My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1560

Vol 5 Chapter 1560: Shenyan Palace Gods Great Ceremony

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Three days later.

Holy King Territory, Shenyan Palace.

Brahma Mountain, the main hall, the banquets are on display, all directions are coming, Wanzong presents!

Today, it is the grand ceremony of the Divine Flame Palace! !

What is the Grand Dharma Ceremony, this is the grand ceremony of the Shenyan Palace passed down through the ages, the moment when the Lord of the Flame Palace was born!

Sealing the Great Ceremony, it is the master of the next generation of the Flame Palace!

Today, the sacred palace of the **** of flames has ushered in the most grand ceremony. One is competition.

Secondly, only a small number of people know, battle posts!

Perhaps today, the Palace of the Divine Flame will usher in the first challenger in history, or perhaps it is a bluff!

In the past, the Grand Palace of the Divine Flame was sealed by the palace master directly to the next generation of selectors.

However, when there is a dispute between the inheritors, you need to pass the Presbyterian Church. If the Presbyterian Church fully supports the other party, the right can be equalized with the contemporary Shenyang Palace!

And the master of the Palace of the Divine Flame respected Bai Ruoyan.

The Presbyterian Church respects Wu Pianjue.

When this happens, the only way is to leave two ways of judgment, one is contribution and the other is strength!

In terms of contribution, Bai Ruoyan, who holds the eternal flame, has made a lot of cultivation secrets for the true biography, elders, and shaping or improvement in the palace, with infinite benefits.

And Wu Pian absolutely modified the drawbacks of Shenyang Palace with a lot of Wushen talents, which made Shenyan Palace's power soar in a short period of time, approaching the heyday!

Therefore, the two are equal in terms of contribution, and the only thing left is the strength to speak!

However, it is obvious that who is stronger, Bai Ruoyan and Wu Pianju, is not a level at all!

Talent may not be bad, but the practice time is too short to compare.

However, Bai Ruoyan insisted on fighting, so that the Lord of the Flame Palace in the Presbyterian Church, and the Taishang Elders group, won the opportunity to challenge Wuping absolutely!

So, the first suspenseful ceremony of the gods was held here.

The Shenyan Square in front of Brahma Mountain, the top eight sect sect powerhouses, super monsters, all gathered together!

This is a real top scene, you can enter here and get invitations, all are the top characters of the Holy World!

The enchanted list is lower than the top two thousand rankings, and it is not even eligible to enter here!

The big figures of all parties gathered, the Qingtian Pavilion of the Ninth Sect, the Sun and Moon Beast Sect, and the Ten Thousand Qiankun Hall, respectively, sent representatives to represent the messengers!

The super demon present today became particularly detained and restrained, even sitting in the corner of the main hall.

In the past, in the outside world, which of them is not the treatment and existence of the protagonist.

In the outside world, they can fly up and down, but here, which old predecessor is not the legendary evil spirit that was famous all over the world?

Saint King Domain, can't live mediocrity!

Here is the apex of the Holy World.

The front row of the main hall.

The representative of Qingtian Pavilion is the sub-patriarch of the late Qingguan, sentenced to nine days in prison.

The two maids served him and filled his glass of wine. He held a glass of millennial wine and laughed.

"Oh, I don't know what will happen this time."

On that day, the Battle Post of the Shenyan Palace shocked the Nine Pints of the Saint King Domain and Heavenly Saint Domain!

Only the nine ranks and the strongest ten ranks and eight ranks know that there will be a good show today!

"I guess, those people don't necessarily come."

At this time, a joking laugh came, and Xing Jiutian looked to the other side, the deputy hall master of the ten-party Qiankun Hall, and the East Shadowless was full of disdain.

Although his figure was thin and weak, no one dared to underestimate. His eyes were like a night owl in the night sky.

"As long as anyone who has experienced that era knows, the background of the Shenyan Palace can't be eaten by anyone. The ghost knows that the old guys are still there. If the old ghosts are still there, who dares to smash the scene of the Shenyan Palace? "

Sitting on the side of the sun and moon, the beast lord of the young beast, beautiful and refined, dressed in a white cloud with a cloud, the head of the moth, the skin is as thick as the fat, sitting and elegant and dignified, there are two beautiful azure blue antlers above the head, like crystal clear, looks Beautiful dust.

She smiled.

"It's hard to say that the arrow of that day was earth-shattering. Throughout the nine-turn saints, there were very few who could stop the arrow."

