My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1579

Vol 5 Chapter 1579: Wushen Bloodline Shows Divine Power

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When the whirlpool of the Nine-color Holy Light slowly dissipated, Lin Chen's breath was strong and strong, and he could stand undefeated!


Lin Chen's servant team burst into a hearty laughter!

"Start now, stand up all!"

"My Lord is number one in the world!"

"You may not know what it is to challenge the sage list only by changing the environment and stepping up. We generally only use two words to describe this hero, hanging the monster!"

"I often say a word, when I was able to rely on refining the realm of body, Long Jiushan was able to reach the list of sages by opening the heavens. My master publicized the realm of hammering his son of the **** of war, not a problem!"

"Ambush his hand, this wave does not rush in a hurry, he is dead. Our protagonist broke through the realm, the mentality increased, the backhand is a super double, and he made a lot of money. He also broke through? But don't worry, his We cant win our hero. If we can let the hero break through to life and death, this battle will be a lore, but the foundation is too strong."

"Single walk a 6."

Fang Ling: "...You almost got it! Real water!"

The servants couldn't resist the exclamation of excitement, even the deepest experience, the black abalone, the old dough stick, it was difficult to calm down at this time.

This scene is so shocking!

Now, Lin Chen is in full bloom with 45 holy caves, turning the middle of the condensed environment.

The fifth single condensate acupuncture point directly reached a shocking 6,500 times!

"Impossible, this kid's exercises have major secrets!"

"Even if the hole is expanded by 31,000 times and the coagulation point by 17200 times, it is impossible to have this kind of combat power!"

"He has great secrets in his body, which leads to his holy acupuncture being able to explode the power of very different grades. It is terrible. What kind of exercises can this have to have this kind of heritage!"

"Even the Saint Talent List has never heard of this kind of exercise. The history of the Holy Realm has no such gains against the sky!"

Nine great priests, the expression is extremely dignified!

Previously, they still dismissed Lin Chen.

Even if Lin Chenneng and Wu Pian never play against each other, it is impossible to reach their level.

After all, Wu Pian before has never stepped into Kaitian Realm.

But now it is different!

Witness this boy's condensed cave and the outbreak of combat power with his own eyes. If this Lin Chen, in the future, if it becomes a life and death realm, a star-bearing realm, it will definitely be their No. 1 plan's number one threat!

Maybe, in the future, he will be able to approach or even hold the "Legend of Ten" of the Holy Talent List!

"Unexpectedly, you actually have this trump card, it is the deity who underestimated you..."

Wu Pianjue's eyes were cold and ruthless, and his killing intentions skyrocketed!

The perfect promotion didn't bring him any joy, but let him have an unprecedented killing intention to Lin Chen!

Lin Chen shrugged and laughed jokingly.

"What kind of evil geniuses are you, born with arrogance, always feel that no one surpasses you, it seems that the handsome is still too low-key, it is time to let you know who is the best fight."

Lin Chen's fifth condensed acupoint corresponds to the foundation of the fifth acupoint expansion.

He expanded his hole for the fifth time by two thousand times, that is, the thirty-fourth holy hole had a holy power comparable to one trillion dragon power.

On this basis, an increase of 6,500 times is 655 trillion dragon power! Converted to, 6,500 dignity!

There is also a virtual holy cave in Taiyi Space-Time, and the possession of Jishen comes with 300% power effect, which is quadrupled! That's 3,250 dignity! Really, the backhand Super Double, making a fortune with a muffled sound!

In addition to Lin Chens previous 27970 dignity, Lin Chens light is the cultivation of holy power, and the ultimate lethality of 60470 divine power can erupt!

That's right, now Lin Chen, regardless of other means, on the basis of Shengli, is absolutely at the same level as Wu Pian!

Wu Pianjue's ultimate strength is 60,000 divine power, and his Lin Chen's ultimate strength is also 60,000 divine power!

With the same level of fighting power, Lin Chen really lost!

The only one who has not won, perhaps only Lin Xingchen!

Since the day of the meeting, Lin Chen has neither lost nor won against Lin Xingchen!

At the next moment, the faces of the nine great geniuses are especially wonderful!

