My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1558

Vol 5 Chapter 1558: Everything Is Ready

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"No matter which side the true **** wins, the Holy Realm with dragons and heads will be ushered in."

"By the way, those old monsters and a group of eight-pin sects were gathered together for my use!"

When the Three Kings are finalizing their ideas--

There was a voice from the prison master outside the secret room.

"Sovereign, there is an old man asking for advice. He claims to be... Tuo Sheng."

Hearing the words, the three kings stood up immediately and looked serious.

"Tuosheng? Could it be the shocking and brilliant Tuosheng? Isn't he dead?"

"No, Tuo Sheng's body was taken away by the creatures he cultivated by himself!"

"Innate shadow?"

The three holy kings stepped out of the holy prison, and in the void, the "Tao Sheng" with a cane looked at the three holy kings with a smile.

"Hello kings, how are you. We may be able to talk about a deal."

"What deal."

"A deal about you being jailbroken."

The eyes of the three great holy kings are particularly sharp in time!

In the south, bury the holy mountains.


With a loud noise, the ancient bronze coffin lifted up!

The Haotian Saint King stepped on the vast sacred mans, like the sun in the sky, the galaxy of holy light rolling through the sky, his sword eyebrows and stars, overlooking the buried sacred mountain range at his feet, full of sorrowful sigh!

"Baiji, this seat is finally out!"

"Lin Chen, Lin Xingchen! This seat will kill you two little beasts, in order to sacrifice the body of the incomplete Holy King!"

In the darkness, two figures walked, wearing cloaks, and smiled indifferently.

"Haotian, I hope you don't forget the promise with my demon."

"Your holy body is always crippled, and surrendering to my demon race is your right choice. We have prepared the most suitable demon body for you, and you are always welcome to come over!"

Haotian Saint King nodded and looked grim: "Before that, I have to let these two little animals pay the price!"

"Let's go and meet with Yin Tianzi!"


Bingxin Palace, the little demon is bored sitting in the main hall of Bingxin Palace.

Her green onion and jade fingers are playing with a sixth-grade sacred pill, and the exquisite and exquisite figure of the exquisite and enchanting body is most vivid when she stretches slightly, inverting all beings, and being beautiful as a fairy.

"It's so boring, Lin Chen hasn't been in trouble for a month, when did he get to the plot of Shenyan Palace."

Jian Qingcheng gave her a white look, "What are you worried about, you are not in the cave."

The crimson fairy on the side covered her lips and chuckled, and the flowers twitched.

"The climax of the battle is like the peak moment of the fun, the longer your foreplay is brewing, the cooler it is when it is the coolest."

The demon queen's eyes shined and excitedly said: "Really, then, this time the plot of the Shenyan Palace, shouldn't it be cool?"

Bai Qianqian spit out the lilac tongue, "Sister Crimson, your analogy is amazing."

Lengyue Qifu's forehead, these two women are simply, how to be virtuous with him, no wonder they will attract a piece...

Ning Qingxuan smiled and did not speak, as if it would always be as light as a lotus, quiet and elegant.

The Scarlet Fairy looked into the distance and suddenly smiled: "I'm afraid this fight, the Holy Realm will change directly..."

Bang ~!

In the main hall, a gust of wind suddenly rolled up!

All the figures appeared at the same time, all kinds of visions of the Holy Power appeared to be empty, there were wind and rain, thunder and lightning, and there was a real dragon, and the stars were holding the moon like a handsome boy!

All the women are happy, it is Lin Chen!

Is he finally out of the customs?

Compared with a month ago, Lin Chen's temperament has changed greatly!

It looks like evil and right, if he wears a white dress with a crown, he looks like fluttering fairy tales and rich gods.

If you wear the golden armor robe, then the king will be in the world, and the hegemony is like a dragon!

If the black robe carries a knife, it will be like an evil son, a glance at a thousand years!

This is the change brought about after learning many servants' exercises. The biggest difference between saints and mortals is the temperament that the saintly force feeds back.

"How about, are we going to make trouble!"

The little demon jumped to Lin Chen first, excitedly said.

"Are you all right?"

Ning Qingxuan and Leng Yue said in unison that Lin Chen's eyebrows felt a trace of fatigue.

Lin Chen smiled and said: "Well, how long will it be before the Great Ceremony."

The Scarlet Fairy smiled and said: "With less than half a month left, if we count the time we rushed over, there are about seven days of leisure time left. And the welcome of the ceremony has already begun. So far, I am afraid that many forces have begun to go Or you have arrived at the Palace of the Divine Flame."

"Master, are we going to be famous all over the world?"

Bai Qianqin looked forward to it: "Do I want to be the first handsome beast of the human race?"

Everyone laughed, Lin Chen rubbed her hair and laughed: "Your consciousness is very high."

Then, Lin Chen said again.

"The main positions and disciples of Bingxin Palace will move first according to the position indicated by Taixu. Once they have finished playing, they will definitely touch our place and let them empty!"

The corners of his mouth rose wildly.

"Then we will rest for another three days and set off for Shenyang Palace!"

At night, Bingxin Palace.

Beside the snowy and snowy trees, Lin Chen leaned on the knees of the beautiful lady, and Leng Yue gazed quietly at him without ever disturbing him.

Lin Chen thought about it and turned on the system.

"System, I want to update the version."

[Activate the update key, the 8.0 version of the Tiandao picking system begins to update, and the update cost: 100 million points for advanced Tiandao, 50 million points for top-level exercises, 500,000 points for intermediate enhancements, and 5 billion points for suit essence. All deducted!

[The system starts to update: 0.01%...... During the update, the host can use all functions.

A day ago, Lin Chen finally put together the attribute values needed for the version update, and left a part of his back hand.

If it weren't for his avatar to follow the servants to get revenge, and Ying's management has been looking for and buying holy items for him, this massive amount of heavenly value and top-level merits, the essence of the suit, must be saved to the Year of the Monkey!

When Lin Chen opened his eyes, there was a faint flow of Saint Mang!

"Wu Pian never expands acupuncture points by 10,550 times and Ning acupoints by 2,120 times. He can explode 1119 trillion dragon power when his condensate environment is complete. If I only have the enlarging acupuncture area, even if he is the condensed environment, I have only The hit by him."

Lin Chen is no stranger to the leapfrog challenge, but it is difficult to challenge the sage list by leapfrog!

"Even if he is not the blood of Martial God, just the expansion of the acupuncture point and the multiple of the agglomeration point, his sacred state of mind can complete the cultivation of 40,000 powers, one finger can break the plane of time and space! If you use high-level exercises, the power is even more unimaginable. ."

Lin Chen's mouth was faintly raised, "This station is really exciting. Then let's see who's trump card is stronger!"

Lin Chen got up, holding the jade hand of Leng Yan Fairy, and smiled slightly: "Sister Yueqi, are you afraid."

The beautiful lady Xuetiao bloomed with a beautiful smile, and heaven and earth lost her sight.

"Please hero, bathing in fragrant soup."

At this time, two beautiful and beautiful ladies held a Bingxin bath in their hands and emerged from the air.

Two female temperament empty valley Youlan, like the princess of the neighboring country, look around the Qingren City.

They are two 18-story servants, the twin sisters of the "Haiyue Feixue" from Tianyu, Tang Haiyue, Tang Feixue.