My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1542

Vol 5 Chapter 1542: The First In The List Of Evil Spirits The Gods Descend

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Bang ~!

It was the side of the demon list that first launched the offensive!

Moreover, it is still the highest ranked Jinyang machine!

"Four-phase cutting off the sword, cutting off the life, cutting off, cutting off the time, cutting off the air!"

The Jinyang machine has been brewing for a long time, and the murderous skyrocketed, and then another sword was cut, and four swords were cut off to block Lin Chen's position!

Jianjian Zanjian shot four huanghuangs as the sword-glowed dragon of the sun came, almost jumping into the void plane, there is a bit of time and space stagnation, and even detached from life and death, straight to Lin Chen came!

"Open puppet, burst!"

A handprint of the undead saint, the top ten puppets of the realm flashed Lin Chens direction, and the light was so strong that he wanted to explode directly, and he did not intend to waste time to fight it again!

"Sansheng burns for nine days from the fire!"

The fire tower spins, and Xiao Changsheng's black flames turn into a black dragon in the direction of Lin Chen!

"Raytheon called in!"

Holding the Eighth Grade Holy Sword, Xie Yingkui cut out a thousand acres of the virtual image of Thunder God, and the three-headed and eight-legged ``Thunder God'' held many magical tools and grinded at Linchen!

"The bright moon at sea."

The fairy of the moon is only a little bit, and the moon is falling down, squeezed continuously, and the space of the entire plane is completely crushed and crushed, suppressing Lin Chen!

The earth is slanting, and the desert plane begins to break, ushering in the demise before silence!

The ultimate tricks launched by the 29 vulgar evils are enough to make all the open worlds outside the sage list feel the fear from the heart!

In the face of the collective siege of the evil spirits, Lin Chen's mouth slightly raised, the divine power was like the sea like the sea, the energy of the thousand planes condensed on top of a sword, the stars flickered like the dead stars hundreds of millions of years ago, The most dazzling light!

The terrifying spiritual pressure is rolling, turning into a burning spirit, burning the dragon and dancing to the sky!

At this moment, Lin Chen burned the sky with his left hand, and danced with his sword in his right hand.

Lin Chen suddenly struck a sword, slashing head-on! Swing in the air and burn all the life!

"Billions of stars!"

"Nine Heavy Burning Palm!"

"Lotus Dance!"

"Eight Dragon Burning Sounds!"

"Wind Demon Fallen Finger!"

boom! boom! boom!

Lin Chen did his utmost to learn, one trick, the Peerless Orange Order, exploded at an unprecedented speed, enveloping, all the offensives around him were blocked by him!

The dragon sound roared, and the knife shone. Hundreds of millions of stars turned into a sword, cut off the four brilliant sword lights, the sword was overflowing, Jin Yang vomited blood on the spot, his face was horrified!

A sword starlight cut through the ten puppets, and the cold and sharp edge broke the heavy offensive of Sanshenglihuo.

Approaching the ultimate wind demon, with a finger, with infinite energy, piercing through the tens of thousands of bright moons, burning the dragon and the sound of the mountain, the plane collapsed, and the ``Phoenix of Fire'' covering the sun and the moon roared one after another!

Kuairuo's extreme streamer turned into a blade, chopping the **** sword of Long Qianyue into pieces, and he was drowned into the endless lotus shadow, and the eight-grade demon sword madly protected the master.

Space distortions explode!

The plane is torn apart, completely sinking, and can no longer withstand this shocking collision!

"No good, withdraw quickly!"

Everyone can see that the plane of the desert can no longer be maintained, and can't take care of too much. It is crazy to retreat from those injured arrogance!

"Don't worry about this face, protect the venue!"

"Damn, these little young men are really scary from generation to generation. This has turned the sky!"

"This Lin Chen is a monster! I am alone in doing these monstrous evils, and I'm really his mother's clothes!"

All the elders of the older generation, with wounded monsters, returned to the Fourth Congress like a flight, panting.

With their abilities, they can protect these wounded monsters, unscathed, but they can't protect the terror that dozens of people collide with.

