My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1569

Vol 5 Chapter 1569: Wushen's Absolute Wushuang

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"Actually, it was the two of them who went to war in the end, which was really wonderful..."

"The avatar singled out the entire list of evildoers, Lin Chen was absolutely against Wu Wu, not necessarily without the power of a battle!"

"You haven't put eternal divinity in your eyes and figured out today's holy world, who can create an orange-level advanced technique before becoming a holy king?"

"This battle will determine the future direction of the Shenyan Palace. The temple of the Shenyan Palace is uprooted, and they will definitely need the strength of one side to rise."

"Yes, Lin Chen made a deep move in this move. Sealed the retreat of Shenyan Palace!"

"He first took the initiative to kill the Temple of Heaven directly, which is equivalent to cutting the left arm and right arm of the Shenyan Palace in half. If you want to make up for the vacancy, pull Wu Pianju or Lin Chen, it must be the Shenyang Palace. select."

Which of the guests present was not one of the big brothers, had a terrible vision.

The power of the two-turned saint is more insight into many elements of Lin Chen's trip!

If the Palace of Gods and Flames are all together, it is not a problem to contend with Lin Chen's team!

But, it is now the split of the two factions. The emergence and suppression of Lin Chen will become the real turning point of the Palace of Divine Flame!

And the ten strongest and eighth rank forces that signed the "contract" with Wu Pianjie, they looked deeper and farther...

This battle will directly determine the trend of the unholy world in nearly half of the sky!

"Everyone, today, the Divine Son personally solved a small episode, and the result of the Great God Ceremony, we have a little delay."

Wu Pian slammed his sleeve and announced the audience.

The VIPs present answered immediately and retreated into the main hall of the Palace of the Divine Flame.


The servants heard Lin Chen, and he raised his hand.

"It's okay, proceed according to the original plan. I'm so worried that they don't need to pass on the sound and let them continue to work with the elders of the Palace of Gods and Flames. We need a battle of the same level to awaken everyone's fighting awareness."

Lin Chen said with a mysterious smile: "On the enduring, we are not afraid of anyone. We can withstand the battle of attrition, and the high-level of Shenyang Palace may not be able to withstand it!"

The next moment, Lin Chen said openly.

"I'm going to hammer him, if there is any rash action in the Palace of the Flame of Flames, you will start immediately and all will die!"

Lin Chen did not shy away from saying this, which made many powerful people chill out!

Then, Fang Ling and Lang Fangyun in disguise stepped back and Lan Jingyu withdrew his momentum.

Wu Pian never recovered from the past.

The expressions of the sages and evil spirits are wonderful!

Lin Chen said: "If you can defeat me, you can continue to be your Lord of Flame Palace, and my people leave immediately."

Wu Pian said indifferently: "Don't talk nonsense, no matter what conditions you mention, the winner will only be me."

Between the two of them talking and laughing, they showed absolute and strong self-confidence!

This is the confidence that comes from the strength and heritage of both parties! Ordinary people face these two people who are against the sky, who dares to say so absolute?

Lin Chen, the strongest black horse, is the most amazing son of Wu Shen, Wu Pian absolutely! In this battle, everyone is unexpected!


Shen Lingshuang in the main hall jumped up and waved a small pink fist-"Master is too handsome! Beat him, beat him!"

Shangguan Jue's beautiful eyes flickered and her lips were slightly lifted. She still needed her to be secretly protected. She needed her to suppress the forces of all parties to ensure safety. Now it has grown into a real giant!

With the group of people around him, the entire Holy World, no one can move him now!

If you are as strong as a holy king, you have to weigh your points!

"It's really worthy of sleeping the Witch Empress, oh no, the kid who was slept by the Witch Empress..."

Shangguan Jue marveled, and immediately revealed deep doubts.

"However, where did this boy bring so many peerless masters, the four and a half-step saints, when the state of mind is perfected, it is always possible to take that crucial step, and there are a few nine turns Peak, not far from the half-step Saint King..."

"It's all ruthless..."

Outside the Flame Palace

Xue Yifan stood arrogantly standing on the high platform of Shenyan Palace. Xue Yifan passed by and stared at Wu Pian.

