My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1553

Vol 5 Chapter 1553: 3. The Last Step Left

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Jiang Taixu, the strongest fortune-teller in the history of Shenji Pavilion, is it possible to return to the Holy Realm?

But how did he return from the holy prison!

and many more!

Why, a team suddenly appeared in the Holy Realm, the blood washes the eight ranks of powers, and their actions are shielded from power, so powerful that even the Divine Machine Pavilion cannot be calculated?

And Jiang Taixu, just returned at this time?

The second pupil of the Shenji Pavilion narrowed his eyes as he stared at the burning scripture of Shengxia.

They invariably pinch finger calculations, deducing the most recent opportunities and events.

What a coincidence. It can't be this coincidence!

The second elder calculated it a little, and suddenly his tremor tremble!

No matter what kind of conjecture, the Holy Realm is about to change!


The sky of stars, inside a broken continental plate. Sword qi is vertical and horizontal, and the intention of the sword is extinct. The long-standing sword spirit is like a half-moon, hanging the sky.

In the mainland plate, there is a holy mountain. Men in white in sword eyebrows are sitting cross-legged, and the whole body is full of sword spirit, cutting the void road, and there is a smell of climbing to the peak.

The fierce man leaning against the cliff next to him, with a sharp face and a sturdy profile, picked a playful smile.

"Fang Ling, what do you think of killing your old opponent."

These two people are Lang Fanyun and Fang Ling!

Fang Ling looked indifferent and slowly said: "There is nothing to think about, nothing more than a thought."

"At that time, when I was a nine-year-old saint, I wanted to find him in Haibian. I didn't expect this old fox to run very fast. If he retaliated just now, without Jiang Taixu's help, I might be injured."

Lang Fanyun offered a pot of strong liquor and laughed.

"You said that if the two of us didn't go to jail, you said that the Holy Realm was the two people who reached the realm of sword and sword, or we were one step ahead."

Swords communicate with God, swords communicate with God.

In each era of the Holy Realm, there can only be one sword-god and one sword-god.

At the time, the two of them were the closest to this gate!

But now, the Holy Realm's Sword Art and Sword Art, each has its own master, all are Holy Kings!

Therefore, it is not a coincidence that Fang Ling and Lang Fanyun were suppressed into the holy prison. The interests involved behind this are complicated and confusing.

What they killed was only the enemy's "brothers and feet". The head of the enemy has not really died!

Fang Ling rarely smiled like Xuan Bing melted.

"This answer has no way to be revealed. There is no way in life. The guy who was the same generation as the two of us, who had not been imprisoned, either stood still or became a holy king."

"Since the encounter with the hero, the sword is the first, and it has not been my heart. My heart has long gone to the sword god. This sword is only born for the hero."

Lang Fanyun stopped drinking, Yao looked at the distant sky.

"Yeah, if you are a protagonist, you might be able to do it... No, it should be said that there is no more suitable person besides him! If he cant end this era of ghosts and ghosts, then my generation of swordsmen and swordsmen will be forever No day to turn over!"

As soon as this statement came out, the sharp edge between the two men's eyebrows was even more powerful by three points!

Under the mountain, seven figures gathered.

Among them, Jiang Taixu is also among them.

The ghost of the Eye of Heaven sees sadness, and the bluish holy eye at the eyebrows seems to see something powerful, shocking Tao.

"Several seniors, two of them could have touched..."

Qi Feiyan nodded and sighed.

"As your guess, the sword domain under the Saint King was invincible, and the sword domain invincible sword double holy, all came back!"

The other five people looked dignified.

And Jiang Taixu's eyes looked at the direction of Holy World and Holy Prison, Yun Danfeng smiled lightly.

"The imprisonment of the Holy Prison, but let their minds permeate like water, a hundred feet further!"

"This world will never lack evil spirits and geniuses. What is missing is those who can still stand up and challenge their destiny after falling to the bottom."

Jiang Taixu's eyes glowed with holy light!

