My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1561

Vol 5 Chapter 1561: The Current Sage The Legend Of Immortality

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Another day passed.

Shenyan Palace main hall, standing in front of Brahma Mountain, Shenyan Square is like a sky city, more and more guests are pouring in.

Such as Shenji Pavilion, Danyu Tianjia, Jianyu Jianjia, etc., are all the big names of the Holy Realm!

The three elders of the Jian family sitting on the side of the Shenyan Square, Jian Sha and Jian Ming and others looked at each other.

"I don't know what the Allure City told us to come here."

"Oh, anyway, this Palace of Divine Flame has also invited us a lot of forces in Jianyu, it is better to wait and see its changes."

"His uncle, it's almost related to Lin Chen! He has a leg with the goddess of the **** flame palace, and he will definitely not be able to catch his hand. Poor my Xiao Qingcheng will help him again, and the kindness has gone too far! Where is it?"

"You still want to change the city back to the cold girl who pursued kendo before? If it weren't for Lin Chen, she wouldn't even want to see you now, because she got cheap and sold good old things."

The three old men are fighting every day, here are the sword masters of Jianyu. There are three Sword Masters today!

Not only that, Yanyu, Battlefield, Qianyu, Heavenly Sacred Domain, and representatives of various forces came, all ruthless characters!

At this time-

"Tianshengyuye Family Congratulations, I wish the flames forever and never eternal!"

"Heavenly Heaven Zhao family came to salute, congratulate Shen Yan on the new life, immortal in the world!"

Ye Family and Zhao Family also came!

Ye Lixue and Mr. Zhao walked into the meeting room with people from each family.

Some super monsters find it unbelievable, but according to the specifications on the bright side, Yejia and Zhaojia dont seem to be qualified to be invited.

However, when the representatives of the Jiupin forces saw the two coming, their eyes showed a bit of memory, and they suddenly realized!

And the disciples of Shenyan Palace, sitting in the form of two rows on the left and right, sit outside the Shenyan Square

They wore the same gown of Shenyan Palace, but the atmosphere was not at all harmonious. Instead, they drew crossbows one after another.

These two sides represent the two schools of Shenyan Palace!

One faction is standing in the traditional position of the palace lord and the guardian of the law.

The other side accepted the emerging faction headed by Wu Pian absolutely.

In addition, both sides are filled with the deacons, guardians, all of the Sacred Heart State and the Open Heaven Realm of Shenyan Palace, almost thousands of them!

Not to mention the elders with hundreds of seats, the last time it was a saint's cultivation!

It fully shows the heritage of the Shenyan Palace! Randomly selecting more than a dozen people to form a team is enough to deal a devastating blow to the eight ranks!

The strong men of Hufatang are also based on this faction of countless women, always alert to each other.

Among them, Feng Xueer and Shang Guanchen, who had an intersection with Lin Chen before, are also among them.

"This day has come too fast..."

Feng Xueer put out her tongue, "Did that stinky guy want to take over Shenyan Palace so soon?"

Shangguan Chen glared at her: "Don't talk, this time it's not something we can interfere with."

Feng Xueer said suddenly.

"You said, will Brother Lin Chen come? He just singled out the entire list of evildoers some time ago!"

This question asked Shangguanchen, and he hesitated: "With his character, there is a high probability of coming. However, there are too many strong people sitting in the town today. Even if he comes, I am afraid it will not help, alas. ..."

Feng Xueer's eyes twinkled with small stars, "No, I believe Brother Lin Chen will come!"

Shangguanchen sighed, I hope so.

In the main hall of the Shenyan Palace, a secret room, Shangguan Jue, Shen Lingshuang, and Bai Ruoyan, took a glimpse of this glorious scene.

Rao is full of strength and full of experience in Shangguan Jue. At this moment, he cannot maintain absolute calmness.

After all, if she tried **** her own, she would not frown.

However, this time it was her betting on the entire Hu Fa Tang!

