My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1555

Vol 5 Chapter 1555: The Most Sturdy Strongest And Most Professional In School

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Acupoint expansion and coagulation are not decisive factors in judging the combat power of a sage.

The talent list of the genius is varied, and the Qimen ghosts are not rare.

Some of the sages have expanded their holes by eight thousand times, but when they do it, they are as good as the sages who have expanded their holes by ten times.

Wu Pian never stayed in the Sacred Heart for a hundred years, and has always pursued the perfect breakthrough opportunity. He even said bluntly, eager to be the winner of the level of the Saints list!

In addition to a small number of people in the sage list, the points of victory and defeat mean the separation of life and death.

Until the moment of death, no one knows the strength and weakness of the sage list.

This is also the reason why other geniuses are not ranked except the top 10 rankings!

Wu Pian never stayed in the holy mood for a hundred years, but this does not mean that he will stand still.

Some time ago, Shenyan Palace announced that Wu Pian absolutely created his own orange-level advanced exercises!

The orange-level advanced exercises, Lin Chen has not practiced so far!

Wu Pian has already created his own!

This is the huge gap!

Based on his background, it is not surprising that there are a few more orange-level advanced exercises. This is the case regardless of whether he has other cards.

Lin Chenruo singled out with him, once the fight is over, the outcome is still unknown!

Lin Chen smiled.

"This time is different from the past. In the past, I played the false **** descendants are all soft-leg shrimps, this time they are true **** descendants."

Lin Chenmo held his chin and smiled badly: "The more powerful the existence, the harder it is to reproduce the offspring. I heard that Wu Pian is definitely the first direct bloodline of Wushen, the son of Wushen, and he is so powerful. Hammer, what attribute will drop..."

"With our preparation, at present, we can only find two orange-level advanced exercises for the protagonist, and we still kill those enemies..."

Jiang Taixu spread his palms, and the Holy Light emerged from a broken ancient book and a scroll of jade, sealed with strong spiritual fluctuations.

Orange-level advanced exercises are rare and rare, and only nine ranks and eight ranks will exist.

Lin Chen raised his hand to stop Jiang Taixu, with a meaningful smile.

"No, I won't use these two volumes for the time being."

Everyone was stunned.

Does the protagonist have better exercises?

Lin Chen laughed badly: "If you talk about exercises, aren't you better at practicing?"

Thats right, isnt everyone the best teacher?

Especially the servants of the 19th floor, which is not the top authority in various fields, a giant!

On Kendo, Fang Ling is peerless.

On the sword path, the invincible hand under the holy king of Langfanyun sword domain!

Just learn the two of them!

The servants faced question marks.

Orange-level advanced exercises, they really do.

However, self-cultivation is there, and letting the protagonist practice is completely different!

Just like the stand-alone king looks handsome, and Lin Chen looks handsome, it is completely two concepts.

"The hero means, should we learn the exercises we practice?"

Jiang Taixu was suspicious.

Fang Ling curiously said: "But this short time, we can't record it."

That's right, the servants present were more or less practicing the Orange-level advanced exercises.

Even the four brothers of the "Sifangjiehai" of the seventeenth floor have control of an orange-level advanced lore.

But this is something engraved in my mind, which cannot be passed on to Lin Chen overnight.

Even with the amount of light in the holy caves of their brains, it would take hundreds or even hundreds of years to burn the exercises they have cultivated!

The complexity of the orange-level advanced exercises is not comparable to that of the purple-order exercises, nor is it a level that can be inherited!

"Who said I want you to burn it."

Lin Chen stood up and smiled: "Anyway, the body method must be learned, let's start with you, Wushuang."

Fei Wushuang: "?"

Start with me? What is the way, hero?

Lin Chen patted her incense shoulder and smiled evilly.

"Come on, sit down, I will move later."

Fei Qianyu: "?"

What does he want to do to his sister!

The big guys are still here, anyway, find a room to turn off the lights, light two candles, sing a love song to flirt with the foreplay?

Everyone was stunned, not sure, what is the case with the protagonist?

Fei Wushuang's pretty face flushed, "Sir, this is not good..."

"It's okay, I'm very light. Although this is my first time, I'm very skilled."

Lin Chen said seriously: "The first time I was nervous, rest assured, I promise not to make you uncomfortable."

After all, Fei Wushuang really closed his eyes and opened his mind.

All the servants held their breath and did not see clearly what way Lin Chen was.

Fei Qianyu opened his mouth slightly.

If it werent for Lin Chens rescue of her sister, she would have fought!

Lin Chen also closed his eyes, and there was a burst of spiritual frenzy in his eyebrows!

Bang! Spiritual power suddenly enveloped Fei Wushuang!

Then, Lin Chen saw Fei Wushuang's spiritual seal from the dozens of Zhou Tian's birth and death seals that knew the sea.

As soon as his mental power was exerted, he suddenly entered Fei Wushuang's life and death seal, and the external spiritual power directly poured into Fei Wushuang's eyebrows!


Fei Wushuang looked up with his eyes closed, and could not help but utter a whine!

However, which of the servants here is not well-informed, their reaction to Fei Wushuang does not catch a cold, all the servants attention is on Lin Chen!

At this moment, Lin Chen's spiritual power entered a world like the'star veins' shining in the sky!

In every'Star Vessel', you can clearly see all the memories of Fei Wushuang!

Including her practice memory!

Witnessing all the memory of Fei Wushuang's practice is the only thing that Lin Chen, who has exhibited the seal of Zhou Tiansheng's life and death, can do!

As long as his servants let go of their hearts and protection, he could witness their cultivation memories!

Under normal circumstances, witnessing the practice memory does not have much use, and at most can only explore other secrets.

However, it is Lin Chen who has practiced this "Seal of Zhou Tian".

"System, can you merge these cultivation memories for me." Lin Chen asked directly.

[The system answers the host, no problem, but it needs to double the consumption of the original basic skills.

The moment I heard this answer, the corner of Lin Chen's mouth rose wildly!

What does the system answer?

Presumably, I know it.

"Wu Pian absolutely, Wu Pian absolutely, this time I want to see how far you can hang!"

That's right, as long as Lin Chen has enough skills and spirits, and his spiritual realm can afford a lot of spiritual memory-

In theory, Lin Chen can learn all the servants' tricks by using the "Zhou Tian Sheng Si Yin" in conjunction with the system's [function learning function]!

At this moment, all the servants have become all teachers!

Either dont learn, if you want to learn, go to the most hanged, strongest and most professional!