Dayi TianziYun Potian, his eyes burst into two sacred flames, and said seriously.

"Are you finally here, Wushen bloodline!"

Dongfang Hongmo held his chin and thought, "I have seen the blood of Wusheng, but Wushen is a very different field."

Jue Tianyan frowned: "For the first time, I felt such a strong sense of oppression in Wu PianJi."

Ji Wuqing nodded in agreement: "There is no doubt that this will be the moment when Wu Pian absolutely has the strongest fighting power, and the outcome will be clear!"

Ji Qianqiu smiled beautifully and vulgarly, "What exactly can the Wushen bring the practice to, I have been looking forward to seeing a success..."

At this time, Wu Pian burned an orange flame absolutely!

A series of red veins loomed beneath his skin, and his entire body burned like a sun completely in the center of this world!

The magnificence of his eyebrows was vast, and when he stepped into the air, he swept away from the space!

Buzz~! ! Boom! Boom! Boom!

For those who made eye contact with him, a lot of super demon were directly scared to the ground! Not even standing!

Below the three-turn saint, my mind seems to explode! A supreme figure came to their minds!

Valkyrie coercion! This is the real divine power, so that everyone has an illusion that the God of War is coming!

Standing in the main hall, Shen Lingshuang's face changed slightly. Her face was pale, and Linglong's figure was shaky.

Shangguan Jue supported her and said worriedly: "Nizi, what's wrong with you?"

Shen Lingshuang bit her teeth, "He... opened the blood of Wushen, his blood is still stronger than me, I was suppressed by him."

Shangguan Jue was surprised, "Wu Shen bloodline? Wu Pian absolutely this boy, is he finally going to desperately, I don't know how Lin Chen will resist it..."

The Presbyterian Church and others looked at each other, and they never thought that Wu Pian would be forced to such a point that even a perfect promotion could not suppress Lin Chen!


With a sound of Long Yin, Wu Pian never used the bow, the left nine swords, the breath of death Huang Quan was rolling, and the right hand held a quiet and cold wrist dragon knife, dragon tooth carving, like a carved dragon embedded in the body, Evil and sharp!

Another eighth-grade sacrificial weapon, evil-reversing Yinlong! The sword gasifies the dragon, and the edge is evil!

With a left-handed sword and a right-handed sword, Wu Pian's momentum is rising sharply and unstoppable!

He stepped forward and swept through the entire flame space with a surging majesty!

Seeing this scene, many of the evil monsters are completely dumbfounded...

Son of War God, is it really almighty type?

Mastery of Kendo and Sword?

However, the next scene is more exciting-


There was another sound of sharply pulling the knife, Lin Chen held the knife in his left hand, and the blade was dark red burning like blood. Holding the sword on the left, the blade of the sword is like a mirror, the tip of the sword is like a jade, and the cold weather is sealed in Kyushu!

The left hand is absolutely Yan Yan, the right hand is Frozen Sky Sword, Lin Chen is holding a sword and a sword, madness is overflowing, domineering hurricane!

Wu Pian's pupils shrank...

Lin Chenlin smiled with a smile: "Swords and swords are absolutely unique, but you will never be alone!"

Everyone's mouth twitched.


What are you doing here too?

What monsters are these two people!

"Really, I want to see how much you can keep up with me!"

Wu Pian was extremely angry and smiled, with a sword and a sword, volleying!

"Burial Lotus Hell Wheel!"

Sigh~! Tear ~!

The dark and dark death sword lotus rushed out. Just above the tens of thousands of sword lotus, is a snow-like blade of light rotating at a rapid speed, slashing Lin Chen!

Lan Jingyu, the guardian of the Divine Flame Palace, suddenly narrowed his eyes and flicked his sleeves to reinforce the flame space again!

This trick is more than ten times more powerful!

On the one hand, Wu Pian absolutely broke through, and the overall combat power surged by three grades!

On the other hand, when the blood of Wushen is opened, the power of a kind of exercise will be exerted beyond the original grade!

Lin Chen's mouth rose wildly.

"After breaking through the realm, the attribute light ball really has more, and exerts the power beyond the original grade of the practice method, which is not only your specialty!"

Bang ~!

A sound exploded, Lin Chen suddenly waved his sword!