When representatives of the three parties and nine ranks are talking-

In the Shenyan Palace, a secret hall, Sheng Xue in white, standing tall and holding a volume of scriptures, the wind is light and the clouds are light, and the eyebrows are all in control of the wind and clouds, and the absolute confidence in the power.

It is Wu Pian absolutely.

Brush ~!

A holy light shuttled through the void, and the two old men in purple clothes kneeled on one knee when they landed.

"Son Son, things seem a little difficult to do, then Shangguan Jue protects all the people who protect the Fa Temple."

"She seems to be accumulating strength. The VIPs have recently attacked, and the people in the law-protection hall are living in the palace. We are not easy to do it..."

"This time, the old man felt that she was at least on the fifth floor."

The second old man made a report and felt awkward.

Another group of forces at Shenyan Palace has allowed them to linger in the near future.

The strength of Hufatang and others cannot be underestimated. If they want to support the new Lord of the Flame Palace, they will be the biggest obstacle!

Even if Wu Pian definitely has the support of Chief Taishang Elder, it is extremely difficult to rule out the forces led by a Holy King. Chief Taishang Elder supports Wu Pianjie, but it does not mean that he will fight for him.

Those who practice to the Holy King Realm, if not at the last moment, will not easily shoot, especially the old monsters in the Holy King territory, they are in a semi-retired state.

Wen Yan, Wu Pian absolutely put down the scripture in his hand, said indifferently.

"It's okay, the trend of the times will not stop because of individual people. Don't act rashly when the VIPs come soon, there is nothing to say when I become the lord of the Palace of Divine Flames."

He showed a beautiful and cold smile.

"It seems that Shangguan Jue seems to think that he still hopes to make a comeback. Perhaps it is the battle post some time ago..."

Talking about this matter, the second old man's eyes were solemn, and one of them suggested something like that.

"Wu Shenzi, would you like to talk to several elders and increase the power of fortification?"

Wu Pian absolutely frowned, said indifferently.

"Are you teaching me to do things?"

Elder Ziyi shuddered, sweating, and immediately kneeled down: "No... not daring, the subordinates just give suggestions..."

"Get up." Wu Pian absolutely smiled confidently.

"There are three representatives of the Nine Ranks sect that are present today. There are nine representatives from the Saints List. The super first-rank eight-rank sect has over a hundred, and there are thousands of evildoers. There is also a patron saint of guardians standing in front of me. . Do you think that it is possible to make a mistake. Those who are fighting the war will not even have the courage."

The second old looked at each other and then said.

"Well, if this old woman in Shangguan Jue would have cheated on this woman in Bai Ruoyan?"

Wu Pian absolutely seemed to hear a joke and said indifferently: "Comparing the details, do you think Shangguan Jue is comparable to my father."

"Indeed, this woman Bai Ruoyan has an eternal flame that her father can't control, and she uses it. If this woman's potential can give her time, there is indeed a little chance of catching up with her own son. Qualification of the list."

"But now, she has at most the power to surpass the evil spirits list, but she wants to be an enemy to me.

Wu Pian absolutely spread the palm of the heirloom token of the Shenyang Palace, sneered, his palm pressed, and shattered!

"Bai Ruoyan is still not qualified to be my opponent."

Seeing that the Son of God is more confident, Er Lao Dun felt this wave of prejudgment. They were on the second floor, and the Son of God was at least on the fifth floor.

The old man in purple clothes quipped-"Yeah, Bai Ruoyan, at best, can be a concubine of the Son of God, barely qualified to compete for the position of the Lord of the Flame Palace, she can't be ranked."

Wu Pian absolutely said: "I am not interested in concubine or not. Woman, I've been bored for a long time."

His expression showed intoxication and insanity.

"Nothing in this world is more interesting than mastering the whole era! The great cause that my father could accomplish in those years, I can do it with my own hands!"

"Let's pass the order. Two days later, the torch will be lit, and the ceremony will officially begin! After taking over the Divine Flame Palace, I will announce the next plan in person."


Erlao was about to retreat, and one of them suddenly said.

"Son of God, there is one more thing... the subordinates want to know..."


"It is said that the young man who intersects with Bai Ruoyan, Lin Chen of the demon list, was born."

Wu Pian was very interested: "Oh? That kid who expanded his hole thirty thousand times?"

"Yes. After two years of silence, the first thing he returned was to single out the entire list of evildoers!"

Wu Pian's unstoppable eyes finally burst into a brilliant look!

"Heads-up demon list?"