My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1563

Vol 5 Chapter 1563: Brahma Is The Stage The Flame Is The Order

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"Bai Ruoyan, a disciple in my palace, is absolutely invincible to outsiders! The rules of the game are in accordance with the nine chapters and nine rules set by Hufatang, and the winner will become the palace owner of the next generation of Shenyang Palace!"

The Lord of the Flame Palace spoke "outsiders" especially harshly.

It can be seen that Master Shenyan does not like Wu Pianjue, and he does not emphasize his identity all the time!

In the determination of major events, the Lord of the Flame Palace really has the power and determination to lift weight.

However, as the Ninth Grade Force, Shenyan Palace will not concentrate power on someone.

It is the same as being as strong as the palace lord, especially the top priority such as the selection of successors, the Presbyterian Church has the same rights as the palace lord.

Bai Ruoyan didn't say anything, got up in the wind and entered decisively!

Such courage and temperament made the hidden elders and powerful people present could not help but give a thumbs up secretly.

The man who challenged the sage list is still the son of the **** of war.

After Wu Pian absolutely lost his hands, he calmed down like clear water and even smiled a bit.

"If you let me an outsider become the palace master, wouldn't you beating your face?"

"Let's make trouble for the palace master."

Bai Ruoyan traversed to Wu Pian's distance not far away, the beautiful eyes did not show any timidity, "Speaking out loud, you may not win."

Wu Pian never laughed and said nothing. He took a slight step, without moving, but the space suddenly cracked!

Sigh~! The space splits with a crackling sound!

Bang ~~! !

A mushroom cloud rose between the two!

"I'm a blue guy, I started playing so soon?"

Several super monsters exclaimed!

They didn't even see how Wu Pian moved!

This is the strength of the Sheng Cai list!

For them, going in is the instant kill!

The strange thing is that the surrounding space has not been affected, not even a little wind and waves!

Only a faint holy flame was burning all over the ground.

This is the "Holy Flame Space" formation method of the Shenyan Palace, which can expand the adjacent space and the space is stable!

When the smoke was rolling, the two of them showed no signs of injury, and they looked evenly divided?

Wu Pian absolutely shot the dust on his shoulder. "It's not bad to catch me."

Buzz~! An eternal and immortal divine power rose up in Bai Ruoyan's body, and even the hall of holy fire with the Palace of Divine Flame began to throb!

Bai Ruoyan's pupils turned into a touch of orange-red, as if there was a torch swaying.


The Divine Flame Palace sighed, Bai Ruoyan would use the'eternal flame' as soon as he came up!

This is a gamble to do your best!

Now Ruoyan has finally suppressed the eternal flame, and can only barely control the power of the eternal flame! Turning it on for an additional second is more dangerous.

She knows that Wu Pian is not an unusual opponent, and she is full of strength as soon as she comes up! For the first-line win!

Hu Fa Tang and the traditional female disciples tightened their hearts...

This is not necessary for Bai Ruoyan. She is for everyone in Shenyan Palace and to protect the last bottom line of Shenyan Palace!

Once Wu Pian never took over the Shenyan Palace, the "True True Female Disciple" of the Shenyan Palace could only be reduced to their "Ding furnace"!

He deliberately changed the mental method of Shenyan Palace from a degree suitable for female cultivation to a suitable male cultivation, and it needs to absorb the female true biography to break through the higher realm!

This modification has two fatal drawbacks.

One is that after the top few mental methods are practiced by men, they will be weakened to a certain extent.

The second is the woman in the Palace of the Divine Flame.

The Jurchen Biography after passing the assessment of the strict selection of qualifications of the Shenyan Palace in the past will be reduced to the "Ding Furnace" of other male Jurchen cultivation!

And, it is not a true male biography, or even a few!

One female for many males!

The price in exchange for this is that there can be more male outer hall disciples with the top mentality to practice the Shenyang Palace, which can expand the Shenyang Palace's power at the'fastest' speed!

Wu Pian was a little surprised, and put away his contempt for Bai Ruoyan: "You are barely an opponent, so decisive, even many of the opponents I have seen are not as good as you."

Bai Ruoyan said coldly: "I remember every person you killed in the Palace of Gods Flame."

