My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1566

Vol 5 Chapter 1566: This Is The Palace Of Divine Flame?

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When stepping into the Shenyan Palace, facing the strong in all directions, Lin Chen picked a playful smile, and the first sentence he said was-

"This is the Palace of Divine Flames?"

"Sorry, the site is a bit too small. The coach forced him to think that he was entering his back garden."

At this moment, all the elders of the Shenyan Palace smoked...

Think of the Nine Pins of the Saint King Domain as a back garden?

So **** arrogant!


After the little demon above the dragon sedan, beautiful eyes stared at Lin Chen's back, his eyes flashing.

You have finally reached this point, the moment to take back your goddess...

Immediately, her expression regained her previous frivolity and cunning, and smiled at the enchanting girls: "Hee hee, how about the six Phoenix Ring Dragon I designed, is it cool to pull the wind and handsome!"

Crimson Fairy said with a smile: "It's quite fun."

Bai Qianqin smiled happily: "The master is getting more and more handsome!"

Jian Qingcheng took a sip: "What design, what else shall I lie on his lap, and what kind of idea..."

The little demon has a funny expression on his face, "Aren't you just happy just now."

Leng Yueqi smiled indifferently: "Okay, don't make trouble. Let's go down, don't drag him."

Shenyan Square

Lin Chen, the moment he set foot in the Shenyan Palace.

Yejia, Zhaojia, Baijia forces, Wanzong strong, froze in place!

Shenlong lifts the sedan! What kind of background is this to get such a lineup!

Especially all the evil wizards, when they saw Lin Chen, they were struck by thunder!

It turned out to be him?

The temperament has changed too much, especially when the strong people greet each other on their knees, the dragon lifts the sedan chair, and when many beautiful beauties support it, the aura is too scary!

The moment Lin Chen appeared, they didn't even recognize it for the first time!

When Lin Chen stepped into Shenyan Square, all the servants got up, followed closely, and walked slowly around Lin Chen, standing beside Lin Chen like the stars holding the moon!

This scene shocked all the powerful people with trembling!

Lin Chen is actually the hero of this group of people?

What the **** is he? It is also very difficult for Jiu Pin Sect to come up with this lineup!

Based on this group of people, trying to move him to Linchen, the Holy King had to think twice!

Lin Chen ignored Wu Pingjue and the others in front of him. He walked to Bai Ruoyan's side, took the jade hand of the lady and said softly.

"I haven't come late, Ruoyan sister."

Facing Lin Chen's eyes, the fairy's heart shivered slightly, and she smiled: "Well..."

Before she finished, Lin Chen put her in her arms. This time, Bai Ruoyan's face was burning, but she had no resistance.

"Does anyone bully you."


"Then let me beat him."

The dialogue between the two is clearly audible!

Explode the Son of Valkyrie? Dare you say that!

Wu Pian's demeanor, calm and awful!

"Wait... wait..."

Suddenly, a super demon was frightened!

"Lin Chen is the protagonist of this group of strong men? That person who challenged Shenyan Palace is... Lin Chen?"

The evil spirits and the human powers of the Heavenly Sanctuary all stared at each other with big eyes and small eyes.

Think carefully!

I thought about the words left by Lin Chens avatar when he singled out the demon list a few months ago...

I'm in a hurry, there are things that matter.

At that time, everyone thought he was crazy, so what can you do to be important in the nomination list?

The power of a heavenly sanctuary shook and shivered.

"Good guy... It turned out that what he said at the time was actually a challenge to Shenyan Palace?"

Compared to challenging the ninth rank sect, the first name in the list of evildoers is a fart!

The two sides are not of the same order of magnitude, so its really Avatar to take the first place? Heartbroken Lin Chen!

Fei Qingyuesu's hands gently covered his red lips.

"It turned out that what he said was important... What he and Uncle had to discuss, was actually to challenge the Shenyan Palace!"

Fei Qianyu beside Fei Qingyue shook her head and marveled.

Even if I had expected it, when I saw Lin Chen stepping onto the Shenyan Palace, the shock was not a little bit!

"This kid is Ruoyan..."

The Master of the Flame Palace shone, and his heart throbbed.

Unexpectedly, he really came!

She had paid attention to this child for a long time, but did not expect that he would grow so fast!

Seeing the forces around him, the Lord of Flame Palace rekindled hope!

