My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1576

Vol 5 Chapter 1576: Crazy It Must Be Crazy

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1576 Chapter 1576 It must be crazy!

"What way is the hero?"

"I don't understand. What is the hero on the floor?"

"I don't see if the protagonist can cheer for Wu Pian?"

"The protagonist is so disgusting."

"Cheer for your opponent? Well, there is a taste in the world!"

The look of the servants is wonderful.

This is probably their hero, never seeing what he wants to do next!

Just when everyone is suspicious and irregular-

Bang ~! Bang~! !

Shocked the sky, the brand-new holy power was like recreating mountains and rivers, initiating and refining the body of Lin Chen!

Lin Chen shone all over the starlight and began to flash 44 hexagonal starbursts, located in the Dantian position, and began to glow with 45th hexagonal starlight!

Lin Chen showed some surprises and smiled.

"Haha, it's better to be a coincidence than a good one!"

boom! boom! boom!

At this moment, the situation changes suddenly!

There are millions of miles in the Palace of the Divine Flame, the aura is swirling, and the madness gathers here!

Wu Pianjie and Lin Chen have formed two distinct areas!

Cloud steamed Xia Wei, orange light Shen Xia like cloud waves surging, turned into nine hundred and ninety-nine Dao Qi, spread all over the sky, intertwined like a net.

Numerous golden boys and girls appeared on top of Xiangxiang Yunshenxia, playing pure hymns, a respected Wusheng phantom kneeling on one knee, and surrounded Wu Ping like the stars holding the moon!

On the other side, Lin Chen, the Holy Power is like a star of sand, shining brightly, changing into a nine-color star, gorgeous and magnificent, and finally began to turn into a nine-color whirlpool of Holy Light, with Lin Chen as the center, circling the entire **** Flame Palace!


Many strong men took a breath!

This Lin Chen also ushered in a breakthrough opportunity!

Wu Pianjie and Lin Chen, these two men, were promoted in battle at the same time!

Gazing at Lin Chen's gleaming number of hexagonal star bursts, Wu Ping, who had just looked like a penny, suddenly had a slight mouth corner...

The eyes of the elders of the Tenth to Highest Elder Shenyang almost fell to the ground!

Their faces are unbelievable, staring at Lin Chen's Holy Cave light!

Even the elders of the Shenyang Palace, the elders of the Shenyang Palace, who had once confronted the top powers of all races and had so broad a vision, almost fell over when they witnessed this scene!

The VIPs were so scared that their mouths were crooked!

That's right, this is not shock at all, this is naked fright!

"Crazy, this world must be crazy!"

"Just kidding, look at the number of his holy caves... not even 51, life and death are not here!"

"Hua Ning Jing! He turned out to be only Hua Ning Jing's cultivation behavior? What a joke joke!"

"Damn, I'm dreaming?"

"Lin Chen, who has been rebuilt in the five stages of the Holy Realm, and the son of Martial God, who is the holy talent of the Eight Realms of the Holy Realm, have been fighting for several days and nights?

"Fighting over the ranks, the goddess of the goddess is the one who returns him? The third rank is still special! Hey, it's too much!"

"Isn't he the cultivation of the Sacred State of Mind? How can this be retracted and condensed, it's impossible!"

Inside and outside the entire Shenyan Palace, the pot was directly blasted!

Lin Chen learned the assassination of Ember, and the hidden cultivation was only the basic operation of the top killer.

So much so that it just turned upside down, and no one noticed Lin Chen's cultivation behavior.

Now when it is revealed, whether it is a hidden old monster or a rising power-

Or, the other nine rank forces in the Saint King's domain secretly hide the strong players watching, and the whole world of the Shenyan Palace, all the strong people's world view, directly collapsed, not terrified!

Throughout the ages, there has never been such a leapfrog battle!

Even the Sage Talent List failed to match its one-hundredth percentile when it became Hua Ning!

Everyone subconsciously thought that Lin Chen had already stepped into the Sacred State of Mind!

A condensed environment, can play so many days with the sage list? Isn't this nonsense!

How many times does it have to expand and congee to reach this level!

Moreover, it is not enough to rely on the Ning Point to expand the point!

It's like a baby who hasn't been weaned, can't even walk, and suddenly he got up with an elephant, and he can't beat him up or down?

How can this Nima be accepted! This jump is simply unacceptable!

"Hey, their expressions are wonderful."

"You see how happy the man was smiling, wow, all foamed up."

"Looks to scare the old man, ha ha ha ha, no longer, the old man's head will fall off."

"You laugh a fart, thinking that when we knew the fighting power of the protagonist and condensed the environment, the expression was not much better than others."

"Quickly, quickly draw their appearances, ha ha ha! I want to write a story about the protagonist's experience, definitely the best-selling novel of the Holy Realm."

"Ugly people are still watching for free, handsome people have already purchased. I book 10,000 copies, thank you."

The servants laughed happily, and the little demon clapped her hands!

Mrs. Ye Lixue was dumb, and she was always noble and elegant, as if as long as she met this teenager, all the palaces and experiences would not work!

"Hua...Hua Ning Challenges the Sage List..."

In the flame space

"You actually have nothing but condensate..."

Proud of being so proud, for the first time, a shocking appearance!

Lin Chen smiled with a wicked smile-"Yeah, didn't I say that before, my person, the only drawback is too many advantages."

"The people in my dark horse club can only play basic exercises, handsome is only standard, low-key but our smallest advantages and specialties. Are you surprised, not surprised?"

Wu Pian absolutely twitched his lips, and his face turned blue, as if he was greatly humiliated!

I don't know the surprise, there must be some shock.

"This God Son destroyed you beast!"

"Come! Hahaha, don't let the battle stop!"

Bang ~! boom!

The two draw bows again and shoot each other, the arrows meet, the explosion trembles, and the attribute light ball is scattered all over the sky!

This scene once again scared a lot of powerful people!

Damn, are these two guys still human!

Break through the realm while maintaining such a terrible offensive!

Wu Pian never mind, after all, he has stayed in the Sacred Heart State for many years. If he is not seeking a perfect promotion, he can break through at any time.

But Lin Chen is a condensed hole! Fighting in the process of condensing the cave is like lifting the ceiling with a backhand in the cave, either crazy or stupid!

If you are a little careless and fail to fully impact the higher multiples of condensed acupuncture points, you will regret for life!

All the powerful players focus their attention on the battle list, only the demon list!

All the super demon on the list of evil spirits, men and women, all looked up at the sky at this time, staring at the continually expanding, nine-color vortex of light spreading all over the sky of the Palace of Divine Flame-

The expressions of the super monsters are more frightened and dumbfounded!

In the list of evildoers, all members saw a ghostly expression!

Fang Longzhi of the evil monster list could not help but stepped back, his mouth slightly trembling.

"What happened... what the **** is going on!"

"Actually he...can't be wrong, absolutely can't be wrong!"

Others who haven't recognized it for the first time, but are always active in the extraterrestrial battlefield, are no strangers to this condensed cave vision!

This scene is exactly the same as the vision that occurred in the terrifying battle of Devil two years ago!