My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1552

Vol 5 Chapter 1552: Who Can Break This Game But We Are The Lord Of The Emptiness

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Fei Wushuang looked back at his sister, serious and serious.

"Thousand Rain, I've seen Lord Chen Chen soon."

Fei Qianyu was taken aback for a moment, and some awkward Yingying fell back, saluting a junior, "Thousand... Qianyu has seen the protagonist."

She salutes such a young boy for the first time.

Lin Chen waved his hand and smiled casually: "No. Wushuang, don't you don't need to make these vain... Um? This beauty is a little familiar... Oh, the beautiful girl at the demon list conference!"

Lin Chen's eyes suddenly realized when he saw Fei Qingyue.

Fei Qingyue was scared to stay in place.

When the teacher returned, he also shouted Lin Chen, his peer, as the principal.

These two pieces of information were too bursty. Suddenly, Fei Qingyue felt that his brain was not enough.

The nine-turn saints, which are not the strongest men of the heavens and the earth, are as strong as the holy king, and they may not be able to surrender, let alone the best of the nine-turn saints such as Master!

Can Lin Chen be stronger than the Holy King?

She suddenly thought of what he said after he singled out the demon list.

I'm in a hurry, there are important things...

Now it seems that this is by no means a bluff!

Maybe it's really important for him to be the number one event on the list of evildoers!

In particular, he gave himself a creative, orange-level advanced skills, which will be integrated in half a month! Cultivate to the state of Dacheng, only one thing is needed to reach the summit!

Such a method, I am afraid that even the Holy King can not be comparable!

"Lin Chen, you, who are you..."

Fei Qingyue couldn't help asking.

Lin Chen was serious and serious.

"Are you finally aware of my secret, okay, one day it will be released to the world, then tell you in advance."

Fei Qingyue held his breath, what a big secret is this...

Lin Chen said seriously: "Yes, I am the first handsome man in the Holy Realm."

Fei Qingyue: "..."

Fei Qianyu: "..."

Fei Wushuang: "I'm used to it."

"Since the protagonist is in a hurry, let's talk while walking."

Fei Wushuang smiled.

Fei Qianyu looked at Fei Qingyue seriously, "Qingyue, Yun Yuzong is temporarily handed over to you. With your prestige, no one in the Zongyu refuses to accept it."

After all, Fei Qianyu left with her sister, leaving Fei Qingyue alone in the wind.

Before leaving, Lin Chen turned back to Feiyueyue, blinking playfully.

Fei Qingyue itched her teeth.

The man's **** anger is still appetizing.

"If you want to eat melon, go to the Shenyang Palace in the Holy King Territory, but don't be too close at that time..."

Fei Qingyue's ear echoed the young man's loud laughter, and as soon as he reacted, he walked away.

Fei Qingyue wondered to himself.

"Shenyan Palace? Could it be the most recent divine ceremony? What did he go to divine ceremony..."


Heavenly Sanctuary, Shenji Pavilion.

This is the eighth-ranking force with the most prominent Tiansheng domain name, and even the nine-ranking force will treat each other with courtesy!

Because here gathers the most elite and the most wicked fortune-tellers in the Heavenly Sanctuary, even the power of the Saint Kings domain does not dare to underestimate.

Today, all the holy-level mathematicians of the Shenji Pavilion exited the customs.

Because there are too many powerful people begging the Shenji Pavilion to take action, calculate the next Holy World trend, and count for their own forces.

It is a pity that even if the deputy pavilion leader as strong as the Shenji Pavilion shot it himself, he could not even figure out what the situation was.

Shenji Pavilion, top floor.

A secret meeting room.

The fragrance of tea swirled around, rising like a misty mist, two men and a woman, sitting here.

The immortal spirit of a male, the female charm still exists.

"The Heavenly Sanctuary is very busy recently."

"The saints are born one after another, I am afraid that something is going to happen."

