My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1578

Vol 5 Chapter 1578: Jingtianning Acupoints Reappearance Of The World

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1578 Chapter 1578


At this time, another arrow exploded, Lin Chen's arrow light was smashed for the first time!

Wu Pianjue's Shengli Xiuwei temporarily surpassed him when he broke through the realm!

However, Lin Chen still has a back hand! With a touch of palm, the horizontal sacrifice sacrificed three sharp edges!

Qiang! Qiang! Qiang!

Three flake-like swords flashed out, Lin Chen's three-handed eight-grade flying knife! Thunder, burning God, spirit rhino!

The three-handed Peerless Flying Knife is divided into five, the sword flashes randomly, and when the Wu Ping Arrow's arrow is crushed, at a flashing speed, two flashes envelope him!

"No matter how good the flying knife is, and how strong the skills are, it won't be able to exert decent strength if you repair it as trash. Break me!"

Wu Pian never stepped in, walking like a dragon, winding up the sky bow and raising the "variable fist gloves" to fight again and again.

Shengli platooned mountains and seas, fist like a dragon, like a raptor rushing from head to head, a thousand strokes at close range, empty-handed flying knife, fist punch light!

The storm-like fist shadow tore the void and knocked down the sharp blade of the sword!

Sigh~! Tear ~!

Unexpectedly, Daoman Yuyun cut Wu Wujue's first defense, Taishi Dragon's Qi was broken, and on his second defense of the "Purple Sapphire", he triggered [Destruction Explosion].

A series of swords and horns exploded with explosive force, and they were blown up with impetuous blood and twitching. They pinched a handful of cold sweat and almost broke the defense!

For his God of War, "Scars" and injuries represent shame!

Since he was born, apart from being slapped by his dad, no one can hurt him!

boom! boom! boom!

The moment the sword burst, the whole sky shook!

What exploded was not only Lin Chen's flying knife offensive, but also the vision of the cave in the sky!

This time, it was Lin Chen's turn to start condensing the cave!

A series of explosions erupted in the Nine-color Holy Light Vortex, and Shengli's condensing became more and more condensed, and it exploded a thousand times in almost a few breaths!

One thousand and five hundred, two thousand, one after another!

Throughout the history of the Holy Realm, no one has been able to make the strength of Ning Ai equal to the rank of the Holy Talents to advance to the heavenly realm!

Lin Chen may be the first or the last!

"My God, how many times does he want to condense the cave!"

"It's more than two thousand times directly! It hasn't stopped, it's still rising!"

"I'm **** served, and the person who was feeling at the Devil's Ningxue was really Lin Chen!"

At this moment, the power of Lin Chen's condensed cave breaking through the border is no less than the power of martial arts promotion to Kaitian Realm!

The nine-color vortex of the occult star and the moon directly rushed out of the **** of the flame space, and even the blue protector could not restrain it!

The whirlpool of Nine Lights and Holy Light extends all the way from the Palace of the Divine Flame, thousands of miles, hundreds of millions of miles, covering all directions, expanding more and more, triggering a series of explosions!

The power of the entire Holy King Territory was shocked!

Each explosion, it means that this vision's master Ningxue doubled!

"It's almost two thousand five hundred ringing! Is it true that the single coagulation point exceeds the total multiple of coagulation points of the sage?"

"What's the reason, what is this man's origin?"

"It's the direction of Shenyan Palace, eh? Someone challenged Shenyan Palace? What's going on!"

"Ningxue is three thousand times, it hasn't stopped!"

"Quick! Quickly start the protection of the Great Sect, shit, this congealing point will soon reach us!"

"The young people are getting more and more fierce now, and the old man has closed the two eras. This Holy Realm has become impossible? A single condensed cave has come three thousand times! What a joke!"

Saint King's Domain, those old monsters who have been hidden in deep retreat have been alarmed out!

Those superb first-class forces with extremely strong backgrounds and almost semi-retired forces must even open the protection of the Great Sect to avoid the power of Lin Chenning!

You know, at the original Linchen Ning Point, the entire extraterrestrial battlefield sensed it, covering half of the galaxies on the boundary of the Demon Realm, let alone in the Holy Realm!

