My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1562

Vol 5 Chapter 1562: I'm Not Here For You.

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Everyone should be prestigious--

"Wu...Wuji Promise, Wuji Old Man arrives!"

As soon as this remark came out, all the saints stood up and their faces were horrified!

Promise the elderly? It is the most mysterious in the Holy Realm, and it is also recognized as the first arithmetician?

In the identity of the Promise Old Man, any one of the Ninth Grade forces and the priests of the priesthood cant be invited!

As strong as the top ten sages, one can't help but reveal some surprises and surprises!

Their expectations and invitations are not counted in the Promise Palace, the other party is not invited?

"Oh, there are many familiar faces today."

The Promise Old Man walked slowly into Shenyang Square, followed by two little girls jumping around.

Seeing the Promise Old Man, many strong men were flattered and ecstatic!

Especially the ten elders on the side of the Shenyan Palace, their faces are very happy.

Good guy, unexpectedly Wu Pian actually invited him over!

The first fortune teller of the Holy Realm is here, this show and face will add a powerful bargaining chip to the next "big plan" presented to the world!

Wu Pian absolutely came in person, and performed a gentle and friendly ceremony as a junior.

"Dear driving, why not give notice in advance."

A character who is as strong as the son of Martial God and must be treated politely.

The old man of Wuji gave him a profound meaning, and smiled lightly.

"You son of the young God of War, you are very proud of yourself. Do you feel that life has reached its climax, and you are about to step on the peak and wave of this era, right? You feel that you are going to surpass your father, are you?"

As soon as this remark came out, the city was kept very deep, and the extraordinary and unpretentious martial arts could not help but shrink the pupil...

The old man of Wuji patted his shoulder and laughed with the sound heard by only two of them: "You are not half as old as your father was when you were younger, and your father was more than you."

Wu Pian narrowed her eyes and said: "Are you teaching me to do things?"

The old man of Wuji was not surprised, and said indifferently: "I don't let you die."

Immediately, Wuji's old man smiled and said: "This time, the old man is not here for you. The old man is old and everything is light. It is purely to join in the fun."

"Arrange a remote corner for the old man. The old man came here to drink tea and watch a play. I heard that the oranges in the Shenyan Palace are good, and he also gives the old man the whole one."

The group is in an uproar!

The Promiseless Old Man, did not invite him?

Still not for the son of Martial God?

Who is he for?

He also said come to see the play? What drama are you watching?

When these words fell into the ears of the representatives of the nine ranks sects and the ten strongest ranks of the eight ranks sects, the words on the first level of the surface made them rank the second and fifth levels. the taste of!

Good guy, watch the show? Could it be that... this old ghost came for that war post!

On that day, the powerful people who invited the Promise Old Man to go through customs also felt a strange sign here.

Looking at the back of Wuji's old man, Wu Pianju's eyes flashed a trace of fear.

His thoughts, ambitions, plans, and all seemed to be understood by this old ghost!

The first fortuneteller in the Holy Realm, it really deserves its reputation...

Such people, either pull into the camp, or remain a huge threat...

At this time-

"Grandpa, why are you here?"

In the main hall high platform, there was an unexpected exclamation from the position of the Saints List.

The beautiful lady was wearing azure blue armor and was carrying a war gun. Her awe-inspiring beauty showed her cool and magnificent temperament. It was Wuxi Shura Qianyingxue!

"Grandpa, it's my sister!"

"Sister is also here, why didn't you tell us."

Two little girls named Qianshuang Wanyan grinned.

The Wuji elderly stared at Qian Yingxue deeply and said suddenly.

"You joined them?"

Qian Yingxue nodded and raised her lips.

"Grandpa, you said that taking advantage of the trend of the times is my destiny, isn't it! From this moment on, it's when I ride the wind and waves."

The old man of Wuji nodded and smiled: "Okay, but since you have grown up, you are no longer the nitty girl who has expanded her hole more than 10,000 times, and the old man respects your choice."

Qian Yingxue was stunned--

In the past, Grandpa always reminded her.

This time he made such an important choice, he did not give any hint?

If Lin Shuai is here, maybe his face will be very exciting.

He had a thousand reflections of snow with him, had a connection, or in the mainland of Kyushu, the sky tower...

However, that is something to say.

Fei Qingyue sitting in Shenyan Square, his eyes become more exciting!

Lin Chen said that she wanted to know all the reasons for coming to Shenyang Palace.

Now even the Promise Old Man is here!

What does he want to do?

The appearance of the Promiseless Old Man made the scene a small episode.

In the main hall, a red flame was slowly lit up, paved into the flame avenue, and slowly walked out of two beautiful and exquisite shadows!

One of the daughters, Yaoruoxianxian, the radiance of red flames embellished by the pearls of the beautiful woman's hair, Yunji E'e, and Daimei's distant mountains in the late autumn.

The skirt is like a cloud and snow fluttering, like a fairy, its soft and boneless waist gathers a bunch of red neon, snow white reflects red, beautiful and unparalleled.

Shenyan's brilliance revolves around the fabulous fairy, and the fairy's slender hands are folded in front of the waist, quiet, elegant, and elegant.

People don't need much decoration, she only needs to stand here, the center of the world, can make everything lose its color, and anyone will subconsciously sigh-how can there be such a person in the world!

If there are gods in the world, maybe she is the most beautiful one!

The other one has a delicate and delicate body, a pretty face, and a beautiful eyebrow. The temperament between her eyebrows is like a cold and noble beauty, but her face and figure are uncompromising girls!

"I like this goddess of the flame palace."

Jue Tianyan, sitting on the high platform, rubbed his chin and laughed.

The next Nangongyue rolled his eyes-"What do you like, you have to be able to look at you, three big and five thick."

Zetianyan shrugged: "It depends on where it is big and where it is thick."

Nangongyue looked disgusted: "Hey! Can this be color?"

Xue Yifan, the'Wu Buddha' who kept smiling next to him, said suddenly.

"I am more concerned about the man next to her than the goddess of Shenyan Palace. Is it the most mysterious person in Shenyan Palace, the owner of Shenyan Palace?"

In the side of the handsome young man Dongfanghong's eyes, the light suddenly bloomed, glancing at the girl in red a few times, said concisely.

"This person should be the owner of the contemporary Shenyan Palace, a half-step saint king's cultivation practice.

At this time, the girl in red headed out of the main hall, her voice softly heard, announced.

"Everyone, this palace is the owner of the Palace of the Divine Flame, and the original ceremony of the Divine Divine Ceremony was actually a happy day for the Palace of the Divine Flame."

"However, today is the first time the Divine Flame Palace has a dispute with the gods. It is really the scene that this palace does not want to see. It really makes everyone read the joke."

After finishing her speech, she turned her eyes and looked at the high seat of the Presbyterian Church with dignity and coldness.

The elder deafened her eyes and acted silly.

Knowing that these old guys had already turned their backs, but at this juncture, even when they did not intend to respond, the flamboyant face of Shenyang Palace Master could not help but show a touch of anger.

She said again--

"This time, the Grand Diandian disagrees with the attribution of the heir to the Shenyan Palace, and only distinguishes the superiors in the way the Shenyan Palace has always been!"

"Bai Ruoyan, a disciple in my palace, is absolutely invincible to outsiders! The rules of the game are in accordance with the nine chapters and nine rules set by Hufatang, and the winner will become the palace owner of the next generation of Shenyang Palace!"