Want to force Shenyan Palace to withdraw the reform, perhaps now is the last chance!

Wu Pian is more arrogant than the sky, he wants to make history in person, so this time the Grand Ceremony of the Divine Flame Palace, he did not bring the people of the "War God Family".

So now is the best opportunity! Lin Chen is here, and their traditional factions can be combined inside and outside!

The eyes of the eleventh highest elder of the Presbyterian Church meet-

"Lin Chen? It's the genius who has expanded his hole thirty thousand times?"

"I heard that he has a relationship with the goddess Bai Ruoyan?"

"Actually he, Lin Chen who singled out the demon list some time ago. The old man thought he was not a person at all. He didn't expect him to have this ability and details..."

The elders from the tenth to the highest, with high moral prestige, and the right to one side, have never put Lin Chen in their eyes!

Which of them is not a figure in the sage peak field, will pay attention to a small hole expansion? At the most, he was a little surprised at his multiple of hole expansion!

However, the potential and strength of becoming a top powerhouse are far from being determined by a hole-expanding multiple!

At this time, a celebrity representative of Shenyan Palace could not help but sneered.

"Lin Chen, what are you doing here!"

Lin Chen glanced at the man with a sneer: "Nonsense, of course, to challenge Shenyan Palace and take back my woman!"

A group of Shenyan Palace said with faith and unanimously: "You have so many beauties, are you still missing?"

Someone shrugged: "Did you see that this handsome man just missed one in his arms?"

Everyone: "...rely!"

"You are Lin Chen."

Wu Pian moved the void like a ghost, and came to Lin Chen.

Almost at the same time, Lin Chen blocked Bai Ruoyan behind him.

This detail suddenly made many strong eyes narrowed.

This kid kept up with Wu Pianju's reaction!

Seeing Wu Pian at first sight, Lin Chen also saw the foundation of the sages in the sage list!

His Wushen bloodline is almost at a glance! It can be said that the whole body is the light of attribute light!

And Shen Lingshuang are completely two dimensions!

Of course, Shen Lingshuang's bloodline is not inferior to him, but has not yet reached the high-speed growth period.

With Lin Chen's methods, he can only see through Wu Ping's very little background.

However, he couldn't see through each other, nor could the other party see through him Lin Chen!

Lin Chen said indifferently.

"Yes, it's a handsome man. Compared to my name, I prefer people to call me another low-key title, such as the first handsome man in the Holy Realm or something."

The corners of the monsters twitch, what a special "low-key"...

Wu Pian's eyes were sharp and cold.

"Dare you dare to challenge the Shenyang Palace in the Holy King Territory, which is the face of the Nine Ranks. This Divine Son can be understood as you are ready to face the Shenyan Palace and even more Nine Ranks!"

Lin Chen teased and laughed: "Your wave of understanding is also of ninth grade."

Bang ~!

Angrily rushing to the sky, Wu Pian absolutely rose above his head to cover the heavenly holy flame, burning fiercely, permeating Zhoutian!

"Dare to spoil the event of this deity, it seems that you are desperate."

The evil spirits retreated one after another, and the elders of the Shenyan Palace propped up the enchantment!

Brush ~!

At this time, the residual image was like a sword, and the blue protector appeared beside Wu Pianjie.

"The Son of God is temporarily restless."

Lan Hufa stood in front of Wu Pianjue, overlooking Lin Chen, the pressure of the Holy King diffused out, and the space shattered!

"Young man, do you seem to think you are very strong. With four and a half steps of the Holy King, would you dare to beat me to the Palace of Flames?"

Bang ~! Two men in black robe flickered to both sides of Lin Chen, and Shengwei of the half-step Saint King suddenly released!

Sigh~! boom! boom! boom!

Two shares of Shengwei, and the blue protection law chamber to resist!

As long as the blue guardian moves a finger, they will immediately attack and flatten the Shenyang Square!

Lin Chenfeng's lightness and lightness, based on the ten feet of the blue protector, this kind of temperament once again opened the eyes of all the older generation of powerful!

In other words, they may not necessarily be able to compete between the Holy King and the two half-step Saint Kings.

"Holy King... This is the first time that a living holy king is here. This is not so terrible now."

The corner of his mouth rose faintly.

"If you fight, you won't be able to kill it without confidence."