My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1557

Vol 5 Chapter 1557: The Return Of The Holy Priest

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The Golden Armored man was furious and his eyes flashed, "Leave the Holy Realm? No, they don't have the skill, dragging the corpse, they don't even have one thousandth of their strength in their heyday, where can they go?"

At this time, another Na Xing Realm prisoner shuddered.

", we haven't fully exerted the prestige of the Holy Prison, why don't we expose the facts and collect clues from the 19th floor of the characters in the major sects..."

Bang ~! boom!

Before the words were finished, the man in the gold armor shot him into a serious wound and vomited blood!

"Public? If we rely on publicity to find this kid and those people, what else can I say in the Holy Prison!"

"Your mother, just like your wife was robbed and run away by others, will you make it public!"

He smiled angrily, "You can ask such a stupid question, how did you cultivate to Na Xing Realm, drag it down and cut it!"

Holy Prison, another Na Xing Realm fell.

"Listen, the adults who follow the great true **** to the deepest part of the Shenhe Galaxy, will be back in at most ten years. During this period, if you cant bring back any information, all of us present must dead!"

The Jinjia man said very seriously: "We must not let the outside world know that something happened to our holy prison, and search for the characteristics of the boy and those on the 19th and 18th floors. I must ask the people in my holy prison to do it personally."

The prisoners on the scene were stunned, wasn't this just pushing them to death! The manpower is obviously insufficient!

If the information and characteristics of those people on the 19th floor can be disclosed, clues can be collected from the various denominations, maybe there will be gains soon, but this move will undoubtedly announce that the holy prison has escaped! That is a naked face!

Bang ~! !

At this time, a sacred Saint-Wei, who had been everywhere, came from the void, and a golden avenue rolled from nine days above, extending straight down to the heights of the Holy Prison.

At this moment, even the face of the gold-clad man was disturbed!

"How come back so quickly?"

Hundreds of golden glittering figures appeared on the Golden Avenue!

The vision is magnificent and magnificent. The three handsome men headed up are like a holy sun on the sky, eternal, heaven and earth decay and holy sun immortal!

It was actually three holy kings!

A holy king is already a legend of every era. The three holy kings appear together, as if all the air machines of heaven and earth are close to them. Heaven and earth are centered on them, and sun and moon rotate with them!

Behind the three great saints, the nine-turn saint and the eight-turn saint are formed in groups, in groups, or in groups! !

The golden road spreads between heaven and earth, and leads all the way to the holy prison!

The main power of the Holy Prison is back!

At first glance, there are at least 400 people!

The three holy kings are majestic and tall, and are in line with the world, but at this time, there is a trace of deep fear and fear in the eyes of the three holy kings!

What can make the Holy King feel palpitations, is it...

The three holy kings looked at each other and communicated with each other

"It is worthy of being a great true god, tearing galaxies in one finger, stopping in time and space, one move can make everything annihilate!"

"The ruins of the Divine Emperor, the gods took action, and the periphery of the Divine Emperor's ruin alone collapsed and the interstellar burst."

"We don't have the right to watch the battles even if we just watch the battle. The God Emperor's Fate has nothing to do with us."

"The gods have fought, and they have taken care of the Holy Realm flawlessly. This battle may last for thousands of years or more. This information cannot be the only one we know. The nine ranks of the forces, the list of sacred talents, must be more or less known, the Holy The world is going to change completely..."

"The Asura tribe has broken into the realm of the four-dimensional universe, and they will never go back and kill it again. The Zerg is extinct. The key is the surviving demons, dragons, orcs, demon clan, and the shadows lurking in the dark. Family."

"The vacancies of the gods, where is the future of the Holy Realm. If a strong enemy strikes, we will be headless."

When the three holy kings communicated quickly, the vast gate of the holy prison opened slowly, welcoming the return of the powerful!

"Welcome everyone to come back!"

The Jinjia man shouted loudly and knelt on one knee.


The three holy kings headed nodded and nodded, even if there were thousands of calculations in their hearts, they would not be seen by outsiders.

One of the holy kings said lightly.

"What's the situation with the holy prison, no big deal."

The people greeted on their knees shuddered immediately, and no one dared to speak.


Seeing everyone's anomaly, the three holy kings immediately felt bad!

"Go back...Go back to the three..."

The Jinjia man bluntly told the recent events.

"What? Someone broke into the holy prison?"

"Or the demon disguised by the human race?"

"Also kill a doppelganger of the Devil Emperor's will? Damn, how is it more and more outrageous! Are you reading novels here?"

"Can he unlock the nine-brain seal? He also took all the remaining guys from the 19th and 18th floors!"

The next day, inside the holy prison.

Although the man in the gold armor was terrified in his heart, his heart fell halfway.

The three holy kings did not dispose of all the prisoners, but forgave them!

In fact, it is not forgiveness, but the Holy Prison right now, which is the time to hire people.

If these prisoners are killed on a large scale, the status quo will not change, it is better to keep their lives and do something practical.

Holy Prison, the first floor of the chamber.

The three holy kings sat here to discuss the pursuit of the jailbreakers.

"To this day, the Holy Realm will change greatly, and the Holy Prison will be in trouble again, only to recruit people with the prestige of the Holy Prison. It is a breeze to gather strength with our heritage."

"Publish the situation, it is more important to find the 17 people on the 19th floor than to face!"

The three holy kings agree!

Why do the three holy kings value the nineteenth floor so much?

Theoretically, there is a huge gap between the nine-turn saint and the saint king.

However, nine of the strongest in the eighteenth floor have also been converted, such as those who are sad.

But they have a huge gap with the people on the 19th floor.

Most of the people who can become nine-turn saints were either the top 500 in the top 500 list of the evil spirits, or they were the fate of destiny, the highest chance and the sharpeners.

This level of powerhouse has extremely strong background, ordinary means and other factors and measures can no longer control the gap between this level of powerhouse.

What is the real gap, it is God Condition!

Such as Zi Qianzhou's twelve palace array method, Ji Wuchen's forbidden technique, space magic flowing in Xiao Linger's blood and so on!

They are all people with God of Fate originating from the true gods of the ancient times!

This is also the core reason why they can become the arrogant of the time, neither talent nor cultivation are the main reason! It is vital to be pregnant with God Condition!

They are both the group most likely to become a holy king, and the group that threatens the most after becoming a holy king!

The eyes of the three holy kings are particularly deep.

"The next Holy World will be an era of rampage!"