My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1549

Vol 5 Chapter 1549: Not Saved Wait For Death.

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In the thirty-six domains of the Holy Realm, an unprecedented explosive news just came out.

The enchanted list is overturned!

And still be alone!

No. 1 in the contemporary evil list, Lin Chen!

The most disturbing thing is that he singled out the whole list of evildoers, but he was actually just a doppelganger!

For a time, the whole world of the Holy Realm was surging, and this great earthquake spread all the way around the Heavenly Sanctuary!

The forces of Qipin's family are shocking!

Those who have intersects with Lin Chen, who have grudges, look very wonderful!

The teenagers who had gone to the holy prison in the past have grown to the level they look up to today!

However, when the Wanjia sect was shocked, there was a haze in the dark, which quietly enveloped the eight ranks of the forces!

The Holy Realm is so vast, the power is slightly weaker, and it is even impossible to know so much news in the Eighth Rank Force in just ten days and a half!

Only the eight rank forces have the ability and channel to know these situations!

No one knows who the next devastating blow will be!

You should know that the eight rank forces, even the weaker ones, generally have a few celestial beings, and two or more saints.

If we talk about the details of the whole force, at least six Kaitian realms will be completed, and more than four will turn saints!

This is still the weakest grade. Generally speaking, the Bapin family is slightly weaker than the Bapin sect. The family mainly worships its own family, and the sect will absorb foreign strong people to cultivate cronies.

The more powerful Bapin sect, such as the Canglong Temple and the Tianyao Temple, where the four-turn saints sit in town, even if the five-turn saints are close, it is impossible to say that they will be destroyed!

Not to mention, the superb eight-tier giant engine of the twelfth heavy building!

It's such a terrifying force to be able to quietly erase this super eight-grade sect!

Almost all the strong people agree that this is a hidden Jiu Pinzong sent out to destroy Zong Liwei!

Otherwise, it is impossible to traverse so many domains in a short time, so many murders and sectarian annihilation happen!

In addition to the details of the Nine Pin sect, no force can do it!

Even if his holy king was born, there must be a sequence of murders!

It's only been a few days since I came from the blood to the ice?

Within a short period of one month, there were ten eight ranks of sects, which had been destroyed or half destroyed! Basically the end is the same, the foundation is destroyed, the high level is slaughtered!

This speed is terrifying!

Even in the thirty-six domains, there are no more or less eight ranks of power in each domain, there are dozens of them, and there are even hundreds of eight ranks of power. Similar to the heavenly domain, such a powerful area, the eight ranks of powers will be born. Hundreds.

However, these eight-grade forces were born after the accumulation of the Holy Realm over the months and hundreds of schools of contention!

Ten forces of eight ranks were extinguished in a month.

Wouldn't it be the Eighth Rank Force that would wash a domain in a year?

Finally, within thirty-five days of the incident, nine ranks of forces first spoke!

Qingtian Pavilion in the Heavenly Sanctuary!

A sub-pavilion master, Xing Jiutian, the practice of the nine-turned saint, directly represents the voice of Optimus Pavilion. He will personally track down the enemy, and once he finds the enemy, he will be suppressed!

As soon as the Jiu Pin sect spoke, the Ba Pin forces in most areas immediately calmed down!

As soon as Jiupin's big brother got out of the way, let's talk about it, how could he involve the other party? Or do you have to be a bit scared?

However, it seems that the more people who are not expecting things, the more they will go there.

The Sky Heaven Pavilion in the Heavenly Sanctuary has not been speaking for two days.

All the eight rank forces are terrified!

Slap, naked face!

Te Mingming didn't take Qingtiange's warning seriously!

This is simply to **** on the head of Qingtian Pavilion, and they need to hand over papers!

After the shock, what followed was a more widespread fear!

Destroy the door directly on the ground of the Nine Pins?

What does this stand for? This represents the professional team of others, which has the means to cover up the exploration of the nine ranks forces!

It is equivalent to saying: destroy the eight rank forces, such as pulling out the crotch, easily!

The real hammer, the Cliff is the birth of the nine ranks forces!

For a time, even the Heavenly Sanctuary was surging, and even the summit of the evil spirits list showed signs of suspension!

The eight rank forces of each family were forced to unite!

"Damn, crazy! It must be crazy!"

"This force is simply a lunatic. How many people are they and how strong are they?"

"The last time it appeared in the Yanyu, what kind of special is it in the Heavenly Sanctuary?"

"Is this the legendary hidden world nine products born, randomly selected a lucky force to destroy the door?"

"Kill it like this, can it be said that it is impossible to wash my race?"

More than half of the eight ranks of Heavenly Saints were gathered together, all with a ghostly expression.

They are never afraid of a strong enemy, and it is not a ruthless role to become a mighty person in the Eighth Rank Sect.

Fear is afraid, this time the enemy is completely unknown!

And it is hidden in the dark, and they can clear their levels without knowing it!

Desperately, they absolutely do not counsel.

But to die, the saints did not dare to speak fearlessly!

the other side;

Qingtian Pavilion sub-pavilion, Xing Jiutian personally went out of the customs, stepped to the ruined eight-pin family, Qin family!

"Woo, lord, you must be the master for us. Our generations of the Qin family have made many contributions to the Heavenly Sanctuary for generations. I just went to the kiln. When I came back, the ancestral graves were gone. ."

The second ancestor of the Qin family cried like a giant baby. Xuan Jiu, who had just arrived at the Qin family, glared at him, and Shengwei was like a tide, rolling away!

Bang ~!

Shengwei directly gave the second ancestor a **** qi, bleeding and breaking his mind, and passed out.

The remnants of the Qin family suddenly fell silent, not daring to say anything.

Xing Jiutian took his men into the Qin family, patted his shoulder and frowned.

"What kind of waste does the Qin family raise, even the garbage that is not the evildoer list, cry you cry?"

He went straight to the major retreat planes of the Qin family, and the treasure house was either looted, or all the high-level members of the Qin family evaporated, the spiritual spirit card was broken, completely dead, but there was no body left.

After half a day, Xing Jiutian thoroughly understood the situation of the Qin family and sat on the top of the Qin family's first hall, his expression was uncertain.

"This... this lord, can our Qin family save..."

A fairly young Qin Jiasheng deacon could not help but ask.

Xing Jiutian glanced at him, "Not saved, wait for death."

At this time, next to Xing Jiutian, a hunchbacked old man who had been rehabilitated for seven times frowned, "I am afraid that this situation is..."

Penalty nine days nodded.

"Yes, my guess is like your revenge. Very purposeful revenge, and the target is very obvious, only to the revenge of the Qin family at that time, the Qin family who were born after ancient times, no A death!"

The aura of the Nine-turned Saint was so full and quick to react that he understood the general situation for almost half a day!

"It is unlikely that the Jipin family will take action. If it is the Jipin forces, it will not dispatch such a large-scale battle in such a short period of time. The power of the Jipin forces is intricate and will not be easily mobilized on a large scale."

"But this is a team that is even more threatening than the Nine Ranks!"

Xing Jiutian's look is particularly dignified!