My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1567

Vol 5 Chapter 1567: This Lin Chen Obviously Super Strong But Too Cautious

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Two half-step saint kings, the coercion of one saint king, when they collided with each other, set off a raging storm!

All the super monsters felt a sudden chest pain, and there was a feeling of tearing desire!

This is the Holy King Realm and the strong man who is infinitely close to the Holy King!

If it were not for the elders cover, the Holy Vigil that collided at close range would be enough to crush the so-called wicked wizards!

The holy prestige exploded by the two half-step holy kings, although not worse than the real holy king, is not far behind!

"Sword and sword?"

Lan Hufa's face was solemn.

These two half-step holy kings are very different. The sword and sword are extremely pure. You can enter the taste of sword and sword at any time, even Xiuwei!

It is not an exaggeration to call it the half-step Saint King of the strongest series!

Once any one stepped into the Holy King Realm, it was enough to contend with him!

If the two of them join forces now, it will not be a problem to block him. It is almost impossible to win or lose in a short time!

"Jiansheng and Daosheng, the most difficult type..."

Lan Hufa is never afraid of fighting, the problem is that it is important not to spread to the Shenyan Palace and Wushenzi!

Offended that God of War, Shenyan Palace is also in trouble!


The elder Huomei of the Presbyterian Association made a sound. He looked at Lin Chen's team and said in a deep voice.

"Lin Chen, Shenyan Palace can't be challenged if you want to challenge it. Since it's here, pay the price!"

"Hu Fatang, this group of people seriously threatened the safety of Shenyan Palace and won the elder Ben!"

Everyone was shocked!

It seems that Shenyan Palace is determined to fight! The face of the Nine Pinsect sect should not be insulted!


Hu Fa Tang was indifferent and the scene was very quiet.

The deputy host of Hufatang, a mature and tall beautiful woman, swept a few old men and women in the sky, very calmly said.

"Sorry, our Hufa Hall only listens to the orders of the palace master and Shangguan Hufa."

Shangguan Jue and Lan Jingyu are the two main protectors of Shenyan Palace. One in charge of protecting the law hall, outside the supervisor. One is in charge of the Temple of Heaven, inside the supervisor.

This is also why Wu Pian can quickly control most of the core personnel of Shenyan Palace. As long as he gets Lan Jingyu to be his camp, the Tiandian Hall strong inside the Shenyan Palace will be used by him!

"Damn something!"

Elder Huomei raised his voice, and the other elder immediately stood up and sneered.

"It's true that my Palace of Divine Flames can't be squeezed! The elders of the Formation Hall, open the formation to meet the enemy! The old man doesn't believe it, and the large array of palace guards of the Palace of Divine Flames can't deal with these gangsters!"

The elders of the Array Hall, who opened the heavens, all flew into the air and took their places!

However, nothing happened after half a ring!


Quirky silence.

Lan Jingyu's law-enforcement was held by two and a half-step saint kings.

Zhenfatang has no news!

At this time, a handsome middle-aged man stood up and walked to Lin Chen, smiling chuckly.

"The north array of Shenyan Palace is the Beidou Qixing burning array. The south array, the flame sword breaks the dragon array. The west array..."

With his name, the elders of the Presbyterian Church looked more and more ugly, and their face was even more shocked when they heard the sound from Zhenfa Hall!

Lin Chen shrugged and smiled-"Don't waste your time, your formation, we have already split it up before we came here. At this level, it's not enough for some of our team to warm up. "

The handsome middle-aged man nodded slightly: "Princess, low-key, I broke the line, it still took a little time, such as a quarter of an hour."

Lin Chen nodded profoundly.

"Well, I was actually testing whether you are humble enough. You must be honest, humble, and low-key like me. It seems that you have not forgotten my teachings to you, and you can teach them too."

The dashing man fell down: "Thank the hero for his enlightenment."

Seeing this harmony, many guests couldn't help but whisper...

