My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1571

Vol 5 Chapter 1571: Wu Shenbu

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Chapter 1571, Wu Shenbu!

"You can't be wrong. With nearly 28,000 dignities, Lin Chen's cultivation practice is very likely to reach the state of the Sacred Heart!"

"But, it's not right, why didn't his offensive have the spirit of life and death?"

"Lin Chen's holy power and Wu Pian are so much worse. How did he stop Wu Peng's perseverance in a tough encounter! Defensive combat skills alone are not enough!"

"It's his holy weapon, good fellow, and his tabard comes from the hands of the real casting giant!"

"This is the eighth-ranking defensive weapon that the old man has seen, and it is the strongest defensive weapon I have ever seen! It is second only to the ninth-ranking defensive weapon!"

Several old antiques in Sword Realm were stunned, shocked and puzzled, what realm was this Lin Chen!

The blue guardian who maintains the combat space can't help but narrow his eyes.

"I didn't expect this child to be so powerful... The light power is comparable to the second-turn saint and even stronger! Its reaction speed is already equivalent to the third-turn saint!"

"The majority of the sages have already entered the realm of heaven, but Wu Ping still stays in the sage's eighth state of mind. The combat power of this son may allow Wu Pian to show real strength."

"After this battle, Wu Pian will definitely be able to use his hand to perfect the promotion to open the realm. Although Lin Chen's son is strong, in the end it is just a stepping stone."

At the height of the Palace of the Divine Flame, Lin Chen and Wu Pian turned into countless afterimages and streamers to fight back and forth, and the speed was already too fast to even turn below the saint, and even the battle could not be seen clearly!

The eleventh highest elder of the Presbyterian Church is more horrified!

The tricks of these two people are predicting each other in the whole process! Lin Chen predicts Wu Pianju, Wu Pian absolutely predicts Lin Chen's prediction, Lin Chen repredicts Wu Pianjui's prediction and prejudgment, Wu Pianjue predicts Lin Chen's double prediction again...

This resulted in the two of them not locking each other's every move, every move was perfect but broken every time!

It's like a dance that has been rehearsed countless times in advance. These two people have sublimated battle into an art like existence!

Lin Chen is more than twice as strong as when he was in Devil Realm! His spirit's instantaneous speed is far faster than at that time!

In addition, during this time, Lin Chen and his servants, who was not the legendary figure of the year? Their feedback on Lian Linchen's combat experience can be far beyond ordinary opponents!


The two punched a punch, and when they backed off again, the aftermath of the attack was resisted again and again by the starlight flowing through the "Star-by-Star Robe".

[The host gains 20,000 intermediate enhancement points, 290,000 top-level exercises, 1.2 billion advanced talent points, and top-level fire energy 50 million points...]

Lin Chen laughed and laughed heartily!

"Hahaha, cool! Really cool!"

The evil spirits and powerful men are ashamed...

Damn, this Lin Chen is really a pervert. They watched the fight and squeezed a cold sweat. Why is this so cool?

This guy, Cliff can nominate the sage list!

For Lin Chen, this marvelous attribute value is so special! Fight all the way, all the way off!

This martial art is simply a treasure trove of walking attribute values.

"The warm-up is done, right. Come on, the coach has forced you to walk a single six!"

Lin Chen smiled, raised his hand and snapped his fingers!

Fuck~! [The host has triggered 36 super chaos on the hostile target, and the chaos continues: 59 seconds.

Buzz~! Wu Pianjue's mind suddenly cluttered, countless strange thoughts sprang up in disorder, his limbs twitched, and his blood and blood flowed chaotically, as if the whole body didn't listen to it!

"Oh... something interesting..."

Wu Pian has never seen how many big scenes he has seen. In this disorderly state, it is not difficult for him to be the son of Wu Shen!

laugh! Tear ~!

Almost at the same time, a gray rune fell from the sky and suddenly exploded!

[Consuming 30 million top rune energy, launching slow runes .

