My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1577

Vol 5 Chapter 1577: Much Crazier Than The Old Lady

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1577 Chapter 1577

The Nine Great Masters also noticed something is wrong!

Dongfanghong's eyes narrowed: "Do you still remember the legend two years ago..."

Dari TianziYun Potian raised his eyebrows and said coldly.

"Dongfanghong, do you mean that event in the sky of the sky?"

"The Ningxue event, which is also known as one of the ten miracles in the history of the human race?"

"Yes, there was a sage of the mathematics teacher who failed to spy on this opportunity. He threatened that the human race beyond our sage list was born in the demon demon race!"

As soon as this statement came out, the nine great priests looked at each other!

That's right, this earth-shattering breakthrough vision is exactly the same as the earth-shattering mystery that happened in the demon world two years ago!

Even if they hadnt seen it with their own eyes, the legend shook the entire high-rise of the Holy Realm.

And the super monsters of the monster list seem to be horrified.


"How come we didn't expect it!"

"We are the first!"

"We all thought that Lin Chen's son wouldn't be able to set foot in the heavenly universe until he reached Na Xing Realm. In fact, from the day he singled out the demon list, we should have expected..."

"It was Lin Chen who infiltrated the demon world two years ago!"

"It is also Lin Chen who is in the cave of the demon demon world!"

"In other words, it was Lin Chen who singled out the Crown Prince Mohuang on that day, who was fighting against the deity!"

"Dare to go to the Devil Realm to break through the hole... On the crazy, our list of evildoers, no, maybe the entire list of sages is less than one ten thousandth of his Lin Chen!"

"This kind of madman behavior that is not afraid of fear, except his Lin Chen, who can do it!"

"It's crazy, he lives like a protagonist in a book..."

All the super monsters in the monster list are completely shocked and dumbfounded!

The truth is revealed! At that time, the mysterious person who singled out the major deities in the devil's cave was actually Lin Chen!

You know, this legend once overwhelmed the prestige of the sage list, horrified by the absurdity of the world, and once made the world think it was a devil's conspiracy!

If it werent for the big monsters to see it with their own eyes, to prevent the demons from being seen by the hundreds of open-world human clan strongmen, nobody would believe it!

Fei Qingyuesu covered his red lips lightly, "He... Lin Chen is the mysterious man in the devil's demon cave breaking hole? Going to the devil's cave, ordinary people don't dare to think about it in this whimsical way...he also did, still Successful... how crazy is this!"

boom! boom! boom!

Arrows exploded, arrows and arrows exploded, and the storm swept through the flame space!

However, the vision of the two of them breaking through the border is getting stronger!

First of all, Wu Pianjue, his 81st holy cave, the holy power is like a river flowing into the sea, constantly increasing, rising, including, the glowing holy power surpasses any previous holy cave!

The divine power broke through one thousand dignity, two thousand dignity, three thousand, five thousand, unstoppable!

Kaitian Realm opens a holy cave to obtain holy power of more than 400 divine power, but it is not capped.

And there is a misunderstanding here.

For example, if a Kaitian Realm is complete and ninety holy caves are opened, is he in the Kaitian Realm that he possesses four thousand divine power? No, it is not.

Four hundred divine power of a holy cave is the minimum. Generally speaking, those who have reached the minimum level after being promoted to open heaven have basically reached the end of their life potential.

If there is no opportunity to change one's life against the sky, it is almost as difficult to ascend to the heavens if you basically want to hit the 82nd Holy Cave.

Therefore, there is no Sacred Cave of Ten Heavens in full bloom, and the Holy Spirit Rehearsal, which earns four thousand divine powers, is such a character.

The saints who can advance to the late stage of Kaitian Realm, and even the perfection of the realm, their potential and ability to open a holy cave won more than 400 dignity.

And once the saint turns, every time a holy acuity in the brain domain is opened, the total holy strength is increased by 10%. In this field, it is more important to enhance the aura to deal with actual combat than holy power.

But at this time Wu Pian absolutely, the eighty-one holy cave broke through eight thousand dignity, unstoppable! It didn't mean to stop at all!

"His! It's so big, so much!"

"I really deserve to be the God of Martial Arts, and a holy cave is about to hold all the strength of the ten holy caves that we opened to heaven!"

"Descendants of the gods are well-deserved! He who is perfectly promoted will reach a whole new level!"

"Looking at Lin Chen is a pleasure. If we really want to talk about strength, we have to watch our God of War!"

"God Son is No. 1 in the world!"

The deacon of Shenyang Palace and some disciples cheered.

Hu Fatang's complexion became more ugly.

With the speed of his breakthrough, Wu Ping's arrow shot through the void, but the momentum decreased, and his arrow became stronger!

And Lin Chen is not inferior to him!

Previously, when the servants revenge, his avatars followed away, gaining massive accumulation of top essence.

In addition to the battle with Wu Pianjue, the attribute light ball dropped during the battle of the son of Wu Shen, let Lin Chen's attribute value skyrocket!

In the end, he reached the critical value that he could control, and ushered in the fifth opportunity to condense the cave!

It can be said that this time the condensed cave not only contains the attribute value of the battle, but also contains many previous accumulations, and it will definitely be more terrifying than the previous condensed cave multiple!

At this moment, when I saw the vision of Lin Chenning's acupoint, the Promise Old Man who had been peeling oranges all the time was suddenly stunned!

Seeing him as broad as his old man, he couldn't help but feel shocked!

"This... this is?"

His finger pinch quickly deduced, such a condensed cavity vision, exactly the same breath that was born in the sky and star field two years ago!

"Hahahaha! It was him. It turned out that it was this kid who was in Ningjie in Demon Realm. Good fellow, he was hiding deep enough. Even the old man cheated!"

The loud laughter of the Promise Old Man stirs up the waves!

Countless powerful people have looked at them in amazement, such as thunder!

Two years ago, the person who coagulated the cave in the demon world was Lin Chen?

Yes indeed! How did they never expect that, apart from the mysterious man's multiplying the sky-strength point, who can have such a sky-strength fighting power when he transforms into a condensed environment!

"Actually Lin Chen..."

"Damn, this kid is really deep enough!"

"How many backhand moves does he have!"

"Unable to see through, the old man can't see through this kid!"

The VIPs at the Palace of the Divine Flame shuddered, it was terrible to act here!

Devil's Cave!

Heads-up demon list!

Challenge the Ninth Sect!

The third level singled out the sage!

This **** can be a little more outrageous?

Every one of these things is earth-shattering, a feat of subverting history! It all happened to one person?

It's just like breaking the sky and then holding a knife to sculpt six six six on the sky. Its arrogant and overbearing!

"If this is the case, Wu Pian absolutely wants to win him, it's not that simple!"

"If this is the case, there will still be hope in the Shenyan Palace, and Mr. Lin Chen is still strong!"

Everyone in Hufatang was ecstatic!

Even Shangguan Jue, who protects the Lord, can't calm down at this time!

The gorgeous cheeks are full of ecstasy, clapping hands!

"Good boy, I said why he disappeared in the past two years, his feelings went to the Devil Realm!"

"Dare to condense the cave in Demon Realm, this is much more crazy than the old lady!"