My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1554

Vol 5 Chapter 1554: Everything Will Be Gathered In The Shenyang Palace.

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Holy King Territory, a territory of nine ranks.

An ethereal and vast palace was hidden in the clouds of smoke.

In front of the palace, in a white jade square, hundreds of people kneeled on one knee.

They are either the Sacred Heart State is perfect, or open the Heaven Realm, or even a saint. Enjoy the name of mighty power in all domains of the human race, dominate one side, and sing forever.

At this time, these human powers bow down on their knees!

"I urge seniors to come out!"

"This time the visitor is not good and intends to destroy the forces of the Holy Realm. Please invite the seniors to personally play the heavenly plane and return my peace to each domain!"

"This is a naked provocation. How can my sage human race calm down? I should take out all these thieves and hope that our seniors will give us a chance to fight!"

"Our appeal is only to urge seniors to help us calculate once! Do seniors want to save us from death!"

"Is this the Promise Palace for the saints of my family! What is the great righteousness, what is the truth!"

These powerful human races screamed with anger, in order to create momentum to force the Promise Old Man of the Promise Palace out of the mountain.


"roll roll roll."

With two childish cold hums, the human powers present were choked directly.

Two pink and delicate little girls fluttered from the palace, embracing a porcelain doll with a cute little face, wrinkled Qiong nose, and said in unison.

"You are not welcome here, please, climb!"


All the human races were able to stagnate for a long time, and they immediately burned with anger.

They have high moral prestige and honorable status, so he was scolded by these two little girls.

The little girl in green dress narrowed her eyes: "It seems you want to fight."

The little girl in a red dress smiled and said, "I bet you lose first."

Bang ~!

Behind the second woman, a bright moon rose slowly!

Shengwei surged, and all the people could feel that a suffocating Shengwei calmed them down, except for those who were above the late Kaitian Realm, the remaining blood was nothing, and his face was pale.

"Qianshuang, Wanyan. Stop fooling..."

The old man sighed,

In the void, it slowly emerged from the transparent like a ghost to a white-haired old man, caressing the goat beard, the fairy wind bones, holding the dust in the hand, hanging the clear state of mind on the waist, and the demeanor was beyond.

If Lin Chen is here, he will definitely recognize him. It was on that day that the white-haired old man who forced the Swallow Dragon Demon King and other demons and saw the true identity of Lin Ping's painful disaster!

He settled in the domain of the Holy King and was the Promise Old Man of the Promise Palace of the Ninth Power!

Although he himself idled the wild crane, he did not ask the world, and he rarely shot, but he was recognized: the first fortune teller of the Holy World!

The fall of a large number of the Eighth Rank Sect, as well as the backing, elders, and ancestors behind many hidden Eighth Rank forces, caused a great deal of anxiety for the Eighth Rank forces!

No one knows if the other party will find them!

They would rather fight, but they can't find where the enemy is. This is the saddest thing!

Therefore, they are determined to invite the Promise Old Man to come out!


The Promiseless Old Man said indifferently, "This crisis is not in the catastrophe and heavenly tactics deduced by the old age.

"do not!"

"Senior Promise, if you don't say anything, we have to wait for death!"

"Yeah, you can't do that!"

The clans of the human race do not give up, letting the old man of Wuji frown slightly.

When he was preparing to "send off"-


A glorious glory of nine colors rose from the Wuji Palace.

"Ah! This is..."

"Looks like a long chess game?"

Two Nizi exclaimed.

Wuji's old man said in surprise: "Are the old chess pieces left in Shenji Pavilion actually broken?"

"Who is it? Who has this ability? Those three or five people at that time were still unbreakable."

"Is it a new starter today?"

"Who is that, with this ability, can break the elder's delicate chess game?"

The Promise Old Man couldn't help but pinch his fingers, and the more he calculated, the more surprised he was!

He turned out that no one who could break the game!

What does this stand for?

"Could it be said that the person who broke the situation has reached the age of decay?"

Promise the old man!

"Recently this troubled autumn has brought about the slaughter of the strong powers of various denominations, and some people have broken the old and exquisite chessboard..."

Finally, the Promise Old Man sacrificed a banner depicting the White Dragon. The treasure was gorgeous and waved toward the sky!

Brush ~!

Long Ying is in the sky, the flag is floating in the void, and many powers are in doubt.

Then, the Promise Old Man swept the dust several times, and the flags danced layer by layer!

The eyes of the Promiseless Old Man stared deeply at the scene in the flag.


Suddenly, the Promise Old Man laughed in the sky.

"I'm not alone! I never imagined that he had stepped into the realm of decay. Well, even if there is a short distance from the decay, it is not far away."

The Promise Old Man turned to everyone and said indifferently: "Everything you want to know will be gathered in the Divine Flame Palace."

Having finished speaking, the Promiseless Old Man put away the banner and took the second daughter away with him!

He muttered to himself: "Who is it, who can gather the pride of those times, blame, blame. The great ceremony of the gods, the old must also go to the Palace of Divine Flame personally..."

The congregation can stay in place and wonder.

"The Divine Flame Ceremony?"


Inside the Bingxin Palace.

Lin Chen gave thumbs up to Yun Tianguang.

"It's really the same as handsome."

You Xiangsheng, Xu Xu smiled and said: "Oh, if the protagonist directly let us do things, then naturally there is nothing missing."

Jiang Taixu nodded apprehensively, "Well, it is indeed. If the protagonist named the surname to single out the descendant of the God of Martial Art in the Shenyan Palace, Wu Pian, the skill may be the only flaw."

Yes, Lin Chen's mentality is very strong.

He showed the servants "Tai Yi Fu Tian Jue", its strength is even amazing servants.

But his skills and skills are not enough.

In the face of the monster list, Lin Chen's many orange-level intermediate combat skills, blessing his orange-level talent, playing the monster list is more than enough to beat children.

But the Holy Talent List is not a demon list!

If the enchanted list is a monster, then the sage list is the monster among the monsters!

Even Long Nine Mountains hesitated.

"If the protagonist and Na Wu Ping are absolutely in the same state, then I won't even frown, and the hammer will finish.

Fei Wushuang nodded and worried.

"But the protagonist is now the condensed realm. The marvelous realm is the perfection of the Sacred Heart State! And I heard that he wants to accumulate to the perfect promotion. As long as he wants, he can step into the open realm at any time!"

Perfect promotion is the realm that only some people in the sage list can achieve.

Opening a holy cave in the sky can increase the holy power of more than 400 deities.

But for the sage list, it is far more than this number!

According to the information collected by the servants, it is not counted as a peerless talent that comes with the blood of the God of War.

Wu Pian absolutely has 10,550 times the total points, and 2,120 times the total points!

This result is also a proud achievement on the Sheng Cai list!