My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1548

Vol 5 Chapter 1548: Shocked The Holy World

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The Canglong Temple was destroyed, everyone in the blood domain was shocked by the eight rank family and sect!

The three domains near the blood domain, everyone is self-defeating, as strong as the eight grade sect, is also on alert!

The terrible thing is not that the Canglong Palace was destroyed, but that the entire elder's corpse of the Canglong Palace was hung on the walls of the Canglong City. Only then did someone discover that the Canglong Temple had been destroyed and was taken home!

Being able to wipe out an eight-ranking sect from the Holy Realm without knowing it, this kind of heritage can never be done by the ordinary strong!

However, all this seems to be just a gust of wind before the storm!

Four days later, in the battlefield, the "Twelfth Tower", known as the three major and eighth rank forces of the battlefield, collapsed!

On this day, the battlefield is completely turned upside down! !

The patriarchs of the 12th Chonglou are all five-turn and six-turn saints, and their ancestors have seven-turn saints' cultivation practices, and they have passed the heavens and the earth!

Even, in a very long time, the "Emperor Dragon Respect", the dragon family that Long Jiushan once belonged to, was defeated by the Twelfth Chonglou and was crushed into a small family!

Such a powerful background, will actually fall? It's impossible!

This is the sect closest to the strongest Eighth Rank forces!

The whole battlefield has completely exploded!

Everyone foresees that a storm is beginning to move closer to the battlefield!

Another four days later!

The Yan domain adjacent to the battlefield, the Eighth Family, the Shenwu Family, and all half of the family were destroyed!

All the people who have been destroyed are all high-level members of the Shenwu family!

The age is extremely high, and the old antiques that have experienced the beginning of the Holy Realm, second only to the arrogance of the era of Qi Feiyan and so on. Now, no one is lower than the five-turn saints for cultivation!

Although it is already a group of old monsters like candlesticks in the wind, it is by no means a messy series!

The Shenwu family who have lost their high-level will surely usher in annihilation, and there will be countless families who are watching.

It happened almost at the same time, ice fields, thousand heavy snow mountains, ice dragon mountains.

Two big eight-grade family: Zhenwu Pavilion, Tianyao Temple, the two factions were destroyed!

At the same time, the two Eighth-ranking forces appeared to be directly overthrown, and the matter implicated all high-level leaders, and even the core disciples did not know when the self-grandmothers, masters, deacons, and ancestors died!

A large number of powerful players, masters, and hidden monsters are born!

There are even mathematicians deducing the astronomical auspices and calculating the fierce position, trying to figure out where the crisis came from!

The first to be shot was the famous eight-pin family, the Nangong family!

The Nangong family even sent three major fortune tellers, the ancestor Nangong Tian, and the elder Nangong Xiao.

As well as Nangong Xiangyang, the "six-way operator", the most wicked wizard of the contemporary, a wicked list who has not been beaten by Lin Chen.

Within the Ice Dragon Mountains, the three major fortune-tellers rushed to the scene and arrived at the Zhenwu Pavilion first!

They did not enter the Zhenwu Pavilion, but outside the Qianzhong Snow Mountain, they sacrificed the fortune-teller's life tool, starting from the fierce position, robbery and disaster position of the Zhenwu Pavilion!

However, after some calculations, Nangong Xiangyang of the six operators took the lead!

"No... All the people in the Zhenwu Pavilion, including even an accurate disciple, are all covered up during the sect's destruction, the omen, the chance, even the number of robbery, and the heavens!"

Nangong Xiangyang and his ancestor, Nangong Tian looked at each other, and the young and the old all saw each other's shock!

"Does it mean that it is the fortune-teller of the Jipin family?"

"No...According to the old man's knowledge, even the Jiupin family may not have this level of hexagram count!"

It is only one possibility to cover the fate of so many people in such a short period of time, accurately to the flowers and grass of the Zhenwu Pavilion!

That is the realm of the other party's mathematician. They dumped hundreds of streets in their Nangong family and the entire street was as long as 18,000 miles!

Not to mention that the two sides are not of the same grade, they are totally two concepts!

While all the eight rank forces expected the Nangong family to bring back an answer, the next day, the Nangong family closed down!

The Nangong family, the clan is closed, all of them slip away!

Fuck, this is not a magnitude!

Then try to scrutinize, this is a dead end!

The reaction of the Nangong family made all the Bapin forces dumbfounded!

Some hidden world old fortune-tellers do not believe in evil, and continue to investigate the Zhenwu Pavilion.

No matter how strong the arithmetic operator is, it will not help!

In the destroyed Zhenwu Pavilion and Tianyao Temple, the murderous opportunity and fate of life are nothing, as if they were dead from the beginning, and no one has touched them at all!

This kind of heavenly means completely made all the holy grade arithmeticians dumbfounded!

The peak saint-level operator is out!

The fate of the mathematicians fled the land, making the Nine Shadows organization, the killing power of the Eighth Rank Sect, disdain and sneer.

Even Mo Shaotian, the leader of the Nine Shadows, personally went to the destroyed Temple of Tianyao!

However, half a day later.

Mo Shaotian in the Tianyao Temple fell silent.

He held a strangely shaped stick in his hand and broke it into several pieces, as if peeling a banana.

"What's the matter with the team leader?"

"He has been staring at the stick for a quarter of an hour. Did the leader finally awaken some strange hobby?"

"No, no, don't think too much. The leader of the team is Megatron. The name is passed out, and even the five-turn saint has to be given some face. How can you like a stick?"

Several killers of the Nine Shadows whispered aside.

A moment later, Mo Shaotian looked cold, and his face appeared a little shocked and amazed!


"It's too professional! This breath-clearing method, this means to eliminate the space trajectory, is seamless, even a lamp stick has not been let go, and the traces of the Holy Force have been removed completely..."

"It's more than killing people without blood, it's simply ruthless!"

Mo Shaotian sighed: "If there is a chance, I really want to see the master who uses this technique. It is simply the ancestor of my killer world. Who is it, can I have this means..."

The killers of the Nine Shadows organization were shocked!

I rely on, really fake!

The leader of the Nine Shadows killer organization even called out to an expert?

Mo Shaotian's eyes became particularly deep. He stared at the void, and his pupils changed from black to dark blue.

The cyan pupil gazed at the spatial texture without any traces of space, trying to see through it, but in the end he could only see a piece of nothingness.

He mumbled to himself.

"The Great Guardian Array that can perfectly bypass the Eighth Grade forces, covered with all-round heaven and earth, and has a fascinating breath elimination method, and a method of space movement without traces or traces!"

"What kind of team is this..."

Even after the arrogant Nine Shadows organization also withdrew from the Tianyao Temple, the eight rank forces of each family were silent!

In the following time, on the surface, the Holy Realm was still calm, without any turbulence.

But in fact, fear, suspicion, suspicion, and despair began to cover the 36 domains of the Holy Realm in secret!

This time it was the eight-family family and the sect that were frightened!

The eight rank forces of the entire Holy Realm were shrouded by an invisible fear and trembling!