My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1547

Vol 5 Chapter 1547: Canglong Temple Was Destroyed

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In the Canglong Hall, the sky is overwhelming!

Lord Canglong was blown away with a palm, covered in blood, and spitting blood clots in his mouth, his eyes were full of incredible!

"Shangguan is invincible, it's you! You didn't die? Entering the holy place like holy prison, you... can you still come out?"

Canglongdian looked at the man in front of Yuan Yuanzhi in shock and trembling, muttering to himself: "This is impossible... This is absolutely impossible!"

Shangguan is invincible wearing purple gold armor, his face is like a knife and axe, his cold face is full of violent killing, his eyes are like two stunning thunders, and his indifferent murderousness breaks through the sky!

"I have 390 people in Shangguan's family. You will have to pay for all your life! I will uproot all your family and foundations that participated in the atrocities!"

Shangguan invincibly slammed his palm and shattered his defensive holy weapon!

Five fingers and one spin, the thunder light burst, forming a vortex to absorb him, and the main body of the Canglong Temple suddenly split, and it was actually a life-saving incarnation!

"Jinglang save me!"

When the screaming man screamed, Lord Canglong couldn't keep up with her. When he was madly escaping into the void, he found that the surroundings of the void were already blocked!

"This... what is this space secret?"

Lord Canglong Palace was shocked, and his figure appeared, still in Canglong Palace!

"This is the Vientiane Space Magic."

The fairy smiled and stepped into the air, standing behind the silver robe boy.

"Canglong Palace Master, I didn't expect this day. At that time, you laid out a beauty plan and won it with poison."

The silver robe teenager joked with a smile: "Even if it is a holy prison, it does not mean that it is an insurmountable hell."

Around the Yinpao boy, there are still many figures!

When he saw the people around him, Lord Canglong and his brother shuddered, and for the first time, despair appeared in their eyes!

What the **** is this **** team!

The most powerful killer in the Heavenly Sanctuary, the sky is destroyed!

Bloody Field Prohibition Overlord "Hundred Burial Elders", Ji Wuchen!

Lingyu Baiyu Fairy, Xiao Ling'er!

Xuanyutian's EyesGhosts are sad!

The horror and long history of these people, even if he had not witnessed their era, they would not even recognize it!

Lin Chen made a severe criticism.

"Why don't you tell you to hide your identity? Why do you show up and scare people. You have to scare your urine once before death, which is terrible."

Everyone smirked, this protagonist can really "make", obviously you let us show our identity!

"Lao Zi fights with you!"

The sacred light of the two people skyrocketed, and the expansion rate was extremely fast, almost between the electric light and the flint!


The self-detonation of the two four-turn saints is enough to level countless space planes!

If they are allowed to explode, I am afraid that they will be turned into ashes in millions of miles!

"Space figurative."

Xiao Ling'er was awe-inspiring, the silver awn flashed, and turned into a space force surrounding the surroundings, and immediately tightened, the two were locked in a tiny space cube!

Brush ~! Lin Chen's doppelganger appeared, everything happened only in one thousandth of his breath, Lin Chen took a shot!


Brush ~!

The two disappeared.

In the void space plane of nothingness, an energy heat wave exploded!

The space holy artifact and the air transport capsules of the two people were blown into pieces and shattered into a sky of light!

These two men, with the determination to die, blew themselves up without even retaining their mental strength, and completely evaporated.

"Well, the system is based on whether I have used talents or techniques to attack the enemy, to determine whether I have participated in the battle to encircle the enemy."

Lin Chen secretly said when he received the attribute light sphere in the space plane.

There are three types of attribute values for creature drops. One is non-host killing, commonly known as picking human heads. There are not many attribute spheres dropped in this way.

The second is to participate in the battle, but not the host killing. In this way, the drop attribute values are all medium, but in general, there is no need to drop the best attribute treasures.

The third is direct host killing, which is the most important step. If there are no special restrictions, the higher the step size, the higher the basic attribute light ball!

"Invincible, don't kill me. At that time, I was also threatened by him to poison you. If I don't do this, my clan will be destroyed!"

The voluptuous beautiful woman was crying with pear blossoms and rain, kneeling in front of the invincible Shangguan and constantly begging for mercy.

Shangguan's invincible face suddenly showed a trace of softness. He leaned down and reached out to stroke the lady's white cheeks.

The beautiful lady shivered and saw a little tenderness in his eyes. He couldn't help but feel relieved. That's great. He deceived him. He still remembers the old feelings. I don't have to die.

"In those days, I fought against the strongest in all domains and wanted to be the first person under the invincible hands of the king of the world. For you, I would like to do everything and put away all the grudges. I thought you would be my life change Woman, thought she could retire with you. You had the opportunity to get everything, but you betrayed me!"

Shangguan's invincible face instantly became cold, "You kill others to kill me, I don't even blame you. But you shouldn't be wrong, you just moved my clan, this is my bottom line! In exchange for a little bit Cultivation, you can destroy my whole family, then why should I keep your dog's life!"

Bang ~! !

Throughout the Canglong Temple, the thunder and the light are vertical and horizontal.

Shangguan Invincible instantly gave out a palm, with hundreds of millions of thunderlights in his palm, and suddenly shot her heavenly spirit to cover!

Poof~! Tear ~!

The space was torn into a vacuum, and no blood was spilled. A three-turn saint was photographed as a human skin on the spot!

A beautiful woman may be unbelievable until her death. If she became an invincible woman in Shangguan that year, she might not even be able to transcend the heavens in her life.

However, the interception of Shangguan's family allowed her to obtain the secret technique she wanted, breaking the way all the way and breaking through the three-turned saint.

I just never dreamed that Shangguan is invincible, and there will be a day to return...

Killing his own beloved love with his own hands, Shangguan is invincible and expressionless, becoming more and more cold.

Seeing his appearance, Ji Wuchen and Zi Qianyou, the "Hundred Burial Elders", showed dignified colors.

This strong man is the most terrible type. No worries, no thoughts and no thoughts.

The invincible Shangguan is now the most terrifying character after the Holy King! I'm afraid that Lin Chen wants him to die to fight a holy king without any hesitation!


Lin Chen patted him on the shoulder, Shangguan invincible buried the murder intention deeply in his heart, respectfully clenched his fists.

"Thanks to the hero for his invincibility but wish!"

Lin Chen smiled meaningfully.

"You are reborn, don't let me down on my expectations."

Shangguan was invincible, focusing on his head.

"Since I won't!"


Three days later, explosive news came out of the blood.

Eight ranks sect, Canglong Palace Judian was destroyed!

The eight main territories are all destroyed. The elders of the core factions have no living mouths, and the corpses are hanging on the city walls!

Countless powerful people have speculated, in the end, where is the sacred, and actually has the inside to destroy the eight ranks sect? Still uprooted, even a core elder did not escape the level!

This shows that the opponent has a crushing strength, which suppresses the Eighth-grade Canglong Palace!