My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1544

Vol 5 Chapter 1544: Strengthen The Blood Of Shenlong

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"what happened?"

"Who am I and where am I? Am I dreaming?"

"Hehe...hahahaha! Crazy, this world must be crazy!"

No matter how big the knowledge of the major business groups, the hundred great powers, and the powerful denominations, no matter how strong, I have never seen such a nonsense scene!

You said it was ridiculous that Lin Chen singled out the demon list, you still used a clone?

A doppelganger turned the monster list?

The novel does not dare to write like this!


This time its the turn of the demon list, and its completely ridiculous!

Their worldview, ethics, morality, all concepts and common sense have collapsed and collapsed several times in a very short period of time!

This Lin Chen is actually just an avatar! !

Dragon Qianyue, the third in the list of evildoers, was lying on a stretcher, covered with blood, his chest split open with a big mouth, and holy blood ran across.

He witnessed this scene, shaking his hand holding the wound.

It wasn't a painful trembling, it was a twitch that was so angry.

Covered with blood, the twelfth place of the evil demon list, Xiao Changsheng, lying in the arms of a beautiful woman, chewing and healing Sheng Dans mouth slightly trembling.

It wasn't the pain of the injury, it was the rage that burst into the air.

All of them, the worldly demon, have moved out the ultimate details of their net worth!

Finally made a split! Lonely?

The most terrifying thing is that this **** didn't win him!

This Nima sentiment was fought for a long time, and they all enchanted all the enemies before they wiped out the clothes of others' avatars...

All the evil spirits looked at each other with terrified and collapsing eyes.

Lin Chen's doppelganger is already so strong.

In this case, what realm is this Lin Chen's ontology......

After a short period of extreme shock, the summit of the enchanted list completely exploded!

"The owner is not good! Master Long's wound burst again!"

"Princess, Bai Rong has rolled his eyes!"

"Sovereign, Miss, she woke up and didn't even breathe in two breaths!"

"Elder Logistics, quickly bring Shengdan!"

"Mom's Lin Chenlin is going to be angry with us before he leaves. What a terrible death this man is!"

"Lao Tzu and his Lin Chen never end!!"

"Both birthday, He Shengyu!"

"Master, young master's mentality collapsed again! Now they all vomit blood and nine liters!"

In the four conference halls, it was a chaos!

Chaosed Pipi shrimp across the river!

Especially the enchanted list, the whole mentality collapsed!

Some were crazy on the spot, some were suspicious of life, some were already mad, some were mad at the disease, and some were twitching and twitching on the spot, like a shock.

In the past, the demon list is the darling of the human race, the arrogant of the times, wherever it goes, it is when the demon list bullies others, and no one else bullies the demon list. But today, for the first time, they met ruthless people!

This is probably the most chaotic summit meeting in the history of the evil spirits list!

At the same time, it is also the moment of the most perverted first evil wizard in the history of the evil monster list!

The powers on the seat were dumbfounded.

I am afraid that this peak will not be able to drive!

The injuries of the evil spirits are trivial.

Mentality is the big deal!

Heads up all the demon in the demon list with avatars!

Lin Chen only rely on his own strength to engage in the mentality of the entire evil list!

For hundreds of millions of years in the Holy Realm, you must belong to Lin Chen, the most mad!

At this moment, Lin Chen's fame began to spread to the entire Holy World at the fastest speed, setting off an unprecedented earthquake!


Outside the Heavenly Sanctuary, Huang Yu, above a holy mountain.


Earth shakes, a loud noise!

Inside the holy mountain, there are tombstones lined up, and there is a sacred death, but there is a sacred light. The man from Yuanshi Yuezhi knelt in front of the tombstone in the holy mountain, and wept.

"The ancestors, their descendants are invincible, and they are ashamed of the ancestors of the Shangguan family!"

"Because of my personal problems, I have suffered from Shangguan's family. In this life, my Shangguan family will avenge this **** revenge and kill the **** in honor of my Shangguan family's ancestors!"

