My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1570

Vol 5 Chapter 1570: Queer Showdown Lin Chen Against Wu Pian

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Chapter 1570, The Unconventional Showdown: Lin Chen Against Wu Ping!

The giant palm covering the sky with the nine-fold fire mark struck the mighty.

Each giant fire palm is tens of thousands of huge, carrying the high temperature of burning mountains and boiling the sea, burning the space distorted!

It's not that the greater the offensive, the stronger the power. The vast and huge Jiuzhong Burns the Sky Palm, condensing the lethality more concentrated, enough to easily crush a Kaitian Realm!

You know, Wu Pian is nothing but a complete Sacred Heart! This hand alone is enough to slaughter a large number of Kaitian Realm in the later period or even complete!

A total of two hundred strokes and nine heavy burning palms, if the palm of Wanyue is cut off, annihilating the galaxy Wanwanli, falling into the position of Lin Chen like fire and rain!

This trick, placed in the eyes of the evil spirits list, is simply forever, and it is only a common operation in the sage list.

Nine great priests stared at Lin Chen, how should he deal with it?

"Two hundred tricks? Who do you look down on?"

Lin Chen laughed in the sky and was full of madness!

His palms ignited a red flame, and when he turned his mind, a huge amount of divine power burned violently, his hands pushed horizontally, and he slammed into the sky!

[The host launches instant light splitting, consuming advanced talent points...]

Bang ~! !

Lin Chens palms rolled into endless red anger into a giant palm that shook the sky and swept it to the sky, like a violent wind and rain, it broke out instantly!

"The coach will add fifty to you and give you two hundred and fifty!"

Lin Chen's laughter made countless super demon scalp numb! All the elders, deacons, disciples, and gods of the Palace of Divine Flame are even more surprised!

This Lin Chen is actually the ninth burning heaven palm!

Still practicing to the same level as Wu Pian, zero flaws, seamless!

And, no more, no less, exactly 250 moves!

Fifty times more than Wu Ping!

Was it really two hundred and five hints that my son of God of War is not good?

boom! boom! boom!

The whole world was suddenly bombed!

The two heat waves covering the sky were crushed together, and the space was twisted, and they were constantly recovering quickly.

Even if the space is separated, many saints below the open sky are still deafened and their eardrums are cracked.

This power is so terrifying! If it werent for the Holy King to sit in town and fall into the Shenyang Palace, it would have been razed to the ground for millions of miles!

Wu Pian absolutely has a total of 10,550 times the expansion of the acupoints and a total of 2,120 times the total of the agglomeration points. Each of the agglomeration points is compared with the multiple of the acupuncture points. In addition, the ten holy points in the life and death realm increase by a total of five times, the Na Xing realm doubles, and the Sacred Heart state doubles. The power of the total Holy Power alone is enough to reach an astronomical figure of 40284 divine power!

Each of these palms "Nine Heavy Burning Palms of Heaven" has more than 40,000 divine powers, and this wave is simply pushing the thousands of planes horizontally, like the prestige of heaven!

And Lin Chen's total acupoint expansion is 157,565 times, and at this stage, the total agglomeration point is 53,500 times! The limit of Shengli is 27970 divine powers. On the other hand, Shengli and Wu Pian are far behind by almost three grades!

The heat wave swept Zhou Tian, Lin Chen's sword flowed around, flying like a butterfly, and the streamer cut the aftermath of the heat wave, and he urged the'Golden Jade Dress', and the fire wave could not invade him for half.

The sword protects its lord and has a spirit rhinoceros. It is Lin Chen's eighth grade holy sword, spirit rhinoceros!

Everyone can see that although Lin Chen is strong, but this wave of rivalry, Wu Ping will definitely be better!

But the fighting power Lin Chen showed still shocked the world!

laugh! Tear ~!

Wu Pian absolutely pointed at Bai Mang, tearing the heat wave, his expression was indifferent-"It's a little interesting."

He turned into a blazing light and flew through the void like fire!

Lin Chen's backhand pointed to the Feng Mo Si Sheng Finger, smashing the white mans of the void, and unfolding the Nine Wings of the Heavenly Demon, a thousand miles away!

Bang ~! Even though Lin Chen was moving at a rapid speed, the space behind him suddenly cracked, and his fist was like a sword. Wu Pian absolutely punched his head!

Lin Chen turned like a dragon, Shengli burst out, raised an elbow and ran away!