This time I missed the best time to help the people of Hufatang to evacuate.

Many of the strong guardians of the law are from the top 1000 monsters from the top of the demon list, and many of them still have small families, forces, sects, and the fate of multiple forces behind them!

If Lin Chen doesnt come, or if he does come, people with insufficient strength and Wu Pian absolutely will never let go of Hu Fa Tang!

At that time, either surrender to be a dog and help the abuse, so that the female disciple of Shenyan Palace will be completely reduced to the "Ding Furnace" and cause him to dominate the hegemony.

Either die in the end, the jade will burn all.

When the atmosphere is particularly dignified-

"The representatives of the Saints List are here!"

As soon as this statement came out, all the voices at the scene suddenly became quiet!

The super monsters swallowed their throats subconsciously, the eyes of the hidden monsters from all sides squinted, and the Eighth Powers could not help but look down

Even Shangguan Jue in the main hall couldn't help but squint.

The Saints List is the highlight!

Bang ~!

The holy prestige and momentum, such as the eternal sun, moon, and stars, shone throughout the Shenyang Palace!

Outside the main hall of the Shenyan Palace, nine people stepped into the Shenyan Square at the same time.

This is an unforgettable moment for everyone! !

The arrogant son of the times, representing the pinnacle of the various domains of the Holy Realm, stepped into the Shenyang Palace Square at the same time!

They walked into the hall on foot, both representing the face that gave Zuyan Palace!

As the first person, bent over and hunched, walking on tiptoe, shaking his hands, the messy and **** hair tips, containing a pair of grievous eyes.

He was wet with blood all over his body, as if crawling out of the sea of blood, the whole body was swollen with blood, and blood dripping into smoke.

Holy Talent List, Blood TribulationFang Xietian!

Nine people walked side by side, one on the left, exquisite and petite.

When she stepped on the face, a blue skirt was like a dancing butterfly, and the faint cherry blossoms fluttered in the sky, reflecting the girl's blue eyes like a gem, sly and smart, and her appearance was like a country. The immortal posture of Se Tianxiang is in no way inferior to any one of the top ten fabulous demon lists.

However, the most conspicuous feature is the giant sword of the size of a coffin carrying the girl behind him!

If the sword-like weapon has the prestige of the sky, the edge of the sword will overflow a little, and it will make the people in the demon list feel dazzling!

The sage list, the master of Jujianmen less, Feihua month by month, Nangong month!

Behind the girl is a fair-faced, handsome young man walking slowly.

He was indifferent and unimpressive, with his eyes closed, always with a smile on his hands, and his hands were as if he was swaying the ancient Buddha.

The place where the young man in linen is doing, the ground is filled with golden lotus, and the divine power shines around the world.

The List of Saints, Wufo Xue Yifan!

Behind Xue Yifan is a black armor figure, Yuan Yuanzhi.

The young black armor muscles are like dragons, sturdy and capable, with strong naked shoulders all over the old wounds, with a black axe, full of horror and blood power, like the nine-headed magic dragon in the ancient times.

As soon as the black armored youth appeared, all of us felt that a worldly murderous thing was coming!

This is still the breath he deliberately collected!

All the evil spirits almost instinctively believe that if he releases the shackles, he will destroy the nine heavens at once!

The Holy Talent List, the Overlord of the WastelandJuetianyan!

The fourth from the left is a long-sleeved plain robe, gentle and elegant. The handsome young man holds the scriptures, is extremely humble, and the smile shows the warmth of the spring breeze, looks like a mortal, only a pair of eyes, with a breathtaking divine power!

The List of Saints, Van Gogh Young Dongfanghong!

Beside Dongfanghong, there is a cold and cold boy, his eyebrows are engraved with a sun sacred mark, and his eyes glow with golden light. The temperament is like an imperial conquest, and the monarch comes!

Almost no one dared to look into his eyes, as if he was destiny, he was also the messenger of the road, and he was overbearing!

The Holy Talent List, Dayi TianziYun Potian!

