My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1575

Vol 5 Chapter 1575: What Kind Of Exotic Flower Is This?

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Chapter 1575 What kind of exotic flower is this?

"Wow! It's amazing, Lin Chen can shoot!"

The little demon queen clapped her jade hands excitedly, and it was not too big to be excited to eat melon.

"The protagonist's skills are already inferior to me when I was young..."

Qi Feiyan was amazed that he could use his arrow skills to such an extent that, throughout the thirty-six domains of the Holy Realm, except for the Holy Talent List, few people can reach this realm!

On the other side, the Shenyang Palace camp.

An elder elder stepped on the platform of the Presbyterian Church. His white hair was pale, but his eyes were dry and thin, like a hollow, hoarse way.

"The other party is not a weak person. If you fight again, the old people will not be able to eat it."

"This victory and defeat, we can't let Wu Shenzi carry it all!"

The Presbyterian Church and others said one after another-

"The elders are so relieved that the old man has asked people to go to the Wu Family for information!"

"Oh, if I want to challenge my Palace of Divine Flames, the Wushen Family will not sit back and ignore it! This child dares to destroy the Temple of Heaven, and will definitely pay the price, blood and blood!"

"The pace of reforms in the Palace of Gods Flame must not stop!"

"In order to become the pinnacle of the nine ranks of the Holy Realm, to reproduce my glory and glory, the transformation of the God of Martial Arts must be completed! To this end, what if you abandon some female disciples and become a furnace!"

The elders from the elders to the elders looked at each other, their expressions faintly hysterical.

They have no way out!

If the Shenyan Palace wants to revive, it must borrow the background of martial arts and the big plan of the sage list!

It is a pity that they have never faced Bai Ruoyan from beginning to end, and revival is by no means the only way...

Sigh~! Boom!

After Wu Pianjie and Lin Chen shot hundreds of arrows, they retreated at the same time!

[The host gained 390,000 top-level exercises, 7.4 billion top-level spiritual power, 290,000 points of heavenly value, 110,000-point intermediate enhancement points...

Lin Chen's eyes were shining, and this battle really became more and more enjoyable! The attribute values of this Wu Pian absolutely drop are almost endless!

Descendants of God, well-deserved reputation! During this time of fighting Wu Pingjue alone, Lin Chen can get more attribute values than killing a demon!

"This battle is not a loss, the assassination of this celestial body is extremely powerful even if it is used in a frontal attack, and all of its own motives are virtualized..."

Lin Chen swallowed a few Long Qingguo casually, and his eyes grew fierce!

The Wu Ping on the opposite side never frowned. I couldn't think of it, even the "Wu God Eye" couldn't deal with this Lin Chen!

"My warrior's eyes can see all the weaknesses, from the Eucharist to the cultivation practice to the flaws in the exercises, but after the boy and I shot, the breath suddenly became mysterious and unsettled. I can't even predict his motive..."

"He must have a superb assassination technique on his body. Only the top killers can avoid my insight into the eyes of the God of Martial Arts. Unexpectedly, his hole card is so rich..."

In his eyes, the ghost messenger glanced at Lin Chen's servants.

Lin Chen's super chaotic talents, slow runes, and Wu Pian absolutely have restraint tricks. Under the circumstances of being unable to break through defense, Lin Chen's talents of extinction, cracks, and explosions cannot be fully brought into play.

If Lin Chen did not learn how to learn the servants' skills, this battle, he must fight hard!

But now, he has all kinds of great skills, Lin Chen's combat power can be described as leaps and bounds, under the condition of constant cultivation, the combat power has been raised a few grades, and Wu Pian has stepped to the end!

He may still have a hole card, but it is absolutely impossible to compare with Lin Chen's existing trump card!

Sheng Cai Bang Fei Hua MonthlyNangong Yue swayed the jade legs, slyly and smartly, beautiful eyes turned, jade hands on his cheeks, looking at them with great interest

"It seems that today we can see Wu Pianwu's blood of Wushen."

