My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1572

Vol 5 Chapter 1572: Wu Pian Absolutely Exploded

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"It's really a list of sages. He has a way to break the space constraints. Slow runes and super chaos are not working for him. He can only slightly disrupt his rhythm. Since that is the case, then use the offensive to suppress him!"

Lin Chen chased after the victory, all the way to grind and Wu Pian battled into a ball, the two changed into a sky streamer!

The moment when Lin Chen's figure exploded in the blood and clouds, the old antiques all over the Shenyan Palace, and even the people in Hufa Hall, had a very beautiful face!

At this moment, Yun Tianguang, who was standing outside the Shenyan Palace, couldn't help raising his mouth.

"Is it a new level, my hero..."

call out! call out! call out!

Countless wind-breaking sounds raged and whistled, and the **** afterimages of the sky showed a storm-like scene. Every cloud and bloodlight was Lin Chen's afterimage!

Lin Chen lifted his sword and cut the roulette-like sword light. Thousands of sword light cut diagonally. Wu Pian absolutely crushed the sword light with his five fingers. On the contrary, he punched Lin Chens chest with fists. , The sky is falling apart!

boom! boom! boom!

The aftermath of the horrible explosion exploded wildly, raging the entire sky of the Shenyan Palace!

When the bursts of gorgeous light shadow and cloud light blood shadow collided at super high speed, the elders almost dropped their jaws on the ground!

Keep up!

Lin Chen actually kept up with the "God of Arms" of Wu Shenzi!

"This... what kind of body style is this? Can it be comparable to the Wu Shenbu of the orange-level advanced first body style?"

"Yunying is light, and the residual image is like blood. Tianguang follows the shadow and transforms the blood body. This is the peerless body method "Cloud Shadow Sky" that has long been lost!!"

A powerful person recognized Lin Chen's body style, his mouth trembling!

"His! It turned out to be the fame of the legendary blood monarch Yun Tianguang?"

"What kind of **** luck does Lin Chen go, can he inherit the blood monarch? It's such a brilliant practice!"

"It's so wonderful! Yunying Tianguang can march to Wushenbu, can he get to this point?"

When the Presbyterian Church and the representatives of Jiu Pin shook their voices, Wu Pianju's exercises changed again!


The breath of death that rushed like a river, extinguished Jiuxiao, dived into Nine Serenities, a bite of green as jade, a sword that was like a mirror, was held by Wu Pian!

Eight grade swords and nine swords!

With a sword in hand, Wu Pian is like a death swordsman from hell. There is a breath of death in the whole body, holding a sword and cutting it, a dark death sword lotus blooms in the sky!

"Death Burial!"

Wu Pian's absolute figure is shining like a dragon. Every time the sword is drawn, it will appear in different directions. The black sword lily picked out by the tip of the sword is divided into two points, ten points, ten points!

In an instant, Jian Qi spread across the sky, Shenyan opened the sword lotus from the sky!

The black lotus seems extremely slow, but in fact, the overflowing edge covers half of the flame space in one thousandth of the breath!

Another trick of orange-level advanced combat skills! And more than ten times in a very short time!

Many powerful pupils are afraid of tremors-

Even the look of the nine sons is very exciting!

The son of Martial God, can actually also swordsmanship?

In the past, no one could make Wu Shenzi really show his cards!

Little is known about the geniuses in the list of geniuses. When they learn from each other, they will not really use their killer skills. Almost no one knows that he is still proficient in kendo!

"How can Lin Chen block this sword!"

"It's too fast! Wu Pian absolutely cooperates with Wu Shenbu and launches offensives in almost all positions of Lin Chen at the same time. He only has a hard connection with this sword! The victory and defeat may be coming soon!"

When all the old antiques are watching

Sigh~! There was a crack in the sky, and when Lin Chen waved his sword, the sky dome was suddenly split into two halves!

"Come on, son of Wushen, face anal, don't retreat! Hahaha!"

Lin Chen's laughter made people tremble!

He held the frozen sky sword and slashed thousands of swords with a violent blow. The tip of the sword burst into the blazing snow-white sword light.

