My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1565

Vol 5 Chapter 1565: Lin Chen Boarded The Shenyang Palace

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A shadow emerged from the Brahma Heights, tearing the clouds!

Roar ~! !

A dragon shook the world!

Outside the Shenyan Palace, when the empty blue protector was about to return to the palace, the pupils shrank!

As one of the two great protectors of the law, the blue protector has extensive knowledge and can be said to have read all creatures.

However, at the moment, he was shocked by a scene in the sky above the Palace of the Divine Flame, muttering to himself.

"My God, does this kind of thing exist in this world after the legendary war!"

In front of the main hall of the Palace of Divine Flame-

A sound of Longyin broke everyone's illusions and shook the hearts of the powerful of all parties!

The first to catch everyone's eyes is neither an old-timer nor a peerless powerhouse, but a crimson golden dragon claw!

The vast red gold dragon claws tore a hundred thousand feet of high-altitude clouds, and then, an ancient dragon shining with golden light was born!

Longwei is ruining the four corners, and the wild town is so wild!

The clouds in the sky above the Shenyan Palace were all dispersed by Long Wei, and the Shenlong came into the world!

It is hundreds of thousands of feet long and resembles a long river. The dragon body is surrounded by red clouds, and the limbs are lying on the limbs with five claws. The head of the unicorn, the tail of the carp, and the long beard, the horns are like deer, and the xiaxia rises.

Above the dragon's body, each golden dragon scale glowed with the golden glow of Shenxia, and evolved the signs of the former dragon race!

The list of geniuses from the barren overlord, Jue Tianyan, suddenly stood up and looked at the ancient dragon shining with golden light, bursting **** in his eyes, screaming in excitement and shock.

"Shenlong! This is the dragon family that really has the blood of the dragon!"

The whole Palace of Gods and Flames, and even all the guests, were shocked by this scene.

Longwei shook the space, and the dragon shadow wandered between the world, and there was a dragon song singing and singing!

It seems that what is presented in front of everyone is not a dragon, but a brilliant civilization and history belonging to the dragon!

At this moment, who can remain calm? I'm afraid no one is left!

All the guests in the Palace of Gods and Flames burst into a pan!

"My ancestor...this is the real ancient dragon! The old man actually saw the true descendant of the dragon in his lifetime!"

"Lao Tzu sees the descendants of Shenlong for the first time in so many years!"

"Is it the Dragon race that challenged my race?"

"What kind of fairy heritage is this!"

"This **** is still a descendant of Gulong! My God!"

"Dragon horns are like red jade, and the dragon's body is around Cabernet Sauvignon. The dragon scales are golden and the dragon's claws cut off the sky. This is the real Taixi ancient dragon!"

"I set it!"


Almost all the strong men are crazy, and even forget to come to participate in the Great God Ceremony!

The super demon is scared to stay in place!

In history, the descendants of the gods and dragons will only exist in distant legends and very few planes of the dragon family.

This is a real existence comparable to the descendants of Devil Emperors and descendants of Gods!

It is enough to see from it that the great dragon that once soared under the stars in the world is what a magnificent shore, it is a miracle of the spirit of all things!

"No, look! There is a sedan chair above the dragon!"

"Someone on the sedan!"

At the moment when there was great power to exclaim, all the eight ranks of great power, the whole of the Palace of Gods and Flames urged the Holy Power, or spiritual perception, to look up and down!

When I witnessed that there was a palace-like arrogant man above the dragon, it was instantly struck by lightning!

What the **** is this god! Can surrender a descendant of the dragon to lift the sedan chair?

That's equivalent to the Dragon Clan's peerless arrogance at the level of the sage of the Sage List!

In terms of potential, identity, and combat power of the same level, the descendants of the dragon will never be inferior to the children of the devil emperor, the descendants of the **** and so on!

Placed in the Dragon Clan, is the supreme big man, will actually lift the sedan to the Human Clan?

That's a scene that I dare not even think about...

Today is alive and present in front of you! Everyone's worldview has been subverted!