Bang~! The air wave exploded, Wu Pian desperately pursued the victory, and the Lingxi Flying Knife turned into a white mang hole, which forced him to blink sideways-

Lin Chen stepped back and rose into the air, taking advantage of the gap created by Spiritual Rhinoceros, a whip leg smashed Wu Wujues head!

Wu Pian absolutely shook his palms, like a black hole, absorbed Lin Chen's divine power, and flicked Lin Chen with his backhand, pulling his claws toward Lin Chen's Sacred Heart!

Lin Chen's shoulders were shocked and calmed, Changhong, five fingers clenched fists, fist like a whirlpool, violently beaten away, a circle and a claw, a cloud of mushrooms hit the sky!

Tear ~!

The Lingxi Flying Knife cuts across again, the snow-like blade flashes, Wu Pian immediately steps on the "Fire Thousand Illusions", the fire-like holy light is generated under his feet, and the whole body phantom appears in the forest like a lost track Behind Chen!

When he avoided the flying knife, he punched Lin Chen with a punch!

I dont know, Lin Chen didnt hide, but Wu Pianjies fist hadnt been hit yet. The magic wings of his divine power spread, and his foot slammed with a sudden kick, pushing back with his back, bumping into Wu Pianjie. !

In the electro-optical flint, Lin Chen's hands were like eagle claws, locking Wu Pian's wrists, his shoulders were exerted, and an instant fell, the wind was four rolls, the space was broken, Lin Chen actually fell Wu Pian's back!

Unexpectedly, Wu Pian's five fingers suddenly grabbed the void, fixed his figure in the air, and rotated his figure. With both hands, Lin Chen's arm fell sharply, and Lin Chen also fell out!

Fall back!

Lin Chen's volley spins, and when he resolves his strength, he punches the sky!

Wu Pian sneered, and faced fist!

Bang ~! boom!

Lin Chen stepped back ten steps.

Wu Pian never retreated three steps.

The two broke into the void and their eyes were sharp. The wind is like a sword, the anger is roaring, and the robe of the two men rolls over without any mess!

laugh! Immediately afterwards, Wu Pian took a fist and took another hundred palms, and the momentum was like continuous shooting, and the infinite amount of wind blade palms crushed the universe! This is the new Orange Rank Intermediate Peerless Learning, and hundreds of tricks Orange Rank Intermediate Peerless Learning!


Lin Chen's second flying knife "Ben Lei" was born, with two swords in hand, Lin Chen stunned, and the instantaneous splitting talent launched the "Lotus Dance", and the sky was full of lotus swords!

Daoman's eyes flashed gradually, and the horror-like lotus Daomang suddenly shattered Wu Pian's palm! [Enhancement + 15] The eight-grade flying blades are revealed!

Sigh~! Wu Pian is ushering in another palm, this palm is like a five-color cloud, but it is burning a divine power that burns and swallows blood!

Lin Chen holds "Frozen Sky" and raises his sword with anger! Holding the sword with both hands, a sword Billions of Starlights shattered the galaxy and cut off the blood-stained five-color cloud palm prints!

The explosions in the heavens suddenly exaggerated the glory in the eyes of the three sword sword lords of Jianyu!

Seeing the twinkling sky, the super monsters were stunned!


"What kind of gods are these two!"

"I can't even figure out where they are, it's terrifying!"

"In a blink of an eye, there are thousands of solutions. This is the battle between the man who singled out the demon list and the son of the **** of war...... It is as strong as a special monster!"

The super monsters tremble with their hearts straight, and even the saints in the first and second turn have a sense of scalp numbness!

With their cultivation base and vision, they could only barely see the fighting trajectory and shots of the two of them!

The fight between the two people, without the slightest drag on the mud!

The old antiques with three or more revolutions can be described as the soaring eyes!

Especially the melee fight just now, not to mention the pinnacle of all kinds of combat skills, come to hand, even the evasion, defense, counterattack, split moves, broken moves in the melee fight, already predicted and ready in the next moment!

The fight between the two people is like a performance arranged in advance. The flow of clouds and water is extremely easy to send and receive. It is extremely smooth.

The nine great priests more or less cast their eyes on the battle.

The nine great geniuses and all the saints and kings who have made seven or more revolutions can see--

Wu Pianju, not serious!

From the beginning to the end, he used the exercises and combat skills of the Shenyan Palace!

The martial arts martial arts, and his self-made skills, haven't even made a move! One piece of holy weapon is not used!

In contrast, Lin Chen has already used three eight-grade sacristy!