"My life was given by the protagonist, and after the vendetta, my invincible Shangguan will definitely follow the protagonist to the Palace of Divine Flame!"

This person is one of Lin Chen's servants. He was imprisoned in the 19th floor of the "war madness", and Shangguan was invincible!

That year, after he appeared on the list of sages, his prestige reached its peak, and he withdrew from Wannian after ten years of diligent cultivation. He was still full of enthusiasm. He wanted to challenge the strongest players in the world and wanted to be the first strongest person under the Holy King.

In a challenge, he fell into the love of a woman for the first time. The woman's background was clean. Shangguan invincible thought he wanted to stop the pace of challenging the world. However, when he invited him one night, he took poisoned wine and his strength was limited. He was destroyed and tortured by the woman who was united with multiple enemies, and was eventually sent to the holy prison!

Losing the peerless genius of Shangguan, the Shangguan family is completely destroyed! The clan was uprooted, and the corpse was hung in the Dragon City for ten days and nights.

Today, it is time to get everything back!


Outside the holy mountain, a cliff.

Lin Chen's body suddenly opened his eyes. He is now acting with his servants, there is revenge, there are complaints, and regrets.

Feeling that his avatar had completed the task, Lin Chen's body opened in the space plane, and let the avatar far away from Bingxin Palace take out Yuan Divine Flame.

Lin Chen didn't know how terrible waves he caused after his avatar left the summit meeting.

There is only one goal left in his heart to improve his strength and challenge the Shenyan Palace!

"Very good, Yuan Shenghuo consumes only a quarter, and then I just have to wait with peace of mind, and my last holy weapon will become eighth grade."

Lin Chen's heart faintly looked forward.

His holy objects will be transformed into eight grades in two months!

Lin Chen has already experienced the power of the Eighth Grade Sacristy!

Although his cultivation was soaring, it was one of the main reasons, but he was able to cut 800 gods with supernatural powers of the Sacred Heartland with the power of the heavenly realm, and the eight-level "Jueyan" knife accounted for half of the factors. !

The same one-stroke technique was exhibited with the seventh-grade sacristy and eight-grade sacristy. Lin Chen estimated that the difference in power is more than five times, which is not an order of magnitude!

Not to mention, Lin Chens Eighth Grade Sacrificial Object has also undergone [System Enhancement], and its power and gap are even more terrifying!

Challenging the Palace of Divine Flames, preparing the Eighth Grade Sacrificial Equipment is an essential part!

In a flash, Lin Chen turned on the system.

[Tiandao Picking System 7.0 Version

Host: Lin Chen-Cultivation: Five-Middle Stage of Holy Realm-Top Essence: 315 trillion points.

Ultimate strength: 3200 dignity (carnal shell awakening + 300%)-top qi and blood: 579 trillion points

Top mental power: 3.220 billion points (entering into the Sacred Realm)

The essence of top-level exercises: 21.51 million points-the top rune energy: 89.6 million points-the value of advanced heavenly path: 95 million points.

Advanced talent points: 117.5 billion points-Set essence: 15.9 billion points.

Intermediate enhancement points: 2.18 million points.

Top elemental energy: 700 million points in the fire system, 700 million points in the soil system, 700 million points in the wood system, 700 million points in the gold system, 700 million points in the water system, 700 million points in the thunder system, 700 million points in the wind system, 600 million points in the light system , Dark line 600 million points.

Set column: Golden God of War set, holding parts Ultimate right armor-Ultimate left armor-Ultimate left leg armor-Ultimate right leg armor-Ultimate armor (design).

Talent bar-Bloodline status bar-Kung Fu status bar-Life awakening bar-Mortality bar-Special rune bar -]

"Good guy, this time I have gained a lot of unexpected joys. The essence of this set has exceeded 10 billion! Even the essence of the exercises and the top essence, the reinforcement points have also received a lot!"

Lin Chen was ecstatic, this strengthening point, which is not what it used to be, barely allowed him to strengthen a wave of Shenlong blood!