Wu Pian absolutely said: "Reform requires sacrifice. Is it possible that you can do better than me and rejuvenate Shenyang Palace?"

Bai Ruoyan coldly said: "No, it shouldn't be like this! Shenyan Palace is not without choice!"

In the main hall-

Shen Lingshuang witnessed Bai Ruoyan who was desperately desperate to gather her fist.

"No wonder the master kept me cultivating, cultivating, and cultivating again, for the current situation. I hate myself, and even Sister Ruoyan's ability is not enough..."

The girl's green eyes burned with a different kind of torch, her temperament changed quietly, and her hair became snow-white...

Shangguan Jue slapped this nizi on the shoulder and pulled her consciousness back, almost her blood of Wushen was going to'run away' again.

Shangguan Jue sighed deeply: "Boy Lin Chen, if you don't come again, the Palace of Divine Flames will change a lot..."

Almost the words just fell

Bang ~! !

With a loud noise, the battle shifts to the stars and the crust changes! The smoke is roaring and the wind is blowing!


The flame space in front of the main hall suddenly exploded, and Wu Pianjie and Bai Ruoyan's battle was interrupted!

The Brahma Valley in front of the main hall was lifted directly!

Everyone didn't notice or perceive who the hand was!

The breath is strong, seamless!

The moment when the vast Brahma Valley was overturned into the air, it covered the sky!

Qiang! Qiang! Qiang! laugh!

Jianxiao is like a dragon chant, a series of flashing sword lights cut Brahma Valley into pieces!

Bang ~!

Sword Qi came from the nine days above, or like Changhong, or half moon, Sword Qi completely cut Brahma Valley into first order!

The sword gas is like a cloud dragon, as if it has a certain magic power, it ignores the enchantment of the space around it, penetrates the enchantment at once, and shatters the holy fire that just ignited the top of the Shenyan Palace!

At this moment, the group holy shocked!

The flame of the Palace of the Divine Flame was raised!

Who is eating the bear heart leopard bile! Dare to push the tiger's beard?

The people of the Presbyterian Church are all changing colors!

This attack was even smarter than before, and the breath was perfectly concealed. Even the formation of Shenyang Palace was regarded as nothing!

Such a sudden attack at close range is as strong as a holy king and it is difficult to protect the symbol holy flame for the first time!

The blue guardian eyes standing in the main hall narrowed.

"This time, I can't believe you and can't find you thieves!"

He stepped into the air without flashing directly into the sky, but darted out of the Shenyan Palace, looking for the "black hand behind the scenes"!

At this moment, Brahma Mountain was suspended in mid-air and was cut into a row of neatly cut steps.

The steps are from bottom to top, allowing all the powerful people to look up subconsciously.

I saw that the afterglow of the torch was scorched to the first-order platform.

The holy flame burned with flames on the Brahma steps, illuminating the entire Palace of Divine Flame!

Promiseless man peeled off an orange and looked at the scene. He was surprised and he smiled.

"Brahma is the stage, the torch is the order. What a big show..."

A grumpy elder in the Presbyterian Church was furious on the spot!

"Damn, so arrogant, get out!"

This supreme elder held his palm up to heaven, and the nine-folded holy flame burned into a giant palm covering the sky, running straight towards the steps!


The invisible sword light spiraled out of thin air, cutting the Supreme Elder's "Nine Heavy Burning Palm" into nothingness!

This scene surprised the powerful members of the Palace of the Divine Flame!

This elder is not the ordinary elder of the Shenyang Palace, but is the eleventh highest elder of the Presbyterian Church.

If the other person didn't even show up, he broke his palm?

"Don't act rashly! There seems to be someone on it!"

Suddenly, a supreme elder said in a deep voice.

Bang ~!

A gust of wind swept up and Shengwei King was everywhere!

"The fireworks with the holy flame of the Shenyan Palace as the opening are a little bit dazzling."

When the awe-inspiring sneer reverberates, a team of holy flames comes on their heads!

At this moment, all the disciples, guardians, deacons, elders, and expressions of Shenyan Palace are particularly exciting!

And Wu Pianju's demeanor, from calm, to serious, to unexpected, shocked, several times change!