top 30 in the evil spirits list, I didn't expect them to be able to meet at the same time today!

A historic moment!

After the previous war of attrition, it was obviously impossible to win Lin Chen, they finally changed the combat strategy!

I saw, in the desert plane;

Xiao Changsheng, "Qian Yan Burning the Sky", the twelfth place in the list of evildoers, stepped on the waves of fire, and released the infinite black San Sheng Lihuo in the palm of the fire tower, igniting the desert plane.

This fire will instantly become ashes even if it is touched by the Sacred Heart!

Ten ninth "Undead Saints" in the Monster List, even Bai Rong, elaborately crafted ten puppets of the open world realm corpses!

Xie Yingkui, the seventh in the demon list, holds the eight-grade holy sword Nine Demon Sword of Life and Death, offering a high altitude and a sharp sky!

Jing Feilan, the'Eternal Fire Phoenix' in the eleventh place on the Monster List, urged the Orange Order Advanced Fragmentary Skill "Wanfeng Sacred Heart Curse", and turned into an undead Fire Phoenix.

The blood of the blade is bloody, and the eight-level demon sword "Broken Heart Red", which is like a demon-like light, is shaken by the dragon Qianyueqing, the third of the evil list!

Min Anran, the "Fairy of the Moon", the fifth in the list of evildoers, performed the orange-level advanced technique "Wanyue Tongtian". Ten thousand rounds of bright moons rose around the body, and every ray of moonlight seemed to have moved mountains and filled the sea. The power of falling apart!

Numerous visions can be described as covering the entire desert plane, all surrounding Lin Chen in the center!

Time seems to freeze at this moment! Countless powerful people's eyes were astonishing, as if they saw the moment they encircled and demoralized the deity!

And Lin Chen is like the Magic Venerable of their encirclement and suppression! Use your own strength to shake the heroes!

The 29 strongest legends of the strongest in the entire list of enemies have finally put out their full power!

They are no longer hidden.

Originally, they planned to use it to compete for the ultimate heritage of the "first place in the evildoer list" and the strongest trump cards. Enough to suppress the mid-to-late stage of the opening of the realm, all moved out!

"Interesting! After finishing this wave, my attribute value can skyrocket once again. Eighth grade holy weapon, if you hammer it, I am afraid it will drop a lot of attribute values..."

Lin Chen licked his lips and raised his eyebrows, these guys finally caught fishing!

Lin Chenshe didn't use the sword, replaced with the Eighth Grade Holy Sword, Frozen Sky Sword!

The air is cold for thousands of miles, and the cold ice and mist surround the sky. Lin Chen raised his sword, like a generation of sword saints alive, extraordinary!

All the saints got up, their eyes were hot, they couldn't help but hold their breath, and stared at this scene violently.

Mrs. Ye Lixue, the Yejia lady, swayed her waist gently, slowly stood up, walked forward with her tall jade legs, and watched Lin Chens back quietly with the shortest distance.

She wants to witness with her own eyes that where the youngster chosen by her daughter will lead the history of the demon list.

Was Lin Chen sweeping against the evil spirits list, or was the group of holy evil spirits defeating Lin Chen? Or, it is both defeats!

This unprecedented battle of the enemies will be won and lost in the next moment!