"They are now the moment to surpass the nine-turn saint, the real half-step saint king! Cultivation, tempering, accumulation, reincarnation, all occupied, only one battle is needed! Promoting the saint king, but it is a matter of time!"

"The time limit is up, everyone, let's go!"


Four days later, Bingxin Palace, in a special plane.

Lin Chen rubbed his chin, stared at Lin Ping, who embraced the core of the dark disaster, and turned into a black light cocoon, and fell into contemplation.

This nizi was about to fall asleep for a year. In the previous time, it was determined several times that this thing did no harm to Lin Ping'an and she gave it to her.

"This nizi absorbs energy as she refining it, and it goes above her head.

However, Lin Chen didn't worry for a while. There was no danger or discomfort when he looked at it. Even if this Nizi really turned into a disaster, there would be a purple and worrying formation, and it would not endanger the people around him for a while.

At this moment, Lin Chen's life and death imprinted a brilliant spirit, Lin Chen smiled slightly.

"It seems that they are almost done."

Brush ~!

In the Bingxin Palace, the gleaming lights came, and all the servants gathered!

Fei Qianyu, who was still chatting with her sister the moment before, was stunned and stayed where she was next moment!

Despite hearing about it, she was frightened by this battle! !

Lin Chens servants are all back!

Everyone's cultivation practices are so trembling that the lowest cultivation is not inferior to her at all, and is also a saint of seven turns!

All add up to a total of 61 people! Counting her sister Fei Wushuang, there are sixty-two!

Seventeen people in the 19th floor, 41 people in the 18th floor, and four people in the 17th floor!

"It seems that you are fully prepared."

Lin Chen smiled and entered the main hall of Bingxin Palace.

"Have seen the hero!"

Sixty-two servants bent over and clenched their fists, expressing gratitude and perseverance in their words.

Lin Chen sat in the main hall and nodded with satisfaction.

"The efficiency is very fast, one month faster than I expected. In less than two and a half months, your things are all done. Going to the Shenyan Palace, everything is ready!"

For two and a half months, Jiang Taixu was responsible for deducing the heavenly apocalypse, positioning the enemy, finding the strong of all parties, and providing support in major battles.

Xiao Ling'er and Zi Qianchou were responsible for moving the space and bringing each servant to his destination. And Xiao Ling'er and Ji Wuchen were blocked by space magic and forbidden technique to ensure that when the strong enemy was erased, the enemy's back road was completely cut off.

Lin Chens six avatars acted separately, followed the servants, and helped each other with supernatural talent to ensure that the other party could not run 100%, and was responsible for picking up heads and attributes.

After these two and a half months, even if Lin Chen did not participate in the main battle to kill the enemy, his attribute value has accumulated to an unprecedented level!

"My attribute value just exceeded the standard line of system update. Well, a massive attribute value of a system update was picked up alive! More importantly, my top essence has also accumulated to a whole new level, away from the next condensed hole The boundary is not far away!"

Lin Chen once again felt that it was so cool to have a powerful force as a support!

Of course, not all battles are possible for Lin Chen to pick up the value of the mixed human head. For any battle higher than five conversions and above, Lin Chen cannot even join it.

The reason is very simple. The five changes are upward, and the level is far higher than in the past.

The five conversions are already the series at the top of the Holy Land Pyramid.

Any battle above the five-turned saint, even if the phantom avatar is not afraid of death, will not be mixed with assistance. Instead, it will most likely cause the avatar to die and lose a lot of rune energy.

Not to mention Fang Ling's kind of enemies to be destroyed, they are all old monsters who were rebuilt in nine years.

As soon as the two sides fought, it was a scene of collapse and falling stars.

Lin Chens doppelganger would even be close to watching the battle and watching the drama, and there would be a fatal risk.

In battles above the five-turn saint, Lin Chen wanted to mix the attribute values and could only pick the last remaining.

"Protagonist, go to the Palace of Divine Flame, perhaps the last step left."

At this time, the Blood King Yun Tianguang evil spirit smiled.

Lin Chen said: "What do you think is missing."

Yun Tianguang laughed.

"The hero is still missing.