My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1546

Vol 5 Chapter 1546: 3. Open The Door And Check The Water Meter.

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"His uncle, this updated value is a bit scary."

Lin Chen rubbed his chin, this system may not be updated in a short time...

"The attribute value is really lacking. The God of War's fifth ultimate armor requires a lot of attribute values. This system update also needs more attribute values!"

Lin Chen could not help sighing: "If only a group of Demon Venerables would let me get rid of it!"

Brush ~!

At this moment, the invincible figure of Shangguan turned into a streamer, bending down.

"Let the protagonist laugh, I am ready for everything."

Buzz~! The space was rippling, and the white jade fairy in the white skirt was like a fairy, and Xiao Linger paved a space channel to appear.

Behind the fairy, with the Hundred Burial Old Man Ji Wuchen, the Eye of Heaven grieved, the Destroyed Twins annihilated in the sky, and the Twelve Palaces Purple Thousand Sorrows appeared at the same time!

"The protagonist, has found the position of the invincible enemy, the predecessor Taixu has concealed the killing opportunity for us, and the brothers of the Ember have eliminated the breath for us."

Xiao Ling'er Yingying was in awkward position, Xianzi was extraordinary, and was somewhat similar to Ning Qingxuan, but she was also a little clever to obey the order.

"Where is the goal."

Lin Chen clapped his hands and got up and smiled.

The old-faced Ji Wuchen smiled and said: "It happened to be within the range of blood controlled by the old man, and also created an eight-rank sect with a good background."

"Very good, Shangguan is invincible. How did your enemy's family treat your family back then. I ordered you as the protagonist, you have to pay them back a hundred times!"

Lin Chen Meiyu, passing through the monstrous killing intent, like a generation of heroes, domineering!

"He dare to hang the corpses of your family members on the city wall, you go and destroy his whole family, and the ancestral graves are dug out and burned!"

"My Lin Chen has never believed in fate, killing people to pay for their lives, and righteousness! What kind of **** is evil, has its own heavenly path. The world's prostitutes are mostly wicked and sad. After doing them, we are heaven!"

In the eyes of Shangguan Invincible, the endless thunder world flashed.

"Invincible orders, blood debts and blood repayment!!"

Lin Chen looked far away and sneered.

"Before challenging the Palace of Gods of Flames, first exterminate an eight-ranking sect to warm up!"

Xiao Linger covered his mouth and chuckled: "The hero is really a hero in the world."

"Hahaha! Xiaoxiong? Forget it, I'm just a guy with a life-and-death demeanor, and I'll do it if I don't agree."

Lin Chen laughed and waved.

"Go, let's go to the blood domain!"

"Follow the order!" Xiao Linger flicked his sleeves, a space cube appeared in the void, enveloped everyone, flashed in an instant, and disappeared!

The yellow domain is very far away from the blood domain, one side is south and the other side is north.

If the saint hurries, even if he enters the fastest space channel, it will take at least a hundred years!

But this does not include some particularly powerful saints!

Especially White Jade Fairy Xiao Ling'er!

She is the one who really controls the Vientiane Space Art and has been inherited by the true God!

At that time, the name of White Jade Fairy walked alone in the spirit realm, and no one could beat it.

The holy king's space movement or peerlessness can't be caught in front of her space magic!

At that time, Saint King Territory had the power to invite her to join a certain "mysterious plan", and she wanted to use her space magic, which was rejected by Xiao Ling'er.

In order to capture her, the Saint King Domain wanted to sneak her and forced two Saint Kings and many Peak Saints!

Even when she was finally detained in the holy prison, no saint dared to approach her within a hundred feet!

Her space magical attainments, no one dared to underestimate, there are worries of life close to him, the Holy King is no exception!

Lin Chen stepped into the space cube, he saw the space move, the scenery changes one after another, and even shuttled across the three domains in less than a day!

In less than two days, the blood-bone broken bone mountain range was at high altitude.