In the Palace of Divine Flames, the big brothers of all parties urged defenses to resist Lin Chen's vision of condensed cave and Wu Pian's vision of breaking through the environment!

Wu Pianjie's breakthrough vision is certainly terrifying, but now Lin Chen's condensed aura is more powerful, and he has suppressed Wu Pianjie's power in all aspects!

Even more frightening are these two guys, who are still fighting, not stopping!

If the breakthrough of Life and Death Realm or Na Xing Realm is okay, you can condense the cave while fighting, which is unheard of!

"His sister is really a lunatic. This Lin Chen is not afraid to condense his cave while fighting and blow up the holy cave!"

"Ghosts are acting wildly!"

You are amazing!

Lin Chen's actions seem outrageous, but in fact Lin Chen's backhand has been well prepared!

Concentrating on breaking the boundary and condensing the hole, he doesn't need to worry about it!

His six phantom avatars have long been in the Qiyun capsule, and the avatars are physically and mentally integrated, and the six phantom avatars are for his whole-hearted impact cultivation!

Because before this time the situation was different, Lin Chen had accumulated too much before, even breaking four points, this time Lin Chen is a single condensing point, and there is no need for the body to play in person!

Wu Pianjue's 81st holy acupuncture broke through to a growth of 12 thousand dignity! Still climbing!

And Lin Chen continued to condense his points, breaking through four thousand times! Momentum!

Bang ~! boom! boom! boom! boom! boom!

Two unprecedented sacred forces turned into huge waves crashing into each other, destroying everything!

Watching from a distance, it seems that the two true dragon sky elephants have encountered one another and are fighting each other!

The vision of breaking through the ground and the aftermath of the battle have been completely confused, and there are so many to see.

However, the continually expanding whirlpool of the nine-color Holy Light and a series of explosions of the condensed caves are always warning everyone, and they are witnessing the rise of an epic!

"Non-stop, the single condensate cave has exceeded 4,500 times, what a monster this is!"

"Whoever wins these two..."

"No, it is no longer a question of victory. After this battle, Lin Chen will definitely become a huge threat to the list of sages. If it is the plan of Wu Shenzi, Lin Chen must be the chief enemy of the sages! "

The Eighth Grade Masters are especially dignified!

After this battle, where do they stand?

Standing in the Shenyang Palace will only provoke Lin Chen, but if you don't stand in the Shenyang Palace, it will be the big men in the sage list!

If you remain neutral, you will miss the opening of the new age of the Holy Realm and miss the opportunity for the rise of the sect.

The outcome of this battle will also affect the direction of all of them!

The whirlpool of the Nine-color Holy Light finally stopped expanding, and when thousands of auspicious energies dissipated, it reflected everyone's horrified face and incredible eyes.

Brush ~! boom! boom!

When a whole day had passed, Lin Chen and Wu Pian absolutely stopped fighting.

At this time, the two gods are radiant, the majestic Majesty, the 81st holy caves of martial arts, the Holy Power opens the sky, and the stars and stars are hung from the sky!

Lin Chen, with a sharp edge and restraint, holy power is like a sea like a sea, if it is not moving, it will be a landslide tsunami, and the plane will overturn!

Shangguan Jue's eyes narrowed and he was surprised when he saw Wu Pingjue's holy cave.

"It really made him perfect for promotion. Just stepping into the first holy cave in the heavens, added 20,000 divine power to the holy force!"

Open the first holy cave in the sky realm, increase the strength of 20,000!

Now the total holy power of Wu Pianju can explode more than 60,000 deities! Far beyond the realm of the Sacred Heart State!

Wu Pian is indeed very against the sky, however-

When all the powerful men and even the wise men stared at Lin Chen, they stood up one after another, their faces full of shock or dignity!

The arrogant priest list, Fang Xiantian, who was **** and dripping with blood all over his body, was shocked and murmured.

"There is such a thing?"

Inside the flame space.

Lin Chen skillfully put on his self-made sunglasses, and smiled very coquettishly.

"It's time to show real technology."