My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1543

Vol 5 Chapter 1543: I Don't Want To Lose Face In My Demon List

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Chapter 1543 ! ! ! !

"Successful, he actually did it!"

"Did you see that this kid didn't even get hurt!"

"It's too **** strong! Singled out the demon list, crushing all the demon list, and the deserved demon list is the first!"

"The strongest in all dynasties, this is definitely the strongest number one in all dynasties!"

"It's so wonderful, the old man thought that this summit will be the first,"

"A new era of arrogance is about to emerge, and the list of geniuses may add another stunner!

The four conference halls are not noisy, but every saint's eyes shine.

The son of a new era has appeared! Enough to resist the presence of the courts of the Saints List, Lin Chen!

Starting today, the reputation of the enchanted list will climb to an unprecedented peak!

However, the status of the demon list will no longer be as unattainable as the eyes of the world!

Because there was a person who singled out the whole list of evildoers! Complete this unprecedented feat!

The enchanted list will become a new legend, but it will no longer be high!

No one expected this scene, because I dare not think about it at all!

The Zhao family and Zhao Mingyu on the VIP seat stared at the most eye-catching teenager on the field and laughed at themselves.

Two years ago, he still had the ability to fight against him. Two years later, he broke through a holy cave, and he was already complacent and dared to call himself a demon, but Lin Chen has long been different.

Even, it has been able to go against the sky to the point of heading out the demon list...

"I don't even deserve to chase his back. Maybe Zhao Mingyu, besides the ancestors' powers, is there really nothing comparable to him Lin Chen..."

On the other side, Yejia.

Yeli Xuexian squeezed his hands tightly and murmured: "He did it, could it be that he really surpassed the sage list one day and became one of my final plan candidates..."

Ye Lixue was born to live for the mission and die for the mission.

In order to plan her plan, even the happiness of her own daughter must be abandoned!

Emotion is the last thing that needs to exist!

If not, the tragedy will never end!

In the center of the meeting place, Lin Chen put Fei Qingyue down, and the lady stood firm, seeing the young boy bathing in the audience's applause, his eyes flashed with hope.

This was the place she had dreamed of, and when she was taken away now, she was not frustrated at all.

There is even a faint jump and joy.

"If you grow up and play, if there is no accident, the number one on this list should be your position."

Lin Chen smiled at Feiyue, and then said, "Since you have taken your place, you should be compensated."

"You open your mind now, I will give you a chance."

Expecting so much power here, Lin Chen did not dare to do anything to himself. Fei Qingyue was faintly curious about what he would compensate for himself, and immediately opened his mind--

[Consume 900,000 points of top-level exercises and spirits, and begin to memorize the target mentality.

Fei Qingyue's body shivered, and a large amount of memory of cultivation appeared in her mind. This is related to her unfinished orange-level advanced practice "Wanyue Tongtian"!

"He...he can control my practice! Lin Chen, who is he..."

Fei Qingyue's wonderful eyes are full of shock, Lin Chen smiled and said: "Don't distract you, concentrate on absorbing these cultivation memories."

Fei Qingyue took a deep look at Lin Chen, then retreated to the VIP seat, concentrating on absorbing the memory of practice.

[The host obtains 78.8 million points of the essence of the suit, 5.9 billion points of the top essence, 2 billion points of spiritual power, 4.1 million points of ignition energy, 200,000 points of power, 2.65 million of rune energy, and 150,000 of heavenly path...]

Lin Chen's spiritual avatar, after retrieving all the attribute values dropped in the broken desert plane, was returned to Lin Chen's body.

The atmosphere of the Fourth Congress was hotter, and when they reached their climax, they had brought out all the wounded evil spirits.

At this time, the bald old man Yukong flew, he smiled heartily.

"Congratulations, Mr. Lin Chen, the old man could not have dreamed, there will be the first award of the demon list, and the precedent of continuing to hold the summit meeting."

In the eyes of the public, the bald old man first bet on Lin Chens mortgage, that is, his luck to transplant the sac, and returned Lin Chen.

Then, he took out another ring, and awarded all the three rewards in the top of the evil list!

The first reward is a seventh-grade sacristy of Wei Yue Tian Lan! Very high value!

The second reward is a top-grade spirit planting seed, and the supreme saint called spiritual realm, Yuan Sacred Flame!

There are too many magical uses and values of this thing, which can be used not only for alchemy, but also for casting tools. If it is directly absorbed, it is more likely to break through the spiritual realm!

When Lin Chen took over the lamp with a pink flame, he couldn't help but look overwhelmed.

"This Yuanshen flame, it's more than enough for me to make the Blazing God Flying Sword break through the eighth grade. Even I can refine a large part of the Yuanshen Flame and try to impact a new spiritual realm!"

After obtaining this thing, Lin Chen's goal for this trip is considered a complete completion!

"So, let's usher in this link in advance! Let's be the first in our list of new demon evils, and publish it to the time when the famous quote is made!"

At this moment, the bald old man laughed loudly, and the sages in the Fourth Congress looked forward to it.

Even those demons who were defeated by Lin Chen couldn't help looking at Lin Chen.

The most famous quotes from the top of the evil list will be recorded every time.

Anyone who wins the first place in the list of evildoers needs to share their own journey and temper.

This is also a very important part. Every generation of the list of evildoers can take a peek at the leopard in this link and spy out a list of evildoers. It has become the number one today after many dangers and hardships.

Not to mention, this time ushered in, it is still the first to single out the entire list of evildoers!

Few saints will miss this link, everyone wants to scrutinize or know something, why is he so powerful!

All Saints looked at it, and when everyone looked forward to it, Lin Chen suddenly scratched his head, hehe laughed.

"Well, guys, I'm in a hurry, there are more important things to do... This is the No. 1 demon list, I just took it by the way."

As soon as this remark came out, the four congresses were suddenly in an uproar!

In a hurry? You hurry up!

What is important to you, it is more important than the glorious moment of the top of the evil list!

By the way? You can pretend too!

Before waiting for all the saints and powerful people to react, Lin Chen waved and smiled.

"That's all of you, what are you going to do with the rest. This time I'm here is just a doppelganger, and I will have supper next time."

After talking, Lin Chen put on his self-made sunglasses, slowly raised his hand, and laughed jokingly.

"Good-bye, goodbye, there will be a date!"

Fuck~! When a snapped finger echoed, Lin Chen's figure disappeared into a ray of light under the attention of Halloween.


At this moment, when I saw Lin Chen disappearing, all the saints, powerful men, and the strong men of the Eighth Rank Sect were all thundered!


Is it a **** doppelganger?

The entire Fourth Congress, once again ushered in death-like silence!

All the saints stared at each other with big eyes, and there was a shock that was hard to conceal in their pupils!

One of Lin Chens avatars actually singled out the entire list of evildoers?

A doppelganger knocked down all the demon in the demon list?

Are you still human? What did you think of the demon list?

Don't I have a face in my demon list!