"What's the result?"

"Is Lin Chen winning or defeating the evildoer?"

"Seniors, what is the end?"

Many saints said anxiously that the two saints immediately turned their sleeves, and the scene in the broken desert plane appeared again.

I saw that the broken space debris suspended in the void, the dust was everywhere, the smoke was rolling, and the sight was drowned.

Everyone stared into the light screen of the space, looking for the evil spirits of their families, for fear of missing their arms and legs.

In the void, the teenager stepped into the air, and the silver robe burst, revealing a strong and strong arm.

Lin Chen!

His breath still has a long history!

On the other hand, all the evil spirits, wounds and wounds, floating in the free void.

Lin Chen was shirtless, holding a pair of round and slender white jade legs in his hands,

The beautiful woman's long dress is broken, sad and withered, the glamorous and unmatched cold face is like a fairy in the dust, and the light and slender moon eyebrows, the jade-like clear eyes slightly open...

What came into the eyes of the beautiful lady was the young man's grin.

"What are you doing so desperately? Although I look handsome, but I'm not your enemy, don't you even save yourself the last life-saving trick?"

The beautiful woman in her arms is one of the ten great colors of the demon list, the fairy of the moon, and the light moon.

For the first time, she was so close to her peers. The young man's masculine breath made her slim waist soft, the pale cheeks of Fei Qingyue appeared lightly crimson, and her teeth were bitten lightly, so she pretended to be threateningly cold.

"Rogue, let me go!"

She lost all her holy power, and there was no trace left, not even the strength to get up.

She just tried everything in the offensive just now.

Lin Chen shrugged, "Release you, are you sure? These are all space storms, your holy cave is empty, and the defense of the holy weapon has been hit by me. Can there be any means of self-preservation."

After all, Lin Chen looked at Jin Yangji who fled into the distance and sneered: "Oh, even a woman who is not as good as a woman is also the second demon list, like ghost shit."

"Hey, when do you want to hug."

Fei Qingyue was cold and cold, and she was so cold and moving in the past, but now she is angry and springy, and she even looks like she is coquettish.

"Then you answer me a question first, why did you try to attack me as hard as you can. I also broke my clothes, could you be greedy me?"

Lin Chen teased, but was slightly curious.

He seems to have no hatred against this woman. When the last wave of confrontation happened just now, this woman is the only one who can continue to hit him after breaking through his defense.

If not, these uncharacteristic evil spirits will not break even Lin Chen's clothes!


Fei Qingyue pursed her lips, "Because I want to be number one in the list of evildoers, I will rule out all difficulties."

"I have a personality, I like it."

Lin Chen laughed: "But you made a fatal mistake."

Fei Qingyue froze, wondering: "What's wrong."

Lin Chen said: "That is, take my Lin Chen as an opponent. This goal is too big, change it."

Fei Qingyue: "..."

Brush ~!

Lin Chen stepped into the air, holding Fei Qingyue when returning to the Fourth Congress.

He sent Fei Qingyue a ray of divine power, so that when she barely stood up--

Brush ~!

Countless saints have focused their eyes on Lin Chen, their eyes unprecedentedly dignified and shocked!

The top 30 in the list of evil spirits are all defeated and seriously injured!

Lin Chen, just torn the clothes! Not even injured!

This scene is no longer necessary!

Ye Lixue's beautiful eyes shuddered, her cold voice shivering and shaking.

"The demon list, was overthrown!"

This young man, succeeded!

With one's own strength, singled out all the demon list! !

"The peak of the demon list will be held as scheduled!"

The bald old man shouted excitedly.

"However, this seat will announce here today that it ranks first in the list of evildoers, and belongs to the gods who are titled the gods, Lin Chen!!"

At this moment, Wanzong is boiling!

They once again witnessed the moment of history's birth!

This year's list of monsters is unprecedented!

Heads up all the evil spirits in the evil spirits list, the king comes first!

The unprecedented list of evildoers, the gods descended, Lin Chen!