As soon as this slow rune came out, even the blue protector changed slightly!

He personally sat in the torch space, and the flow of the aura around him became particularly slow and frozen, almost three times below the saint, and it was impossible to move! Even the operation of the Holy Power is very difficult, almost in a state of arbitrary slaughter!

Super chaos and slow runes combined, this hand even the nine great princes were slightly surprised!

Bang ~!

Lin Chen blinked thousands of miles in an instant, and lifted his sword away at close range!

The cold and starry star swords contain a sharp edge far beyond the eighth grade holy sword. One sword is divided into 150 swords "100 million starlights", and it is absolutely oblique!

Countless stars cut off the awns, it seems that Wu Pian will be shrouded

He raised the corner of his mouth, chanting a spell slightly.

"Return to my tactics, feel at ease..."


Almost in an instant, Wu Pian's body was like a current flowing, all the "super chaotic" state was cleared, the limbs were not trembling, and the men's glory was revived!

"It's the Wuxin curse that sweeps away all negative states!"

The eyes of the Elder Shenyang Palace and others will be dignified!

In the electric light and flint, Wu Pian's hands were covered with a pair of golden glittering gloves, and the gold wire was wrapped around it, which was hidden with dignity!

Eighth Grade Sacrificial Equipment, Shenwu Variety Gloves!

"Na Yue."

Wu Pian raised his hand slightly, and the right palm covering the gold wire rotated slightly. A magical suction like a vortex, swallowing the stars and absorbing the moon, actually absorbed all the space that had become slow around, and returned to the original state!

"Broken stars."

Covering the streamer with the palm of your hand, Wu Pian slaps it in the palm of your hand, and smashes the peerless swordmans enough to smash millions of mainland plates!

The left hand accepts the moon to break the slow rune, and the right hand breaks the stars to crush hundreds of millions of stars!

Wu Pian absolutely raised his hand, and all the light of the sword and mang was gathered together!

"Hold the sun!"

Suddenly grasped in the palm, all shattered!


All of Lin Chens offensives were broken!

"Oh? Is it finally true? I've hammered a lot of fake **** descendants before. True **** descendants, I'm going to try today to see what it feels like to fight!"

Not only was Lin Chen not surprised, but his face was full of excitement!

Wu Pian sneered: "Lin Chen, you are qualified to be my opponent!"

As soon as the voice fell, Wu Pian never stepped on, and the feet floated gorgeously, stepping sideways-

All four conversions have changed for the following saint's face!

The speed just now, even they did not react!

At this moment, the nine people in the list of saints show an amusing expression!

Wu Pianju, finally serious!

"It's too fast, this is... Wushen is awesome, orange-level advanced body skills "Wu Shenbu"!"

"This is still a masterpiece known as the first body method in the orange rank advanced! Created by Wushen, the world is unparalleled! Together with the peerless body form for the orange rank advanced, it is not necessarily comparable to "Wu Shenbu"!"

The presbyterians are ecstatic!

Once Wu Shenzi is serious, Lin Chen's son will definitely lose!

If the difficulty of practicing Orange-level intermediate exercises is 100, then the difficulty of practicing Orange-level advanced exercises is 10,000!

Once the orange-level advanced exercises are used in the battle, the trend will be completely different!

Not to mention, "Wu Shenbu", which has the reputation of "the first method of sacred art", is played by the son of Wushen, and the speed is almost as fast as continuously crossing the void plane!

Bang~! Bang ~!

Almost the same moment Wu Pian absolutely disappeared, Lin Chen's figure hit on the spot!

Everyone didn't even see when Wu Ping had passed!

The ten elders showed a knowing smile, this scene, of course!



With a crackling sound, Lin Chen's figure actually burst into countless clouds and blood like the broken mans!

The'Wu Zun' Xue Yifan immediately opened his eyes, and a calm expression appeared for the first time a shock!

"He also used the orange-level advanced body technique?"