Wu Pian stared deadly at the pride above, squeezing a few incredible words between his teeth.

"Shenlong lifts the sedan chair?"

Even the expression of the sage list is very exciting!

Will the descendants of Shenlong, who are at the same level as them, go to lift a sedan?

What is the identity of a person who is eligible to sit inside?

The Holy King does not have this qualification! !

In the eyes of many people, the Taixi ancient dragon hidden in the Wei'an hurried down from the sky of the clouds, the vast dragon force pressed the guards of the Shenyang Palace's large array of "clicks", and the atmosphere appeared a crack!

When the dragon body flew down, all the strong men finally saw the figure above the dragon car clearly!

On the dragon and phoenix chair shining with golden light, there is a peerless young man, beside which is a group of beautiful and beautiful women!

Dancing boy, silver robe like snow, jade belt around waist, starlight embellishment, shining brightly. A pair of swords and eyebrows flew up to star pupils, handsome and evil spirits, the temperament between the eyebrows and the domineering mind passed by, and their eyes looked directly under the Shenyan Palace!

This scene will make all the evil demon list evil, unforgettable forever!

Beside the teenager, there are even heavens and clouds, and beautiful and beautiful people can be described as groups!

The gentle and lovely Ruibei girl leaned over slightly, shaking a pair of white jade-like delicate arms, hammering his legs.

The crimson beauty woman with the moth head leaned behind the teenager, and Jade's hand gently squeezed his shoulder for him, the movement was very gentle.

The fairy in Tsing Yi is elegant and dignified, and if the delicate jade face does not touch the dust of Qinglian in the world, she raises her jade finger and gently delivers a wandering fruit to the mouth of the teenager.

Qing Guoqing's young master of the sword family, exquisite figure, crimson snow, extremely coy, beautiful as a fairy, like a sleeping beauty, drunk on the right knee of the teenager.

The little demon, one of the ten most outstanding in the demon list, is half exposed with snowy fragrance shoulders, slightly lying on the left knee of the teenager, beautiful lips and corners outline a cunning smile, clavicle outline, snow neck like a swan, beautiful and unparalleled , A smile, a charm, can be described as charming and peerless, upside down the enchantment of all beings!

The last Lengyan Fairy is even sultry, leaning on the boys arms, the three thousand green silks are like white snow and silver silk, and the delicate posture shows perfect lines, beautiful lips, and the veil like smoke and autumn cream, like the sky hanging A cold moon is distant and unreachable.

She seemed like a lazy kitten, leaning on the young man's arms, he hugged the fairy's weak boneless waist in one hand, and leaned one hand on her cheek with one hand, with a cynical smile on the corner of her mouth.

The six beautiful fairy-like beauties, set against a young king like a game world, are cynical and conquer the world!

The moment the golden dragon shone close to the Brahma stairs, the silver-robed boy slowly stood up, leaving the beauty alone in the chair.

Many strong men opened their mouths slightly, their lips trembling, and they looked particularly dull.

He walked slowly down the dragon sedan chair and the Brahma Tower.

Every time a teenager walks down a step, there are two peerless strong men bowing his head to meet him, or kneeling to welcome him!

Time seems to freeze in this scene!

The superb view of the shrine, Brahma as a platform, Gulong lifted the sedan chair.

Out of the Saint King's domain, there are nine homes. Shen flame swayed, suddenly lost.

This young man, Long Chi Wanli, wants to compete with the Saint King!

An unprecedented fighting spirit turned into a turbulent trend, centered on young people, carrying sixty-two strong men, and broke out, rising into the sky, sweeping the entire Palace of Divine Flame!

All the flames in the Palace of Gods are up and down, and the pressure on everyone is suddenly increasing!

It seems that every time he takes a step, he will take the Shenyan Palace back!

Countless strong people have changed their colors!

The overall fighting intent of this group of people is terrible! It seems that he is going to be domineering with the Palace of the Divine Flame, and live a bully!

Under the public's attention, the silver robe walked from Brahma Terrace to Zhu Qiang step by step!

Lin Chen, step into Shenyan Palace!