My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1545

Vol 5 Chapter 1545: Version 8.0

Biquge, the fastest update of my exercises depends on picking the latest chapter!

How strong is the Dragon Blood? Lin Chen has already personally taught it, not inferior to the blood of the son of the Devil Emperor and the descendants of God!

Even if it is an enhancement level, its effect will bring a leap like improvement! This is like Lin Chen expanding 30,000 times, strengthening the level is to increase the effect of expanding 3,000 times!

Just one word, fierce!

"System, I want to strengthen the blood of Taixi Ancient Dragon!"

[Consume 500,000 intermediate strengthening points, strengthen the blood of Shenlong and Taixi ancient dragon successfully, the strengthening level is +1, and the strengthening effect is increased by 10%.

Bang ~!

The holy dragon in Lin Chen's body suddenly released the vast dragon power, dissipating the void, and shattered the space of a thousand miles in a flash, and the light was distorted, so that Lin Chen quickly suppressed its momentum!

Lin Chen licked his lips, "It is indeed the blood of the Shenlong, it strengthened the first level so fiercely!"

"System, give me another two!"

[Consume 600,000 intermediate strengthening points, strengthen the blood of Shenlong and Taixi ancient dragon successfully, strengthening level +2, strengthening effect increase: 10%.

[Consume 700,000 intermediate strengthening points, strengthen the blood of Shenlong and Taixi ancient dragon successfully, the strengthening level +3, strengthening effect increase: 10%!

The faint red gold divine light, Lin Chen's whole body, disillusioned the phantom shadow of the ancient dragon, like the supernatural dragon possessor overlooking the various creatures, the dragon power is pure and magnificent.

It seems that any movement of Lin Chen raising his hand and throwing his feet can be turned into a great shore like a dragon!

Strengthened three times in a row, Lin Chens Dragon Blood has been increased by 30%! This means that when his Taixi Shenguang is released again, his defense will be even higher!

Lin Chen accumulated 2.18 million points of intermediate strengthening points for a long time, and immediately left 380,000 points.

The blood of the dragon and the consumption of horror are really horrible. These strengthening points are still obtained by Lin Chen dropping all the devil statues, the pinnacle demon king, and even the flat demon list of Haibian, and they will disappear in two or three clicks.

"Enhancement + 15 is endless, if you can strengthen the dragon bloodline by 15 levels, I am afraid that even the Holy King, it will not make the coach so hard! They are so scalp numb!"

Lin Chen sighed, and then continued to look elsewhere.

"System, I want to distribute the essence of the suit to the Ares suit."

[Consume 15.9 billion points of the essence of the suit and start charging.

[The God of War set has been fully recharged-Set column: Gold God of War set, holding parts Ultimate right armor (41%)-Ultimate left armor (40%)-Ultimate left leg armor (40% )-Ultimate right leg armor (40%).

Lin Chen's God of War set, all breakthrough 40% charge!

This wave of challenge to the evil spirits list not only made up for the previous consumption in the demon world, but also filled Lin Chen's energy to a whole new level!

After all, in this list of evildoers, who is not a sixth-grade holy artifact and a seventh-grade holycraft?

All the last wave of Lin Chen was hammered, and there were a lot of monsters coveting Lin Chens net worth.

"This boring and fulfilling feeling really makes people want to stop."

The corner of Lin Chen's mouth rose wildly.

With the 40% charge of the God of War set, he can now compete with the top powerhouses!

However, the most important thing from the one-turn saint to the nine-turn saint is the spirit light generated by the holy cave in the brain domain.

This is the biggest difference between the one-turn saint and the saint nine-fold heaven!

The last 91 to 99 holy points are all located in the brain domain, and each time you open one, you can get 0.1 times your own holy power!

And the most important improvement of 91 to 99 holy caves is not holy power, but a lot of spirit light!

The saint aura, not only responds faster, but also has a stronger insight into everything, which is why the orange-order exercises can only be created by saints who have completed one turn or more.

The complexity of an orange-level exercise method can only be created and accommodated by the spiritual light of a saint's brain domain that has been converted to the above.

Aura is a gift inherent to the soul. The stronger the talent, the more aura.

If you cant become a saint who can open up the heaven and complete cultivation, you can rarely see the size of your spirit light!

Lin Chen could not see his spirit light, but he could enhance his spirit light!

Thats right, Lin Chen has a similar growth trajectory!

Although he is not a saint, he can react faster than a saint!

That is his [mental awakening]!

Lin Chen's eyes are alchemy, and he is promoted to the eighth-grade Saint-level pharmacist, to a large extent, all rely on [Spiritual Awakening]!

"According to Jiang Taixu's review, there was a great discovery that the aura and the spiritual realm are very close, and the improvement of the spirit can also affect the aura of the saint to a great extent. My spiritual awakening function has just become the turning point in the middle. !"

"Spiritual awakening can increase the instantaneous speed of my spirit and get a reaction speed comparable to that of a saint in one turn or even two turns!"

"In battle, in addition to the restoring power of the Sacred Mind State and the explosiveness beyond the Na Xing Realm that does not open the Heavenly Realm, in essence, I only have to keep up with the speed of the saint's reaction more than one turn , And if the Holy Power is not inferior to each other, I will have the possibility to fight the One-Turn Saint!"

That's right, spiritual awakening is the main reason for Lin Chenneng's battle with Demon Venerable level!

Other means are only assistance, only [mental awakening] is the most important!

Lin Chen checked his [spiritual awakening] [three phases of awakening: 100% (satisfaction)-spiritual instantaneous speed increased by 200 times.

Lin Chen once discussed with his servants.

If his spiritual instantaneous speed can be liberated to 60 times, he can keep up with the aura's aura reaction.

If the instantaneous speed of the spirit can reach 150 times, it can be comparable to the two-turned saint.

However, theory is theory, and actual combat will have differences and discrepancies.

But at least, if Lin Chen faced a strong man who turned above a saint, he would never be crushed like an ordinary demon!

"The system consumes the value of Heavenly Dao. I want to awaken my spirit to four stages of consummation!"

[Consume 80 million days of Dao value, awaken the host's spiritual state, and the instantaneous speed of the spirit is increased to: 500 times!


Lin Chen's eyes flashed a hint of yellowish light. When he stared at this world again, it seemed that everything had become ordinary, and everything seemed to follow.

His spiritual instantaneous speed reached a new level! Cooperate with him far beyond the spiritual state of the past, fight again, the level must be completely different from the past!

Lin Chen's high-level Dao value instantly left 15 million points.

"System, open the update key."

[Open the update key, the update requirements of the 8.0 system of the Tiandao picking system: 100 million points for the advanced Tiandao, 50 million points for the top-level exercises, 500,000 points for the intermediate strengthening points, and 5 billion points for the essence of the suit.

[8.0 version is expected to open functions: complete package system, liberation and strengthening upper limit, attribute value transfer system, **** system, etc. During the system update, the host can use all the functions of the system normally.