Damn, are you still human! These guys...

Actually broke the entire array of the guards of the Shenyan Palace in advance!

The most terrifying thing is that it's still innocent! This is the site of Jiupin Juqingtian, what about you as a back garden?

The ten elders with blue faces cried coldly.

"Tian Tian Tang, take this group of lunatics!"

However, the raven was silent...

The atmosphere at the scene was particularly quiet and embarrassing.

The grumpy Elder Chiyun couldn't help vomiting fragrance.

"Bash your street! What about people?"

This time Lan Jingyu's turn was in doubt!

At this time, a second-turn elder hurriedly rushed into the venue, cold sweating confession.

"Your elders, God... More than a dozen team captains and team leaders in the Temple of Heaven are all missing, and the spirit cards are all broken..."

Spirit card is broken! Both mean that all have fallen?

Tian Tian Tang, but there are many super saints who have been repaired in seven-turn and eight-turn!

"Stop shouting, your temple is now cold."

Lin Chen smiled, looked at Wu Pianjue, and said with awe-inspiring-how did you secretly kill the loyal minister of Shenyan Palace, I will take all your people faster and more accurately than you. "

The Temple of Heaven was all cultivated as a black hand for his martial arts.

Lin Chen knew the Palace of the Divine Flame well during the period of time when the Destroy the Twins was destroyed by surveillance.

Before the action, Ji Wuchen and the Ember Destruction, Xiao Ling'er, Fei Wushuang's action, together with the cooperation of Fang Ling and Lang Fanyun, had secretly intercepted a large number of strong people at the top of the Temple of Heaven!

In the current Temple of Heaven, Lan Jingyu, the bare commander, is left!

Regarding the assassination, in front of the eternal "Destruction Twins" of Tianshengs domain name, his marvellous Temple of Heaven is his brother!

Not to mention the destruction of the twins, there is also a White Jade Fairy who is in charge of space magic, there is also a Fei Wushuang who can excel in all kinds of auxiliary exercises, and there is also a Jiang Taixu covering up the heavens!

It's a perfect configuration!

I really want to assassinate. In the case of many-to-one, the saints of the nine-turn saint down are simply chopping melons and vegetables!

This time, Wu Pian's turn was absolutely moving!

The manpower that he finally cultivated was actually in such a short time, about two days before and after, so he cleaned up without knowing it!

All the guardian arrays were thrown on the street. The guardian did not listen to the command. Tiandiantang was assassinated and turned over.

The face of the Presbyterian Church of Shenyan Palace becomes more and more ugly, as if eating Xiang. All sorrowful uncomfortable!

Even the Lord of the Flame Palace couldn't help but thumbs up secretly.

Simply perfect!

He is definitely not brave enough to set foot in Shenyang Palace, but is well prepared!

If Hu Fa Tang and those loyal disciples were still here, I am afraid that this young man would have already started playing!

With his pre-judgment and lineup, he is not afraid of the current Shenyan Palace!

All the guests took a cold breath!

Damn, all of the backhands of the Shenyan Palace!

What the **** is that **** team! !

Three representatives of the Nine Pinsect sects stared at each other!

Especially Xing Jiutian, his eyes were even more shocking!

This kind of unknowingly erases the opponent...

There is an internal taste!

The taste is too heavy!

It's them, the cliff is them!

This kind of behavior, and some time ago to wipe out various crimes committed by the eight ranks of the crime, skilled, professional, fluent and a series of actions, so **** like it!

"Good boy, this step is deep enough!"

Fei Qianyu couldn't help but whisper!

Lin Chen's abolition of the Temple of Heaven in this step will cause a'chain reaction'!

The super monsters looked at Lin Chen's cynical handsome face and the words "the most handsome in the world" on his robe, and they unleashed an unparalleled storm in their hearts!

His uncle, how many hands did he predict the Shenyan Palace!

This Lin Chen is obviously super strong, but is too cautious!