My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1550

Vol 5 Chapter 1550: Coo

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Xing Jiutian's eyes narrowed, and he seemed to see through a very far scene.

"In a way, this team is more dangerous than the Ninth Grade Force! The Ninth Grade Force will not affect the foundation without tearing the face, but this is an unprecedented revenge team!"

"This team has clear goals, masters are like a cloud, and its shots are decisive and fierce. There will be no hesitation. Ignore my Qingtiange's warning. The comers are bad and extremely fierce."

Another mature and enchanting six-turned repair stood up for the beautiful woman with a lingering fear.

"Pavilion Lord, if we encounter this team..."

Talking about this matter, Xing Jiutian's eyes burst into light!

"If we meet them and play head-on, our chances of winning may be less than 10%!"

The sentence of Jiu Jiutian came out, and the entire Qin family suddenly felt cold on the soles of their feet!

Lord God, this group of powerful people who came out of the Jiupin forces have bluntly less than 10% chance of winning. What kind of existence did the ancestors of their Qin family provoke!

"Would you like to torture if the Qin family knows what's inside and who offended that year?"

The voluptuous beauties recommended for the six transfers.

Xing Jiutian glanced at the people present and shook his head.

"It's useless. It's useless to ask. A group of young and young people. How can the old guys of the Qin family tell them things. Every strong man's hands and feet are not necessarily clean when he starts, and it offends some people. It's normal."

Xing Jiutian reveals the color of his memories, "I thought of some rumors. At that time, the Qin family was like the sun, but instead they set up the two great geniuses of that year, destroying the twins' embers, intending to recruit them, but I heard that they broke their faces... "

Talking about this matter, even nine days in prison, he shook his head and laughed.

"However, the two who have destroyed the twins have already been counting the holy prisons. If they have great skills, can they still penetrate the holy prison and run out?"

Break through the holy prison and escape? I'm afraid I won't dare write this novel!

Thinking of this, Xing Jiutian was too lazy to recall the rumors of the Qin family.

He is looking at him.

"This matter is not what we can take over. Below the Holy King, whoever is in charge of death. Report it to all high-level leaders!"


When the holy world winds up and down, there is a void plane.

A young man with a beautiful face and pale evil, holding a roll of glazed list, looking at the top position of the evil list, could not help sneering.

"Are you in this position too, Lin Chen."

Five fingers force, with a bang, the evil young man crushed the palm glass list!

"Unexpectedly, you actually did such an earth-shattering event. Just don't know if you can bear the corresponding price!"

This person is the first in the old demon list, Yin Tianzi!

Brush ~!

A dark shadow twisted like ink emerged, the old man with a hunchbacked cane appeared, and there was a shadow between the eyebrows.

"The shadow around the kid, I'm going to swallow him personally!"

The ultimate shadow of the fourteenth issue! Looking like that, the injury that year was completely recovered!

"How is Haotian Saint King."

Yin Tianzi smiled and patted it on the shoulder: "You can rest assured that Lin Chen can't run away."

The face of the Ultimate Shadow eased slightly and nodded, "Occupying Tuo Sheng's body has many advantages. I found the location of the dragon ball of the ancient dragon blood in this old guy's collection, all of which are accurate. Dragon Ball has been brought back."

"His body should begin to recover within the Sacred Mountain Range."

Talking about this matter, Yin Tianzi's expression is slightly dignified.

"How about his recovery situation. If he is restored to the heyday, it will not benefit us much."

The ultimate shadow sneered.

"The body of a generation of Saint King, even if the dragon ball with the dragon's essence and blood, will not be so easily restored to its heyday, at most it will be restored to half, and it is still a living dead state."

"That's good." Yin Tianzi nodded.

"By the way, you said last time, what's going on with a lot of helpers around the kid."

The ultimate shadow frowned, staring at the Yin Tianzi.

He laughed casually: "It is indeed a master, and each one is not small, and there is a part of it. If there is strength in the heyday, I may not be an opponent.

"So strong?" The Ultimate Shadow was startled!

"Strong to strong, I'm afraid he is not qualified to dominate that team, ha ha ha!"

Yin Tianzi laughed, his eyes flashed!

At the beginning, when Yin Tianzi arrived in the Wonderland with the opening of the Nine Evil Sword Palace, if he insisted on fighting with Lin Chen, he would surely be able to kill a large number of his servants!

Even, he could make Lin Chen more than two-thirds of his servants fall!

But he himself will certainly die.

Even though he was seriously injured, the strong men around Lin Chen, especially the dozen or so legendary figures, were still the cultivators of the nine-turned saint!

If the opponent desperately undoes the practice of suppressing the injury, and the strongest offensive breaks out in the shortest time, then he will surely have no possibility of winning, and will even fall with a high probability.

Instead of burning with jade, he might as well withdraw and save his strength.

Now, Yin Tianzi feels that his decision is right!

During this time, he finally figured out, who were the big men around Lin Chen!

Ancient god, ancient god, your eyes are still so old, such young people can let you find it, and want to reverse the case again.

Arrogant as a son of Yin Tian, could not help but marvel at Lin Chen. Excellent people will always appreciate and attract each other, but it is a pity that they are not the same people from beginning to end!

Since you can't be a partner, you can only destroy the other party!

"Shadow, this thing can only be done by you. You have to send this thing to a place."

The Yin Tianzi was awe-inspiring, and his cloudy symbol was suspended in front of the ultimate shadow.


The ultimate shadow is curious, and without giving Tianyinzi's face, he directly disassembles Yintian Fuzhao.

The next moment, it was shocked.

"Holy Prison?"


Outside the Holy Realm, the distant stars, the stars flicker, and the galaxy is vast and vast.

Under the starry sky, countless energy storms wreak havoc, but there is a dark, deep under the starry sky, just like the ancients.


A shadow adorned the void, and the dark tide turned away like a dark curtain.

Dozens of figures, turned into humanoids suspended in the air, but Xuan Qi is that their faces and features are all a dark mass!

These creatures are not human.

When the curtain was unveiled, there was another heaven and earth hidden under the galaxy. There were countless continental plates suspended, and the dark tide surged around, as if cutting off the entire space!

Within the continental plate, there are countless strange buildings, most of which are in the shape of minarets. Each minaret is covered with a shadow, and it seems to be taking a breather.

Dozens of figures poured into one of the continental plates, and the dark breath under the galaxy was closed again, as if the space had never changed.

In a dark hall, hundreds of shadows were suspended.

Between them, there is a mysterious spatial fluctuation between each other, which is a unique way of conversation for their family.

Translate adult language, probably as follows-

"Perfect, so perfect! I haven't imagined that since the time of the ancient times, some people have passed the examination of the innate Shadow King!"

"This son will surely be the next generation Shadow King of my Shadow Clan! Leading the rise of our Clan is bound to be won!"

"However, he has multiple bloodlines, and the King of the Shadow Clan should not be treated by a hybrid!"

"What are you doing! You can't see the potential in him? The dragon's flesh, the magic of the demons, the talents of the shadow clan, he has the infinite possibilities of our clan! Make up for all the shortcomings of the shadow clan!"

"My Shadow Clan should not be inherited by this kind of foreign guy!"

"No more nonsense, I will tear your dabbi's mouth!"

"Damn, what about training?"

A group of congenital shadow clan, even noisy here again, but on the surface, it looks like a gurgle.

It sounds like a dove.

Well, pigeons.