My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1568

Vol 5 Chapter 1568: Open The Palace Of War Flames

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The middle-aged man beside Lin Chen smiled at the elders of the Presbyterian Church.

"You think you are on the fifth floor, we are on the third floor, in fact our hero is on the 101st floor. We have predicted all your backhands."

The elders in the elder congregation are pale. Isn't this the only power they can use is the elders who are present?

The only option is to call the elders too!

However, the Taishang elders of the Shenyan Palace are not easy to pass. Many of them are the strongest of the sage's peak series when the Holy Realm is not officially established.

After many wars of various ethnic groups in the period of the ancient times, the holy body was devastated, and the elders of the Taishang have long left a lot of old wounds.

"Damn, the most hateful thing is that this kid sneaked into my Temple of Heaven, and the Hufa Temple couldn't be used, and the **** like the Palace Master and Shangguan Jue were on their side..."

Several elders glanced at the people with bitterness, and it seemed that they could only summon the elders too!

Bang ~!

At this time, behind the main hall of the Shenyan Palace, there were twenty holy lights rising.

Lin Chenfeng was light and light, and in the direction of the main hall, there were twenty white-haired old women and old men.

These old men are as skinny and skinny, and their faces are thin and yellowish, but there is an extremely powerful fierceness and brutality between the eyebrows.

All are the ruthless characters of the nine-turn saint!

All the strong people are shocked!


The elders of the Shenyang Palace, the old monsters that existed before the creation of the Holy Realm!

Twenty nine-turn saints! The background of the Palace of Divine Flame is revealed!

When the elders of the princes appeared, they made eye contact with the ten elder elders of the presbyterian church and almost understood the reason of the problem!

The Nine-turn Saint's aura responded strangely.

This scene, Lin Chen had long expected.

"Hahaha, come on well."

"This is the first time that the old monsters of the Nine Pins denomination are used as opponents."

"I've long wanted to try the old monster that I played with the Ashura clan!"

"It's getting more and more hilarious."

"Go, I will take them to climb the mountain."

"Princess, let's go too!"

The servants behind Lin Chen laughed loudly.

From the eighteenth floor of the holy prison, the nine-turn bosses were dispatched one after another, and it happened to be twenty people. The soles of their feet stepped on and disappeared into thunder.

Sigh~! Tear ~!

At about the same time, the twenty elders of Shenyang Palace disappeared instantly!

boom! boom! boom! boom!

Vibrations and roars are faintly heard from the space crystal walls in all directions!

There are eight products can exclaim.

"It's a space move!"

The sage nine times opened the heavens, can move the space, concentrate his own holy force attack in a smaller range, more powerful, and the aftermath is smaller.

Above the six-turned saint, if you are not fighting hard, you can move to the void space in the gap of the space to face the battle. Will not cause any casualties around, of course, if you want to fight for life and death, it is not necessarily.

However, no matter how, Shenyan Palace has completely stated its position to fight Lin Chen!

There were ten eight-turn servants immediately next to Lin Chen, and four seven-turn peaks, all moving one after another, all of them flew through the void in an instant, all flashing in front of the powerful halls of the Shenyan Palace.

It only takes a moment to suppress their ordinary elders and deacons!

In the Palace of Divine Flames, all people, disciples, elders, deacons, and other martial arts factions were arrested and suppressed!

Dare to move a finger is to die!

Inside the Shenyang Square, began to fall into chaos!

Lan Jingyu's pupil shrank.

The worst result is still there!

This group of people, each with a unique ability, united, it is even more powerful!

Although there are many strong disciples in the outer hall of the Shenyan Palace, they are as weak as a baby in front of the seven-turn and eight-turn saints!

And the Fafa Hall and other female disciples and protectors were ecstatic!

The Palace of Divine Flames has been saved!

In fact, it is really necessary to fight, the existing power of Shenyan Palace will never be afraid of Lin Chen and others!

Shenyan Palace is in the decline of the ranks of the ninth ranks. If you consider the number of the strong, it may be slightly inferior to other ninth ranks!

However, as far as the top powers are concerned, the Palace of God of Flames can stand up to this day, and the devotion of the two holy kings to protect the law is indispensable!

One is Shangguan Jue, who was born in the Saints List.

One is a veteran strongman who has been famous for a long time in the Sacred Realm. After he was contracted by the first generation of the palace master, he was given a fortune and the status of the Holy King.

The foundation of the Nine Ranks forces, just the two saints who practiced the law protector is enough to defy countless strong!

The Temple of Heaven and the Law Enforcement Hall under the control of the two Venerables can block most of Lin Chens strong men.

But the Law Enforcement Hall could not be called, the Temple of Heaven was assassinated, and only one Supreme Guardian came forward. Their Presbyterian Church was forced to a dead end!

In this hand, even three of the nine ranks represent dignified expressions.

"Good boy, this one will force Shenyan Palace to the point where it can only use the trump card!

"This team is not only stronger than the number and cultivation of the strong. What is more important is their proficiency in all major fields, the synergistic effect brought about by the combination!"

"In all fairness, if any of our forces face this team, the ending will not end well."

Xing Jiutian was in deep contemplation, but he couldn't understand at the end what the **** were these people...

The presbyterians were so angry that they had sent a message to the chief elder, but they did not show up for some reason.

Perhaps, you ancestors and his elderly are watching the situation--

"Are you going to fight completely?"

"Oh, if Wu Pian would bring his Wu family, wouldn't he save so much fart, would we have to wipe his **** for him?"

"I don't care, just play if you want to."

Nine Great Saints, finally got up! Aspirations rise!

"Oh, don't be so hot, little friend Lin Chen."

At this time, a white-haired old man uttered his voice, is the Promise Old Man!

"You have another deep meaning on this trip. It's not as simple as challenging the Palace of Flames."

Everyone looked at him, Lin Chen recognized the old senior, and slightly bowed his hand.

"Oh? Lin Chen, a junior, has seen an old senior. Last time, the kindness of the Demon Race was remembered in my heart.

The Promise Old Man Fu Xu smiled and said: "Lin Xiaochen, since you and Wu Pian are absolutely the arrogants of the new age, it is better to give the decision of the matter to the two of you."

After saying this, the old man of Wuji also had a profound smile, "You don't want to fight with Shenyan Palace to the end, you still want your little girlfriend to take over it, don't you."

As soon as this remark came out, all the powerful eyes met, the Promise Old Man, who knew Lin Chen's intention!

Lin Chen looked out--

Just right, Wu Pianjue's eyes just came right!

The two looked at each other, Lin Chen smiled.

"Fortunately, you are extinct, you can't compare the great ceremony of the Divine Flame Palace. The position of the palace master, I belong to Ruoyan sister."

Wu Pian absolutely smiled in the sky, such as Wentian big joke: "Ha ha ha ha, I am really curious about where you come from."

Lin Chen laughed cynically.

"Because of me, he looks handsome."

Everyone: "..."

The two are diametrically opposed!

All the guests raised strong curiosity!

One is the son of Wushen, a talented genius, and the other is a teenager who has singled out the list of evildoers.

Who can be better?