"Wu Pianju, you should know that we have come to the action goal and importance this time. If you lose, no one can afford you this responsibility."

Wu Pian never looked back and waved at him.

"I swear here in the name of God of War, that a wild boy of unknown origin has no possibility of defeating me."

The corner of his mouth outlined the arc of absolute confidence.

"Under the open sky, there is no one who can beat me."

The nine great priests chose to wait and see the changes, but only Promise Shura Qian Yingxue, staring at Lin Chen's handsome face, was lost in thought.

This kid always feels where she has seen...

At this time, Wu Pian absolutely flew into the air and floated on air.

Lan Jingyu withdrew.

Lin Chen's servants temporarily withdrew aside.

Outside the Shenyan Palace, inside a loft.

The servants gathered and Leng Yueqi and other women stood here to watch the battle.

The cold and beautiful Ye Lixue came slowly.

When the little demon queen and her mother-in-law looked at each other again, the expressions of the two sides changed several times, which was quite complicated.

After a moment, Ye Lixue sighed lightly: "Qingwu, after all, you are the right bet."

The little demon shook her head-"No, mother, you are wrong. Me and Lin Chen are not the relationship you imagined. He is my best friend. I will not be like your mother to your father. The same wrong thing."

Ye Qingwu's beautiful eyes flowed, staring at Lin Chen's direction, and said seriously: "His stage should not be confined to the Holy World, nor should we live in our narrow struggles."

Ye Qingwu smiled brightly, and he was unparalleled.

"We just need to watch him quietly."

Ye Lixue froze, looking at her daughter's pure smile, her heart could not be calm for a long time.

the other side;

The entire Shenyan Square, and even the vacant Brahma Valley, are not surrounded by Shengyan Mountain, only Lin Chen and Wu Pian are left!

The endless surrounding space vibrations can't affect the two of them, Lan Jingyu personally sat down and propelled the Holy Flame Palace to the greatest extent! The space and area near Shenyan Square have expanded by hundreds of thousands of times!


Wu Pian's body was full of light in the holy cave, frowning slightly, and his eyes suddenly shot two strands of electric awns, like a silver snake dancing!

Lin Chenfeng's light and cloudiness, Dantian's luck, the sacred cave is shining brightly, his mouth is breathing, the wind and fury, the space is distorted and collapsed, the electric light burst!

Bang Bang Bang! !

The entire flame palace exploded sky-high electrical and optical explosions, and the thunderstruck ran wildly, turning into a thunderstorm spreading!

A lot of evil spirits tremble...

Damn, are these two guys human?

This hasn't really started yet, one with eyes and one with a sigh of breath as if to lift the sky!

Wu Pian sneered: "It's a bit of a shame, but so."

Lin Chen teased and said with a smile: "When children fight, they stare with their eyes, let's get some real material, the son of Wushen."

Wu Pianju: "As you wish!"

As soon as the voice fell, Wu Pian absolutely flicked his sleeves, promptly spurred the Holy Power, and following the three-turn Saint, almost no one noticed his trajectory

Bang ~!

With a roaring roar, a super demon standing in the main hall wiped his sweat and exclaimed: "Why is it so hot..."

The pupils shrank as they looked up at the sky.

I saw the entire Palace of Gods and Flames was burned into the sky!

A large number of sky-sharp giant palms, five fingers of holy flame burning sky, have photographed one after another!


All the evil spirits took a breath!

Shenyan Palace is awesome, cultivated to the perfect nine-fold burning palm!

One stroke and nine times to burn the palm of the sky may not be a big deal--

However, this **** is two hundred strokes and nine heavy burning palms!

The sweaty demon twitched at the corners of his mouth and stepped back subconsciously.

"Two or two hundred strokes and nine heavy shots?"

"This is the martial arts!"

All the evil spirits present are desperate!

Use two hundred tricks of orange-level intermediate learning in half a breath!

This is, the current sage! !

Faced with this monster, how to fight to win!

Or, there is no possibility of winning!

Wushen is absolutely unparalleled!