My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1564

Vol 5 Chapter 1564: Challenge The Palace Of Flames And Shock The Holy King

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"Seal the Great Ceremony, challenge the Divine Flame!"

"My Lord, forever, go to war!"

Reflecting the cold drink of Lang Lang Qiankun, spread throughout the Holy King territory!

At this moment, all the VIPs in Shenyan Palace stood up in horror, their pupils trembling.

Challenge the Flame Palace!

Jiupin Juqing is breaking new ground!

The Nine Pins School is the authority of the Holy Realm!

In the current world, there are still people who dare to challenge the Jiu Pin sect!

Here is the Saint King Domain! Challenging the Nine Pin sects means giving all the Nine Pin sects a dismountable power!

This is definitely not a simple challenge to complete the level of completion, this is to warn all the nine ranks of the Holy Realm and even the Holy Realm!

Warn the nine ranks of the whole Holy Realm?

God... this is something they dare not even think about!

Who is it? There is such a shocking force!

Bang ~! !

A sacred prestige is like a sea like an abyss, rolling up a violent wind, the king comes to the holy king domain!

Everyone was shocked, and even the sages of the extremely high-ranking sage list couldn't help but express surprise!

On the huge and vast steps, a team stepped out of the epic mythology, and it's so ancient. Not like the Holy King, but comparable to the Holy King!

They are dressed in uniform black robes, men, women and children, and their temperament is particularly outstanding.

Some are chic and handsome, the light of the holy cave screams at the infinite sonic boom, raises their hands and throws their feet, and the storm of extinction is surging!

Some are heroic and tidy, their bodies are hidden in the sun, the moon and the stars, and there are five-colored clouds above their heads. They pile up thousands of mountains and rivers, and thousands of miles of mountains and rivers.

Some are brave and captivating, wearing nine rounds of scorching sun, and one round of flames covering the sky like a sea of fire, and swallowing all over the world!

Some are silent, there seems to be an electric awn between the eyebrows, and the whole body is like a silver snake, which is thunderous!

Some are in the shadows, like hiding the void for thousands of years, at a glance, the endless roaring endless spiritual storm, covering the stars and the moon!

Some are domineering, swallow the world, divide the yin and yang holy lights all over the body, and have the spirit of suppressing the life and death of the wild!

Some immortal winds are bones and bones, and occasionally the absolute confidence passing by Zhizhu is seen in the eyebrows.

Some beautiful allures, radiant colors, soft and delicate graceful dance songs in the clouds and smoke seem to conceal the mystery in every melody.

Some of them are elegant and elegant, and their temperament is like a fairy of admiration. The silver sacred glow sprinkles across the sky, turning into a cloud of smoke and fluttering.

Some blood is like a dragon, and the ancient ancient beasts such as the unicorn and the real dragon are disillusioned all over the body.

Some are spirited, seemingly plain old men, but their eyes are glowing with a sinking blood sea, and their bones are endless, and they are as strong as the Holy Talent List and they dare not look directly at their eyes!

Some temperaments are breathtaking, hands clasped chest, walking like a dragon, attracting the supreme sword, Huanzheng Longming! The knife and breadth stretched for hundreds of thousands of miles, breaking through the ages!

Some expressions are indifferent. After losing both hands, the sword lotus grows step by step, the sword light falls into the sky, and the world changes! Shaking the mountains and rivers with great energy, the sword will sweep through the three thousand worlds!

At this moment, Mo said that the Palace of the Divine Flame, the entire Holy King Territory, and the nine ranks of the forces all exploded!

All top saints can clearly perceive the strong sense of oppression of this team!

The representatives of the nine-line denominations suddenly startled!

This team is so powerful that even the Holy King is difficult to resist!

Sixty-two people!

Only cultivation is the lowest, and it is also the four peak seven-turn peak cultivation behavior, which always has the taste of advancing to the eight-turn saint!

Eight turn peak saint, sixteen!

Nine turn saints, twenty people!

There are eighteen people in the nine-turn pinnacle saint!

But the four behind the most terrifying team!

Every one is a half-step Saint King!

Four and a half steps of Saint King!

However, with such a strong lineup, as the representatives of Jiupin, they are well-informed and have a glimpse of the history of the Holy Realm, but they cannot recognize the origin of any one person?

As if this team appeared out of thin air, there is no history in the Holy World!

It's so mysterious! It's so weird that they can't imagine their way!

"My God..."

"What kind of team is this! It's too strong!"

"Don't you think of it? The eight ranks sect that was destroyed some time ago!"

"The old man didn't recognize anybody. What is the origin of these people?"

Zhu Qiang looked horrified, and the eight ranks of powers stared at each other.

They are all old fried dough sticks, and they immediately thought of the destruction of the Eighth Grade forces of the previous period!

It is most likely related to this team!

"Actually came..."

Ten elder elders of the Presbyterian Church of the Divine Flame Palace get up! The appearance is particularly dignified! !

That day's "Star Battle" challenger is really here! A team so horrible!

The above people, just joining the Shenflame Palace alone, are the level of power!

There are many more, and cultivation alone is not inferior to the ten supreme elders now!

Witnessing this moment, Bai Ruoyan's heart throbbed, and there seemed to be a small lightning in his heart. The heart was numb and warm, and the eternal flame in the body suddenly fell silent.

Wu Pian absolutely squinted his eyes and sneered-"Are you really afraid of death?"

"Yeah, a good show."

The representatives of the three major and ninth companies looked at each other and looked at Shenyang Palace playfully.

When the Presbyterian Church was preparing to talk to the other party, what everyone did not expect was-

Above the Brahma Terrace, the four seven-turn peak saints headed by a slam, kneel down on one knee!

Bang ~! brush! brush! brush!

The wild wind and dance, the Holy Light is poured in this moment!

A total of 31 steps, each step on the left and right sides, standing side by side with a strong man.

This mysterious team, whether men, women and children, salute one by one!

They either kneeled on one knee, stooped down, or bowed their heads to salute!

"Welcome to my Lord!"

This scene is like a historic moment fixed in the eyes of everyone, no one is surprised, no one is shocked!

All the disciples, deacons, and elders of the Eighth Rank Power and Shenyang Palace have scalp tingling in an instant!

A chill rose from the soles of their feet and went straight into the sky!

You should know that each of the above strong men is equal to or superior to the Presbyterian Church in the Palace of Shenyang, and is directly chasing the peerless strongman of the main level of the Shenyang Palace!

However, these shocking powerhouses who can also become big figures in the Jiupin sect, all bow their heads and salute, kneeling on one knee!

Eight turn saints, kneel to greet!

Nine turn saint, kneeling on one knee!

Half-step Saint King, bow to meet!

Everyone's breath seemed to stop suddenly at this moment!

Their eyes did not dare to leave the summit of the Brahma steps for a moment!

Everyone held their breath, shivered, horrified, and even the cerebral cortex was hot!

What kind of character is it that can qualify these powerful people to meet with such solemn etiquette?

Even the geniuses of the holiness list may not have this qualification!

There is no such ability to convince them!

Shangguan Jue and Shen Lingshuang in the main hall have even more wonderful expressions! Cheers!

The girl shouted in the name of the master, and the Dharma Protector is even more so!

At the attention of many people, I saw a shadow on the Brahma stairs, and finally ushered in a shadow!