My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1574

Vol 5 Chapter 1574: Passion Against Snier Two People Shoot

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Lin Chen's ability to challenge Wu Pian absolutely, one of the main factors is the'Extreme Possession' talent.

The effect of the possessive talent of Jishen increased his mind and skills by 300%. On the basis of the three-fold increase in the amount of virtual holy points in "Tai Yi Fu Tian Jue", the effect of power was tripled again!

However, leapfrogging is no easy task, and Lin Chen and Wu Pianjie's cultivation behavior is huge!

It's like two sacred realms of refining the body to 20,000 virtues, challenging a sacred realm of 40,000 vigours. The former two will be crushed by the latter.

Therefore, no matter whether it is the divine state of pure power or pure power, the more horrible it is, the higher it is!

Lin Chen looks like Wu Pingmei on the bright side, and the difference between Shengli is only 13,000 respects, but actually it is two to three grades worse!

It is not enough to rely on an orange-level advanced skill that has tripled. If there is no [enhancement + 15] eighth-grade sacrificial weapon, the confrontation between Lin Chen and Wu Pianju may not be equal! This is still under the premise of instant light splitting!

At this time, Lin Chen held Jiuxiao Star Fury, Fengqing Thunderbolt, starlight, and a storm of red flames turned into an arrow. Lin Chen took an arrow and aimed at Wu Pian!

Yun Tianguang's body style!

Qi Feiyan's arrow skills!

Fang Ling's swordsmanship!

Now Lin Chen is simply impeccable!

The flow of the arrow tip burned for nine days and ten places, smashing the sharp breath of the Sun, Moon, and Stars in the plane, making Wu Pian stunned.

Can't be wrong! This sense of oppression is the sharp edge of the orange-level advanced arrow skills!

Wu Pian absolutely secretly said-"Damn, is it possible that the orange-level advanced exercises you learned can be comparable to the Divine Son?"

The arrow is on the string and I have to send it. Wu Pian never pulls the bow to the extreme

"Dead to the Son of God! Breaking the God Moon!"

Wu Pian drank an arrow out of the cold, the **** moon came over the head, and the dragon's air encircling the bow turned into a dragon arrow that shattered the heavens and the earth.

"Shoot so fast?" Lin Chen teased and smiled-"The men have to shoot more to call the men! Don't stop sniping, see who can shoot more!"

During the talk and laugh in the wind, Lin Chen's fingertips were loosened, and Jiu Xiao's angry bow string shot a holy rocket, carrying a whirlwind of raging flames and suddenly swept through the explosion!

"Burning Sky Arrow! Instant Light Split!"

The Holy Rocket fired out and turned into a spur across the sky. The spur turned the holy flame storm, and it rolled over, swept the Zhoutian sky, and finally divided into five hours. The gorgeous dragon spirit Changhong!

Bang ~!

The arrow bursts, and the storm is raging!

The blazing high-temperature burning space snorted and continued to twist. When a series of explosions around them, the two hands were like a shadow, and they couldn't stop!

boom! boom! boom! boom! boom!

Lin Chen and Wu Pianju, an avatar in the sky and clouds, and a marvelous martial arts step on the foot, swiftly slamming bows in different directions, blasting the arrows with one arrow after another!

Countless storms have been generated time and time again, the two of them did not stop their hands at all, all the way passionate shots!

Even more terrifying is that only a very few people can see clearly!

These two people's "opposite shots" actually hit each other's arrows accurately and accurately every time!

The two arrows explode and the space explodes!

Everyone is amazed, this battle is intensifying!

The two men's confrontation didn't stop, so they took a hard shot from the front to attack each other to the end!

Every arrow shot thrillingly, Lin Chen banged hard with instant light every time!

The body is in chaos and the clouds are everywhere.

Arrow light vertical and horizontal, dazzling shadow free!

"It's too fast, I can't see clearly!"

"I can only see an explosion, a continuous explosion!"

"Isn't it that Lin Chen has a trick that is comparable to the body's doppelganger, why didn't he see him use it."

"Hey, something like Doppelganger has more or less drawbacks. He dare not use it or cannot use it now."

"Damn, it's really exciting. What will happen to this victory?"

"I bet Wu Mao, must be Wu Shenzi!"

"Lao Tzu Halinchen!"

The Divine Flame Palace was all up and down, two different disciples and deacons, and law protectors tightened their heart strings, and their attention was always on the flame space--

Lin Chen and Wu Pian absolutely shot for two days and two nights! Not stopped yet!

"It's almost three days. When do these two people want to shoot..."

"Damn, this Linchen Luziye is not good..."

"Neither side shot an arrow at the other side, the arrows hit each other, and the moves matched each other. What is this dodge body and reaction ability!"

"Even if Wu Shenzi, the descendant of the born god, the aura is terrifying, but how does Lin Chen maintain such a high intensity of reaction lastingly!"

Even the Presbyterian Church is stunned, what way is this!

Brush ~!

At this time, the space became open and two teams of people appeared in the sky!

It is the nine-turn saints on both the Shenyan Palace and the Linchen team!

Lin Chen and Wu Pian have never finished playing, but they are playing well!

"What happened?"

"Hey, Shenyan Palace wants to get back to the scene. Looking like this, it should have failed to win Lin Chen's team."

Three representatives of Nine Pins glanced at each other

At this time, the teams of both sides have their own injuries, but Lin Chen's team has injuries but the problem is not big. Shengdan's replenishment and consumption immediately follow.

But the elders on the side of the Shenyan Palace are not so lucky!

They are indeed in battle, and the whole has achieved a very weak advantage!

No matter how you say it, it was the big guys who had confronted the'Asuras'!

These too elders are all ruthless.

In the heyday, even 18 people from the nine-turn pinnacle of Lin Chen's team were able to do it!

The nineteenth-floor servants on Lin Chen's side, except Shangguan Invincible, Fang Ling, Lang Fanyun, and Qi Feiyan were the half-step saint kings, Yu Xiangsheng and Jiang Taixu were the cultivation practices of the eighth turn peak.

The remaining 11 nineteenth-level servants are all nine-turn peaks, and the other seven nine-level peaks are from the eighteenth floor. They are superior in battle power, and the nineteenth floor is better than the four and a half steps!

On Lin Chen's side, the number of cards and strong players is still easy!

However, Shenyan Palace is embarrassing! Under the premise of immovable command and lack of a law protector, they are facing a huge disadvantage!

The Holy Flame Palace is the holy body of the elders. It has long been riddled with holes.

In some extremely long time, the permanent wounds left by other powerful clan mortal counterattacks, the wounds penetrated into the soul, and can never be recovered.

After this battle, their cost is even more heavy!

"It's all right."

Several servants looked at each other, and Fei Wushuang was even the best. A pure drop of water emerged, immersed in the energy of rejuvenation, and merged into the head of the middle-aged saint.

His injuries were healed immediately.

The man grinned-"Thank you, Wushuang. Anyway, compared to the previous injuries, this kind of injury is at best a little bit scratched."

"It's really one of the top powers of the Palace of the Divine Flame at that time. These old monsters are really powerful."

"However, it is them who are making the most of the problem now that our 20 people still have the power to fight again in a short period of time, and they can even continue to recover."

"But if they fight again, their strength will definitely not be as good as it was just now, and they may even worry about their lives!"

Everyone looked at each other and smiled.

The last thing they fear is the protracted war!