The gentle and elegant Dongfanghong put down his scriptures and nodded in agreement.

"It is rumored that the blood of Wushen can increase the power of the practice many times, far exceeding the power of the original grade. I really want to see what can be achieved..."

Ji Qianqiu, the handsome and beautiful son, played with a smile: "I don't think Wu Pian will lose to this wild boy. Even if his team is strong, expanding his holes, it does not mean that he can come to our field."

Ji Ruoqing's handsome face appeared a bit indifferent, and said indifferently: "Lin Chen's son, but this is the case. Those who really threaten our plans are those in his team."

Just when everyone expects Wu Pian to sacrifice a real killing trick to kill Lin Chen-

Click! Click! Click! Buzz~!

When a few crack-like sounds cracked, Wu Pian absolutely flashed eighty six-pointed stars!

But at this time, the 81st hexagonal star is slowly highlighting! Shape, crack!

Vast Zhang Xia Xia appeared out of thin air, such as Tianhe hanging sky dome.

The vast divinity descended on the entire Palace of Divine Flames, Wu Pian absolutely stepped on the Shenxia, Qiyu Xuan'ang, flying magnificently, the breath of the Eucharist has a long history, and it was reborn, like immortality, and heaven and earth will be extinct!

Wu Pianjue's war-sacred cave has refilled the new holy power and spewed out with a more terrifying momentum!

Lin Chendun felt a sudden increase in pressure, his eyes shine!

"Did he say..."

The attribute light ball on Wu Pianjie's body began to increase and accumulate at a terrible speed!

At this moment, all the elders of the Presbyterian Church are shocked!

The whole Palace of Divine Flame, the law protectors and the disciples, were excited and shocked!

Even Lin Chens servants were quite surprised!

The nine great sages stared at each other, and the look was especially exciting!

Wu Pian absolutely, he finally wants to take this step!

"Lin Chen, I have to say that you are not far away from here to come to be the stepping stone of the Divine Son. Very good, very good!"

"I hope you won't be desperate because the Divine Son is too strong, it will be boring, hahahaha!"

Wu Pian has a calm atmosphere, and there is a sense of self-confidence in the tone of talking and laughing!

Lin Chen's battle with him became an opportunity for him to sharpen his perfect promotion!

He has always lacked an opponent who can really fight. The people around him either respect his identity and dare not go all out, or because of their status, they can't shoot.

The Sheng Cai list, regardless of life or death, is difficult to win or lose. Ordinary discussions are of little help in breaking through the realm.

However, the arrival of Lin Chen made him deflate three times or five times, but let his state and opportunity reach the peak breakthrough opportunity!

Now, this is the moment when he stepped into the ninth level of the saint and opened the heavens! !

In the main hall, Shangguan Jue and Shen Lingshuang stepped into the hall.

Shangguan Jue's beautiful cheeks are full of dignity.

"Well, this kid was just as good as Wu Pian, and if Wu Pian is allowed to step into the open world, the gap will definitely widen quickly. By then, Lin Chen will have no chance of winning!"

"Ordinary demon qualities become the ninth sage of saints. The increase in the holy power of a holy cave is probably hundreds of thousands of powers, but the stronger the potential, the more horrible. Wu Pian is a direct descendant of the **** of war. The power is even comparable to tens of thousands of powers!"

However, when everyone is holding their breath

Lin Chen shouted excitedly and anxiously outside the Shenyan Palace.

"Quick! You hurry to break through, I can't wait!"

Lin Chen hurriedly hurriedly said, "What are you doing, can you break through to the heavens! I'm in a hurry!"

Many guests: "?"

Presbyterian Church: "?"

Wu Pianju: "?"

You're in a hurry!

It's someone else's breakthrough, you don't have to rush to win, you still hope that someone will break through quickly?

Is this kid ill? What I didn't know was that Lin Chen broke through the realm!

What kind of exotic flower is this?

Shangguan Jue: "...I didn't expect this wave of anxiety."