My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1573

Vol 5 Chapter 1573: Come On The Middle Gate Is Right

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boom! boom! boom!

The blood of the emerald green dragon overflowing into Wu Pian was turned into a shield, and was scattered by the explosion of Holy Forces again and again!

"This is Wu Pian's own orange-level advanced defense technique, "Tai Shi Ling Long Jue"!"

"By refining the Archaic Spirit Blood Dragon Body Guard, it can resist the attack of the One-Turn Saint without any damage! Even the two-turn Saint's offensive can resist the next part!"

"Lin Chen broke his defense!"

"No, Wu Shenzi hasn't really been hurt yet!"

The elders of Shenyang Palace's face changed slightly.

Lin Chen's "Extremely Open Sky" swordsmanship is divided into: skill, speed, power, and three types of nine moves. Each move can cope with different situations. Lin Chen practiced to perfection and switched freely.

In terms of lethality, perhaps Wu Pinjue's "Death Burial Lotus" is even better.

But in terms of the degree of flexibility, Lin Chen's "Extreme Que" is even better!

Hidden in the team, Fang Ling pretending to look like Lin Chen showed his master-like smile when he stepped Wu Ping into the endless road step by step with his "Extremely Que".

"The protagonist is really a god, and he can't describe his ten thousandth!"

"In order to understand this swordmanship, I practiced it in Broken Love Valley for nearly a hundred years before I stepped into the state of great success. After defeating all the sword saints, I realized it completely, and I didnt expect the protagonist to spend only about five days. It epiphany..."

Lin Chen at this time, after inducing Wu Pian to reveal flaws, he quickly attacked Wu Pian repeatedly, and finally took out his second trump card, destroying the explosion talent!

The destruction and explosion talent has a 10% probability of penetrating 50% of the host's attack power through the enemy's first layer of defense and triggering an explosion.

This talent must be triggered by hitting the opponent to have a probability of triggering-

Although the previous Lin Chen and Wu Pian absolutely played well, but rarely really hit him, and even if he hit, he could not break the defense!

"My defense is gradually being disintegrated by his mysterious tricks! Not good!"

Wu Pian's heart was unhealthy, and he could not fight for a long time. When he pumped a sword into the air and pierced Lin Chen's sword light, Wu Shen stepped around, consuming a lot of holy force to urge him, and then retreated 100,000 miles away.

The purple light of Saint Hui's soft armor in Wu Pian's absolute shirt was revealed, and it was actually an eighth-grade holy weapon!

This kind of net worth is simply numb!

Even the top 100 quaint evil spirits in the evil spirits list, the number of people holding eight grade holy artifacts, you can count five fingers!

Wu Pian at this time was absolutely exploding, and his robe was ruffled, very embarrassed and funny.

In contrast, Lin Chen, imposing like a rainbow, flying with splendor, this wave of confrontation, with Lin Chen achieved an advantage!

However, Wu Pian was never really injured.

"Damn, the heritage of the son of Wushen is abnormal..."

There are a few vulgar evils that can't help but burst.

Wu Pian's defense is numb.

There is a Taishiling dragon blood gas body outside, and there are eight ranks of defensive treasure armor. In addition, Wu Pianjues mental skill Zhen Wu Zhen Tian Jue has become a Zhen Wu body after practicing.

Zhenwu's body can make his holy body immune to all poisons, devil qi is not disturbing half a point, water, fire and lightning can not enter a little!

In other words, Wu Pian has three super defenses!

If you want to hurt him, you have to get rid of these three defenses!

Lin Chen broke his "Tai Shi Long Qi" at most!

Orange-level high-level exercises, eight-grade sacristy, these countless evil spirits dream of it, countless eight-grade sects are regarded as Zhenzong sacred arts, and the sacred treasure of Zhenzong's sacred artifact, Wu Ping's hand is coming!

The background of the sage list is so frightening!

"If he can't break his defense, my extinct fissure will have no effect. His three-layer defense is harder to break than a heavy one, um, a little hard..."

Lin Chen continued to refine and replenish the massive amount of gold sacred yuan coins to fill the consumption, step into the air and levitate, and put all the light spheres that Wu Pian absolutely dropped into the body.

[The host receives 450 billion points of top essence, 3 million points of merit, 8 million points of heavenly value, 100,000 points of intermediate strengthening points, 36 billion points of top spiritual power...]

Lin Chen's accumulation is more and more powerful!

Adding the attribute value of revenge for the servants some time ago, his accumulation has approached the limit, reaching a terrible point!

Wu Pian closed his eyes slowly and smiled angrily.

"Very good, a wild boy of unknown origin. Can you force me to this point, you are well-known!"

He didn't use his sword, he held it in his palm, a long **** man formed out of thin air, outlined into a half-moon shape, and finally turned into a **** bow, faintly wrapped with a dragon spirit, lifelike.

It's actually an eighth-grade sacrificial tool, Hidden Dragon Broken Sky Bow!

When Wu Pian opened his eyes again--

Bang ~!

A glorious peerless divine power broke out in the body with martial arts, such as the rebirth of the **** of war, undefeated legend!

Wu Pian absolutely has a pair of sword eyebrows burning into flames, his eyes flashing orange light, shining brightly, and a cross-shaped orange pattern appears!

All the powerful pupils shrink!

At this moment, under the five-turn saint, if any saint looks directly at Wu Pei's eyes, the cold hair rises in an instant, creepy!

As if the whole body's secrets were revealed by him!

"Martial God Eye!"

Blood Tribulation Fang Xiantian licked his lips excitedly, his fighting spirit boiling.

"Good guy, this is the first time I saw this kid with open eyes!"

The interest of the nine great geniuses is gradually becoming stronger, and Lin Chen actually forced his "War God Eye" to be opened!

What is Wushen? Those who transcend martial arts to new heights and realms beyond the realm of saints can gain insight into the ultimate existence of merits and demerits.

This is the unique skill of the son of Wushen. Once the eyes of Wushen are opened, all the flaws and dead ends in the battle will be discerned!

Even if the practice is seamless, it will be seen through the weakness of the "God of God"!

Wu Pian turned his eyes and turned to Lin Chen, Lin Chen turned his mind.

The oppression of Wushen's eyes did not give him half the pressure at all, making Lin Shuai calm and calm.

Wu Pian never raised his hand, pulled the bowstring, and the dragon air wrapped around the bow body quickly swam, condensed into an arrow, and turned into a flying dragon-like arrow, aiming at Lin Chen!

Even the monsters and the Eighth Rank Powers of Shenyan Palace couldn't help but retreat a few steps subconsciously.

If this arrow comes out, it will be overturned and the plane will explode!


Bang ~!

A star burst shocked the sky!

When Lin Chen put away the Frozen Sky Sword, a beam of starlight appeared in his palm, like the polar star above Jiuxiao falling into the world, when he held it in his hand, it changed into a star bow!

Eight Grade Holy Bow Nine Sky Star Fury!

Lin Chen held the bow in one hand, pulling the thunder-like bowstring with one hand, and pointed it at Wu Pianju!

"Come on, the surname is Wu, the middle gate is right!"

Lin Chen laughed wildly-"I will shoot later and see who will last longer!"

Directly scared the entire Palace of Divine Flames to be shocked!

Even the VIPs who attended the ceremony were shocked!

This **** thing!

This Linchen, can even the orange-level advanced arrow technique?


In the servant team, a black robe broke out with a huge laugh!