My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1551

Vol 5 Chapter 1551: Lin Chen Who Is He..

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Qianyu and Bapin sect Yunyuzong are the most prosperous sect among Qianyu women.

Yun Yuzong is also outstanding among the eight rank forces. The founder is even more stunning. He was one of the peerless geniuses of the'Thousand Domains and Double Colors' at that time. The list, but comparable to the sage list!

It is said that in the early years, she has become a supreme seven-turn saint, and the overall strength of the sect is placed within the eight rank forces of the entire Holy World, which is also a super first-class level!

Yunyu Mountain Range, this mountain is covered with cloud and rain, like Yunlong spitting fog, extraordinary and refined, beautiful as a fairyland on earth.

At the peak of the mountain, the top floor of a purple cloud tower, the beautiful and beautiful girl in the blue skirt sits on the cloud platform, holding the jade, shaking the slender snow legs, the clouds are lingering, and the girl is hidden in the fairy mist, like a fairy.

Her beautiful eyes flashed, and there was a bit of sadness in her eyebrows.

"Sister, the dream we dreamed of has been realized. When can you witness this moment..."

The girl in the green skirt clenched Hao teeth, "Damn the holy prison! What **** gods, what history of creation, are all for hegemony."

"Master... You have just left the border, and thinking about that uncle?"

At this time, the woman's voice was cold and beautiful.

The girl in the green dress put away her sorrow, jumped off the gimbal, burst into laughter, and grinned.

"It turns out that Qingyue is back, how is it, my baby apprentice, have you won the first place in the list?"

The beautiful lady hit the snow skirt, and her jade hand held two cups of fragrant tea. Her cold and beautiful cheeks appeared a little helpless.

The beautiful lady here is Fei Qingyue, who ranks fifth in the demon list!

The girl in the green dress took the fragrant tea, sat down at will, and smiled: "You are not too small, it is time to find someone to marry."

Fei Qingyue rolled his eyes and sat next to the master with fragrant tea, his beautiful lips pursed, and said with dissatisfaction.

"Don't you teach us, Master, the woman can hold half of the sky."

The young girl in a green dress giggled: "It doesn't mean you have to be single all your life. What does it matter if you hold up half of the sky and find a man? It's no big deal. Your man can't hold it up, can you help him."

Fei Qingyue refused to be convinced: "Why don't you find a man, Master?"

The girl in the green skirt straightened her chest and shook the snow waves, proudly saying: "That's because no man can deserve your master."

Fei Qingyue pouted: "If you don't want to marry, you don't want to marry. No one deserves you. Cut."

The girl in a green dress smiled and said: "Then you, the men you know, don't even deserve you. Let's not, as far as the master knows, there have been saints who have thrown olive branches for you."

Fei Qingyue was startled, and there were many clips flashing in his mind. Eventually, he stayed on the side of the shirtless teenager, and he singled out the entire demon list, such as the gods descended from the world, invincible.

Seeing that his apprentice actually stopped, the girl in the green dress suddenly burned in the heart of eating the melon, her beautiful eyes bloomed with holy light, and Xueyue was all smiles.

"Oh, you didn't speak anymore. Come, come and tell Master Kangkang, which little **** is so blessed to be able to soak up my Qingyue disciple!"

Fei Qingyue gave her a white look, her delicate ear tips were covered with a faint blush, and snorted coldly: "I'm not, I didn't say, I didn't. Don't talk nonsense!"

"You're in a hurry! You're in a hurry! Hurry and talk, who is it!"

The young girl in the green dress became more and more curious. Although this nizi was gifted, she was an orphan since her childhood and was abandoned to an ordinary family.

After being calculated by Yun Yuzong's fortune teller, a baby with a wicked posture appeared in Yun Yuzong's range. Only then did she find and adopt her. Knowing her life experience, Fei Qianyu felt the same, and would like to make an exception for her. only.

After Fei Qingyue worshipped her as a teacher, she even changed her surname. The relationship between the two women was also a teacher and a friend, as well as a strong affection.

In her heart, she hoped that Nizi could have her own home,

"Really merciless years, do you even have children, Qian Yu."

When the ethereal and elegant voice echoed to the gimbal, the girl in the green dress was suddenly thundered and stunned!

This voice, this tone!

Brush ~!

At this moment, the clouds and fog turned away and the spirit smoke dispersed. A ray of light like the morning sun shone into the Yuntai of Yunyuzong, reflected in the jade of Fei Qianyu's jade, a faint red skirt rolled up, the beauty of the empty valley, like a fairy mortal, and a smile, the world was like a new life.

"Thousand Rain, long time no see."

"Sister... is it really you..."

Fei Qianyu's body shook, and he walked past, weeping with joy, his eyes filled with ecstasy and shock!

