My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1556

Vol 5 Chapter 1556: Hero Forever Divine

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"Eh? Is Wushuang"

Lin Chen was a little surprised, and looked at Fei Wushuang's memories with more mischief.

Fei Wushuang practiced for dozens of years, but did not expect it to be an unemployed virgin?

However, a little thought will tell.

The saint's cultivation has been closed for hundreds of thousands of years.

For a thousand years, for the people at the pinnacle of the holy realm, it is a matter of retreat.

For some practice lunatics, the time really used to feel the red dust is not much.

His mental strength combined inside and outside, immediately selected Fei Wushuang a stunt learning!

This unique skill, ranked among the orange-level seniors, is called "Ambilight"!

At that time, Fei Wushuang, who was known as "Crimson Shuangjue", was one of the best in the world. This is "Ambilight"!

[Begin to merge the memory of "Ambilight" to consume 2.3 million points of top-level exercises, because the host uses special methods to practice, the consumption is doubled.

Bang ~~!

Unprecedented mass memory poured into Lin Chen's mind, and he immediately released all the avatars and formed a ball.

"Don't move, everyone."

Jiang Taixu's eyes narrowed, and immediately let everyone back away, protecting Lin Chen and Fei Wushuang.

"Damn, the memory of Orange-level advanced exercises is terrifying."

Lin Chen squeezed his cold sweat and hurriedly mobilized his avatars to fuse the memory together, even the body itself sat cross-legged in the void.

The complexity of the orange-level advanced exercises is more than dozens of times higher than the orange-level intermediate skills!

Everyone protects the law, time passes.

Four days later, a special plane at Bingxin Palace.

"Nine Heavy Burning Palm!"

Lin Chen took a snap shot of Long Jiushan's body protection golden light, the flames were rolling, and the world was falling apart!

Bang ~! The horrible explosion raged, the holy force raged, and it turned into a storm.

Long Jiushan's defense is not moving like a mountain.

"Come again!"

Lin Chen circulated the five-colored clouds all over him, and then made another record of Nine Heavy Burns!

Sigh~! Bang~!

The whole plane is crumbling, this palm is 50% stronger than just now! !

Long Jiushan's defense remained unchanged.

However, all the saints in the entire plane, including the sister Fei Qianyu and the sister Fei Wushuang, were all faceless!

You can't go wrong, it's Fei Wushuang's famed fabulous learning technique, "Ambilight"!

It can increase the power of exercises below the orange level and senior level by 50%! It is exactly the same as that made by Fei Wushuang!

"Not right, I still don't believe it!"

Fei Qianyudun felt that his brain was not enough, and shook his head.

"Hahaha, next to you, Yuntianguang!"

Lin Chen laughed, and pulled the "blood lord" Yun Tianguang to turn on the system again.

Three days later.

In the exquisite plane of Bingxin Palace, the exquisite array is blessed all around, and the space is vast and solid.

Tear ~! !

Thousands of beams of **** light are like clouds and shadows, flashing through the void, but not moving, moving like a thousand shadows, and thousands of lights are flashing in thousands of directions!

Bang ~!

For a time, thousands of beams of blood and light cloud turned into thousands of afterimages on the exquisite plane like a dance of gods and demons, and the speed was extremely fast!

This is Yun Tianguang's famed fame, the orange-level advanced peerless method, "Cloud Shadow Sky"!

This body method, unpredictable, makes it impossible to lock the real body, whether it is an explosion or continuous high-speed movement, there are different tips.

Brush ~!

It's rare to learn a unique way!

You know, even the Haotian Saint King can't use the orange-level intermediate "Nine Wings of the Devil"!

When Thousands of Cloud Shadows were summed up as one, Lin Chen's chic figure appeared again in front of everyone-

He jokingly laughed: "How about, apart from not having your bloodline blessing, it is not much different from what you use it."

At this time, Yun Tianguang was dumbfounded at the blood king standing aside.

All servants, once again felt that the worldview collapsed!

For seven days, continuously practice two orange-level advanced exercises to perfection! Or is there no original practice?

What a fairy!

The legendary Wushen bloodline is not so against the sky!

The servants are truly amazing!

An orange-level advanced exercise, as strong as a descendant of God, is not easy to practice! Being able to get started a little within a year is already a very fast practice!

But what the **** is it to practice directly to consummation! There is still no original method, no one has given instructions!

Fei Wushuang: "The protagonist is the extreme of the sky..."

Fei Qianyu: "Is there such an operation?"

Ghostly: "I have served!"

Zi Qianchou: "Principle, always drop God!"

Long Jiushan: "What **** martial arts bloodline, ha ha ha ha, is a fart in front of my hero!"

Fang Ling: "Looking at the blood of the God of War is just a matter of happiness. It really depends on the exercises. We have to watch our hero Lin Chen ha ha ha ha!"

Lang Fanyun: "I am looking forward to Wu Pian's expression."

Qi Feiyan: "Wonderful, so wonderful! If the protagonist learns all of our great learning, my mother, I dare not think, the picture is too beautiful hahahaha!

"What hero do we follow?"

"It's too scary to write novels like this!"


Now everyone is up!

Of the nineteenth floor servants, which is not the arrogant of the times and the arrogant of the world?

Seventeen of them have absolute authority and power in various fields!

Body method, defense, body training, attack, kendo, knife path, assassination, forbidden technique, formation, etc.!

If Lin Chen could take control of all their unique skills, what kind of existence would it be?

The picture is so beautiful, I dare not imagine it!

He will surely become the most perverted condensate in the Holy World ever!

The eyes of the servants are full of excitement and excitement like never before!

They are anticipating that their protagonist will become a unique sanctuary since the birth of the Holy Realm!

However, Lin Chen has scrutinized that his qualities of the exercises are limited, and the consumption of orange-level advanced exercises is terrifying.

Secondly, his mental capacity is limited.

There are already many servants' spirit of "Zhou Tianshengyin" to understand the sea, and adding a large amount of practice memory will be unbearable.

Therefore, the limit of Lin Chen at this stage can only learn a kind of quirks of five people at most! No more can't stand it!

Lin Chen must choose their core tricks to learn.

Lin Chen suddenly turned around, his eyes flashing!

"Fang Ling, it's your turn!"


Fang Ling smiled Qian Kunzhen, shaking the plane, majestic, and passed through the world.

"Princess, my swordsmanship, breaking through the heavens and the earth, and wearing the endless hell. This is very difficult! You must be mentally prepared, hero!"

Lin Chen smiled: "Come here!"


Time passed, again after January.

Holy Prison, first floor.

A large number of prisoners are uneasy.

"Damn, a bunch of rice buckets!"

The man in the gold armor took photos in the air, killing two prisoners in life and death.

"For more than two years, you can't even find any clues? Are you going to eat **** or are you going to play Tanwan?"

The golden armor was manly and corrupted, carrying a prisoner with a holy state of mind.

"You, why! Lao Tzu has given you the power of the Holy Prison, can't even find out any information!"

The Lord of Sacred Heart shivered tremblingly, begging for mercy.

"Sir, it's really not our business. We've tried our best! The vastness of the Holy Realm, you know that if they want to hide, they might leave the Holy Realm."

The thirty-six domains of the Holy Realm are so vast that they are as strong as Holy Carpet Search for two years, and it is impossible to easily find out the strongest of those years!

The experience and experience of those strong men just got rid of the prisoners, and its too difficult to hide from them!