The snow-white Jianmang falls like a half-moon, and each sword is divided into five. One sword cuts the black sword lotus, the sky explodes, one black and one white, and the endless sword light shatters the mango!



"Even if you have body skills, you have sword skills too?"


The explosion of black and white aurora reflects the jaw-dropping and shock of countless people!

Lin Chen actually can also orange-level advanced swordsmanship?

What happened to him?

Orange-level advanced exercises... Has he become his Chinese cabbage?

Even the orange-level advanced exercises in the Shenyang Palace are only six kinds on the bright side!

Each is a level of inheritance, which has been passed down by countless generations of strong men!

The three sword respects of Jianyu, and the dozen or so eight representatives invited were even more splendid!

Lin Chen not only cultivated this orange-level advanced swordsmanship, but also practiced to a perfect level!

Simultaneously master two advanced orange-level exercises and practice to perfection? What a humanoid monster this is!

Only the three great swordsmen seemed to see something. When they looked at each other, when they communicated with each other, there was an unprecedented shock!

"Hey, hello, the kid's swordsmanship, wouldn't it be..."

"You can't be wrong, it's "Ji Que Kai Tian"! It was Fang Ling's great defeat at the time of the swordsman's fame and fame!"

"But it's wrong! Isn't Fang Ling dead?"

The blue protector once displayed the holy power to increase the protection of the flame space, the expression became more dignified!

It is true that Lin Chen and Wu Pianjie's cultivation practices are quite different. This is indeed a big gap.

But every time, Lin Chen's sword skill is absolutely one point faster than Wu Pian, one more gear, and the momentum is first, closing the gap between the two sides with the number!

This makes the battle almost fifty-five! The trump cards of both sides are equal again, and there is no element to determine victory or defeat!

"This son and Wu Pian will definitely hit this point, and it hasn't fallen down. It's really a sage..."

Lin Chen held a horizontal cut of the Frozen Sky Sword, Wu Pian absolutely held the Nine Youjian Sword and cut it upright, and when he picked up the tip of Lin Chen's sword, he slashed Lin Chen's shoulder!

Lin Chen avoided this cut, Wu Pian was chasing after him, one sword and one hundred swords were cut continuously, the death sword lotus was in full bloom, and he wanted to cut Lin Chen's head!

Unexpectedly, Lin Chen held the sword in his backhand, and cut the sky vertically, and the tip of the sword attracted Jiu Xiao, tearing Yuntian into a beam of white light!

The white beam of light transforms into an aurora-falling white light giant sword, splitting into the sky and cutting off the sky!

The giant sword penetrates into the sky and is divided into five. When it falls, it crushes the black sword lotus picked out by Wu Pian absolutely!

The moment before the sword lotus broke, Wu Pianjie's complexion, which had always maintained the upper hand, changed slightly!

"This guy deliberately showed flaws and brought me close, so insidious! What kind of play is this?"

After he stepped away from Wushen again and again, with a bang, the giant sword split a lonely.

But Lin Chen took the opportunity to set foot on the law, and turned into a cloud of blood in the sky. Thousands of remnant shadows were chasing down and fighting away!

Wu Ping's posture that just retreated has not been adjusted to the best. Lin Chen's sword speed is faster than a sword, and three thousand swords in a flash. It can be said that it is approaching the extreme. At the same time, Wu Pianju is suppressed, and everyone is surprised!

But the next moment, more exciting is-

[Trigger Orange Rank Intermediate Passive Talent: Destruction Explosion!

boom! boom! boom!

Almost every time Lin Chen stabbed dozens of swords or chopped hundreds of swords, Wu Pian absolutely covered a series of explosions!

The explosion of Shengli penetrated his layer of defense, and directly blown his handsome and handsome face into a gray head and face, his hair and hair were erected, and he became a blast head!

"Wu Pian is absolutely exploding!"

"What's the situation? Is there such a practice?"

The Presbyterians stared at each other in amazement, what kind of exercise is this!

For the first time since the start of the war, Wu Pianjie's face appeared shocked!

Lin Chen kept the sword in his hand and laughed jokingly.

"How about, do you like the explosive head specially made by the Dark Horse Club?"