The one on the leftmost edge is Xuan Qi. The beautiful woman has long hair like a waterfall. The snow is cold and noble. She has a stunning appearance, her slim body is covered with azure armor, and she is carrying a brawn dragon-like sacred gun.

Its aggressive temperament, such as piercing the sky, makes all the evils in the world feel a creepy trembling feeling!

Even the elders of the older generation are particularly eye-catching towards her. This feeling, like the Shura family at that time, is suffocating and powerful!

The Holy Talent List, Promise Shura Qian Yingxue!

And the last two, each looking at each other in eighths, are exquisite and handsome, but they are the most beautiful sons in the world. They are not much more than Han Yizhi, the first beautiful boy in the Holy World!

The two beautiful sons are wrapped in colorful light yarn like clouds and smoke, the Danfeng eyes, the pale moon eyebrows, and the colorful light around the body, which can be said to be extremely elegant, and the temperament is like the fairy dust.

What is even more mysterious is that there are four dancing beautiful women beside them, which are purely formed by the power of the primordial gods, and twirling around the two, like elves dancing and dancing gracefully.

Saints List, Caifeng Gemini Ji Qianqiu, Ji Ruoqing!

Those top Bapin forces representatives who haven't yet known Wu Pian's great plan, are slightly air-conditioned!

Nine priests list priests!

All are sages of the world, immortal legends!

All the characters who are expected to become holy kings in the future appear at the same time!

This scene, like the age of the sages in the ancient times of Ruoran, the kings appear, the sun and the moon decay and the sage is immortal!

"Shenyan Palace can actually invite the nine sages of the sage list?"

"The old man has a hunch that this great ceremony of the gods may change a lot."

"Things are not as simple as the Great God Ensemble, the son of Wu Shen, Wu Pian absolutely, there must be a big plan to be disclosed."

"Hey, it seems that the changes in the Holy Realm are intensifying. Taking advantage of the wave of the times, we can also fly to the branches to become Phoenix!"

The old monsters and the hidden powers of all parties looked at each other

The first time I met, a large number of super monsters felt the absolute gap between themselves and the sage list!

The nine great sages entered the venue slowly, and Shenyan Palace had already prepared the highest seats, and all of them were seated one after another.

The nine great priests sat on the high platform and were as powerful as the sun, forming their own aura, covering all the light!

They dont seem to care about anyone present

Some saints tore apart a packet of snacks, casually.

Some sleep on their stomachs.

Some have closed eyes and sleep.

Some ancient spirits are curious and look around the people with curiosity.

Some people looked at everyone with a sullen face like everyone owed him 25,800,000.

Some started to eat melon, some started to play Pipi shrimp.

What's more, they hold a volume of "The Million Pose That Night" with both hands, and they don't ask about things in the palace with both ears.

The atmosphere in the venue was particularly quiet. The list of saints appeared, and everyone was quiet!

Worthy of being a list of sages, full of personality...I didn't take everyone seriously, all the acts seemed to say: I can come, just to give you face-

Now, all the guests have arrived, nearly ten thousand people are present, the number is not large, but it is particularly spectacular!

The pinnacles of the Holy World gathered together!

At this time, Feng Qingyun's laughter spread all around.

"Oh, you are welcome to go far away, come to my Palace of Divine Flames to participate in the ceremony."

In the main hall of the Shenyan Palace, slowly walk out of the white clothes, Jun Yi out of the dust, peerless.

The pupils of the super monsters shrank.

This is the son of Martial God who created his own orange-level advanced exercises.

"Let everyone come here today. One is to bear witness, and the other is to discuss major events. As for what will happen, the Divine Son will be announced after the ceremony."

When Wu Ping absolutely frankly, the old monsters of all the parties moved their hearts, and it was true that these few in the sage list are going to make trouble!

At this time, the sage responsible for the announcement of the name, panic transmission.

"Also, there is a guest..."

Everyone was shocked--

Who else will come at this point?