During the barren period, the Holy Realm was fighting for thousands of lives, and hundreds of millions of souls were involved in the war. She had been dependent on her sister since she was a child. She expected to one day build her own habitat with her sister. Survive in this cruel era.

Afterwards, she and her sister have gone through all kinds of disasters, become a road, and become a masterpiece. In the next day, they will surpass the innate geniuses and achieve a thousand-area "Criminal Double Supremacy"!

At that time, when the two sisters were standing at the top of the Qianyu era, the sister was hit by the holy prison!

In the current era, when the Holy Prison was first built, it concentrated its power and ordered all parties in the Holy Realm to obey its orders. Any genius without the background of the Ninth Grade forces would be punished if he did not obey the Order of the Holy Prison.

And a group of people who are the most powerful in the world are all suppressed and sent to the holy prison to become the prestige of the holy prison!

At that time, if her sister had not surrendered herself to protect her young self, even she would be detained in the holy prison!

Since then, many peak saints who are not strong enough in the background have either retired directly or joined the nine ranks to protect their philosophy. Only those stubborn characters have been suppressed, and the pride of multiple eras has completely ended.

Most of the unexplained evil spirits, sages, and most born afterwards came from a great deal.

Fei Qianyu even wanted to rescue her sister from death, but facing the holy prison of behemoths, being as strong as a genius is no match for her!

Unexpectedly, there is a day to meet again today!

"It's me, I'm back. And, I'm back."

When Fei Wushuang smiled, the young girl in a blue skirt suddenly threw herself, holding her in tears.

"Sister, I miss you so much! Ooo..."

Fei Qianyu, who has practiced for dozens of epochs, is extremely powerful in the eyes of anyone. At this time, she is like a little girl who has been aggrieved, and she is willing to shed tears in the arms of her sister without regret.

Gently stroking the green silk of Fei Qianyu, Fei Wushuang sighed, then looked at Fei Qingyue and smiled.

"Ni Zi, how old are you."

"Three...thirty seven years."

Fei Qingyue shocked subconsciously replied, "You... Are you unparalleled master?"

But she heard from the master that this teacher was detained in the holy prison, one of the strongest people who was suppressed in those years!

Fei Wushuang did not answer her immediately. The beautiful light flashed as if he had seen through all the details of Fei Qingyue. For a moment, Fei Qingyue felt a tingling sensation with every inch of flesh being seen through.

"This is Qingyue, the orphans I have collected, and I am my own. Don't worry about your sister. Hurry up and talk about how you came back!"

Fei Qianyu said with tears in his smile, and then looked at Fei Wushuang's whole body with great concern.

"Sister, how are you doing now, after being held in holy prison, have those people tortured you or did something excessive to you!"

Fei Wushuang smiled.

"Oh, they thought about it. Even if imprisoned, the Holy King below, who dare to touch me. The Holy King-level strong people want to touch me, they have to consider whether to read a few pieces of flesh for the moment."

Fei Qianyu deeply nodded her head, she knew the strength of her sister best.

Even if the cultivation is not the most holy king, the people who dare to touch her body unscrupulously in the world, I am afraid there are not many in the level of the holy king!

At that time, the Witch Empress forced her to retreat the gods with a knife, killing the holy prison, and liberating a large number of fierce and fierce strong men. When there was no own sister, Fei Qianyu was worried and struggling.

"The reason I can come out is to thank my hero."

Fei Wushuang smiled, Fei Wushuang's complexion changed slightly, and he stepped back and forth.

She shuddered: "Sister, did you succumb... Demon Clan?"

Look at the younger sister.

Fei Wushuang smiled and said with a smile: "No, my hero is a human race."

Her eyes looked into the distance, "He happened to be here too, and it's better for you to see Qianyu than I introduced."

The voice just fell-

Bang ~!

At this moment, the sky was full of clouds, and the figure of a tall and handsome silver robe gradually appeared, stepping out of the air, and the cynical Junyi face appeared with a smile.

"Wu Shuangshuang, although the sisters are happy to meet each other, if they have anything to say, go back to Bingxin Palace and talk about it. Fang Ling and Lang Fanyun's enemies have been resolved, and time is running out."

Fei Wushuang smiled like flowers, "Princess, wait a moment."

Fei Qianyu was struck by thunder!

Sister's protagonist, is such a young saint?

This kid looks nothing but handsome!

However, even more shocking, it was Fei Qingyue, whose red lips opened to the largest.

Lin Chen?

He is actually the hero of this legendary teacher!

Even if he can single out the demon list, it is far away from the strong man of the realm of the master!

This teacher, but as early as that year has become a nine-turn saint, leading the arrogance of the heavens of the thousand domain era!

What the **** is he?