A ray of space flashed through, and everyone appeared.

Lin Chen held roasted gluten in his hand, and was even a little bit dumbfounded.

"This is the Vientiane Space Magic? Is this too fast..."

Lin Chen was amazed and could not help asking Xiao Ling'er.

With his current cultivation as the display of the'Nine Wings of Heavenly Demon', it has already been swift.

But if compared with Xiao Ling'er's Vientiane space magic, it is like the difference between'Little Bird' and'Dapeng'!

This is not a level at all!

"Princess, it is not exactly. At this speed, if I usually use it, I need to use more cultivation methods."

Xiao Linger smiled slightly, the smile was like a flower, her eyes turned to a dashing and handsome figure.

"But this speed can be achieved now, thanks to the help of His Excellency Zi Qianchou."

Zi Qianchou nodded and said with a smile: "A little space array, small means, let the protagonist laugh."

Hearing this, Lin Chen suddenly felt that the roast gluten in his hand would no longer smell fragrant, and the corners of his mouth twitched slightly.

"This is also called a small method? Isn't my body trick a baby turning?"

Everyone laughed.

Even the unsmiling celestial annihilation of the two revealed a smile.

This hero is very real.

The Twelve Palaces Purple Thousand Worries, Peerless Master, the founder of the formation system that created the Twelve Palaces. The formation skills are enough to rank the top three in the Holy Realm!

With his space array method, combined with Xiao Linger's Vientiane space magic, it can truly achieve "Zhou Tian shift"! Less than two days, across the distance of nine domains!

Ji Wuchen smiled and said: "You are still young, you have unlimited potential in the future, which is much stronger than ours, and it is only a matter of time before we are exceeded."

That's right, as the blue guardian of Shenyan Palace is most worried about!

These strong men, every single action, may be extremely strong, but they do not yet have the foundation to shake the nine-pin sect!

But if someone in this world can unite them all and condense into a team, there will be a team with infinite possibilities between heaven and earth!

There is no doubt that the entire Holy World, perhaps only Lin Chen who broke into the Holy Prison did it!

Even the list of sages may not be able to subdue these former sages!

Blood domain, Shenlongling, Canglong Temple.

This place is one of the strongholds of Canglong Temple.

The Canglong Hall is magnificent and brilliant, and it is extremely difficult to imagine such a human fairyland in a desolate area.

Today, the Lord Canglong Palace met with an important old man, an old friend who had done the thing of annihilating Shangguan's family with him.

"Oh, your old brother Xu Yang, who has broken through the four-turn saint in recent years, will not come to sit in my Canglong Temple? Didn't treat my brother as his own!"

Lord Canglong was sitting at the head of the hall, a kind and polite look, occasionally flashing in his eyes.

He hugged a beautiful and charming person, with a hot body, thin clothes like cicada wings, thousands of charming and charming all tenderness, red lips as delicate as cherry blossoms, beautiful, beautiful, charming and charming.

Another horrified saint raised his glass of booze and grinned as he wiped the wine stains.

"What can the four-turned saint have to celebrate, how can you and your siblings hurry, and you will be promoted to the five-turned repair in order to eat it. That year, eating Shangguan's house, you can get a lot of money. This Canglong Temple may become Super first-rate Bapin forces are also possible!"

"Hahaha, laugh and laugh. Come and drink again! This time the brother has a cooperation, we will order again."

"Oh? What kind of prey is this time?"

"A declining Bapin sect, you and my brother, have always had a good appetite. Have you eaten it together?"

"Eat, you must eat! You have to eat fast and you have to eat accurately. If you don't open your mouth, you have to eat it as soon as you open it. It's full of oil!"

The three smiled at each other--

At this time, there was a voice from the servants outside the door.

"The lord of the palace, someone named to see you."

The head of the Canglong Temple frowned: "Isn't this hall saying that I don't see anyone today."

The attendant said again.

"The man said he came to check the water meter."

Lord Canglong Palace: "?"