"It's a group of uneasy guys."

"Shenji Pavilion's anticipated catastrophe, I'm afraid it will be approaching."

"Are we going to separate?"

"The trend of the world will be divided into a long time and a long time will be divided."

The two elders of Xianfeng Daojiu shook their heads and smiled, as if they had long been indifferent to everything in the world.

The beautiful woman in the palace dress still has charm, and when she looks at the starry sky, her eyes flashing with splendor, revealing the memories of the wing.

"It would be nice if he was there. If he was there, he would definitely be able to go further and spy on the heavenly machine. Maybe the catastrophe of my God Machine Pavilion is not without chance."

Talking about him, the other two elders sighed.

"Yeah, the ancestors once predicted that he is the most outstanding and excellent calculator in the history of the Shenji Pavilion."

"He thought that it would take ten thousand years to reach the state, and he would be promoted like a broken bamboo in less than a thousand years!"

The beautiful woman gritted her silver teeth: "Damn the Holy Prison! He said that his presence would make the world unbalanced, and it was clearly aimed at people, and only hated me that the Shenji Pavilion was only an organization of mathematicians, not a strong Jiupin sect!"

Er Lao heard the words and only sighed deeply.

Between the world and the world, when one's personal abilities reach their extremes, they will be able to attract a great deal of enthusiasm and attract ominous disasters.

It seems that even if he boasted about himself, he should have made this hit!

The beautiful woman in palace dress pursed her lips, "It's a pity that before he was detained into the holy prison, the most hope is to crack the elder chess game of the senior..."

"Failure to break the game may become a pity for Taixu's life."

The second old stared at each other, and immediately got up with emotion.

"Oh, now that we mention the old friend, why don't we go and see his breakthrough."

After all, the two elders were second to none, and the space moved, and the three came to a holy mountain in the Shenji Pavilion, where the fairy mist entangled, like the cloud dragon swallowing the mist.

At the peak of the sacred mountain, there is the Tianhu Lake, and there is a huge chessboard with a few feet.

The chessboard is dotted with starlight, as if successively every day, every piece of chess has hidden mystery and endless luck, just like a living body.

The pieces are connected, and each kind of connection will create more possibilities.

The entire chessboard, with a total of 9,999 pieces, contains the avenue and conceals the heaven and the heaven! Outlined as a treasure-like look.

The three of them saw the exquisite chess game again, and couldn't help but feel very emotional. It was only after the hundreds of millions of astronomical operators could it be possible to make such a godlike game.

When the three of them walked in, they were instantly dumbfounded!

The game is reversed!

Chess pieces are also exquisite patterns, but they are completely overturned, interlocking, leading to Tianji Avenue!

Bang ~!

Three people's minds, a moment of blank!

"Linglong chess game is broken!!"

"What's going on, when did it happen? Why did my God Machine Pavilion have this change but no one noticed it?"

"Wait! Look, there are words on the board!"

Under the exquisite chessboard, there was a layer of colorful light.

Everyone took a closer look, and the Holy Light outlined Gu Mi.

"I don't know the true face of Lushan, I am only in this mountain."

"It's an epiphany after breaking through today."

"I light up the mountains and rivers with my exquisite heart."

"God is too empty, Heaven is at ease."

"Let's testify to the vastness of history and history, and observe the history of Wanji from ancient to modern times. Don't enter the Six Dao, don't ask the Nine Realms. Don't ask the gods, don't ask the vain. The heart follows my lord, and there is no god."

"If you ask who is breaking this game, we are the lord of the emptiness!"

Some holy text, magnificent, fluttering chic!

Hot tears soaked her cheeks, the woman in the ceremonial dress gently covered her red lips, and the tears of joy were shocked.

"It's him! He's not dead! He's still alive, he left the holy prison and returned here!"

Jiang Taixu, the strongest fortune-teller in the history of Shenji Pavilion, is it possible to return to the Holy Realm?