My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1580

Vol 5 Chapter 1580: Wu Wujue's Ultimate Trump Card

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"Extremely open the sky Divine power breaks the sky!"

"LangyuyunYi Xiantian!"

Pointing at the tip of the sword, the blazing aurora giant sword splits the sky and falls!

The blade is slashing, the blade evaporates the cloud, and the tide waves of dark air change, blasting out countless dark thread, as if thin lines spread all over the sky!

Where the thin line passes, gently cut the space into countless pieces! When it came out, it was divided into five, and the instantaneous light was split, and it was now amazing!

At this moment, everyone in the servant team was ecstatic!

Fang Ling's sword!

Langfanyun's sword!

The two are perfectly integrated!

At this moment, they seemed to see the moment when the strongest sword domain and the strongest sword domain were surpassed!

This time, several VIPs in Daoyu's turn are not calm!

They are no strangers to this technique!


"This Lin Chen will also be able to use orange-level advanced swordsmanship and swordsmanship, evil spirits, really evil spirits!"

"Not only that, his swordsmanship was also cultivated to a state of consummation, which was seamless and without flaws!"

"His power is far beyond the normal orange-level senior level!"

"Good fellow, could it be that Lin Chen also brought the blood of Wushen?"

Before waiting for Lang Fanyun and Fang Ling to be excited about Lin Chen's growth--

Lang Fanyun's cold eyes hidden in the team instantly became dignified, staring at Wu Pian absolutely!

"Hey, hello... no, isn't the blood of Wushen **** to this extent..."

Sigh~! boom! boom! boom!

The aurora giant sword and the dead sword lotus collided violently, and when the dark thin-line knife marks cut the round cutter wheel vertically and horizontally, the entire space suddenly exploded!

However, Xuntiandi's energy explosion failed to send out too much noise, the whole space was broken into a vacuum, and the sound was almost only a faint sound.

It's not an exaggeration to use Lin Chen's current practice as a "snapshot", it is really "awesome"! An orange-level advanced junior high school with ten strokes and triple damage!



At the sound of a blast, Lin Chen's figure was actually repelled from the chaotic energy storm by dozens of steps, and stepped back to break the void step by step!

Lin Chen was a little surprised.

Was it repelled, he was actually Lin Shuai?

"Huh? It seems something is wrong! Comparing 60,000 divine power cultivation practice, using the strengthened eight-grade sacred weapon to perform orange-level advanced learning, plus the first-hand supernatural possession and instant light splitting pressure, his Wushen blood can press me so much 'S hole card?"

Lin Chen felt something was wrong! This guy, there are backers!

I saw that the Nine Great Saints suddenly stood up, eyes bright!

Today, they really opened their eyes! I can actually see Wu Pianjie's ultimate move!

Wu Pianjie's hole cards have just been revealed!

"Lin Chen, if you are given time, it may really grow to the point of threatening the Divine Son, but today you will definitely die!"

Wu Pian laughed loudly and stepped the Wushen step back to Lin Chen's back, wielding his sword again and waving his sword!

Bang ~!

This time, the black death sword lily picked out by the blade of the Nine Nine sword suddenly expanded rapidly, and the blade-like blade wheel was merged into the sword lotus. When the sword lotus was in full bloom again, the blade of the sword was like a jade. mango! Power soared again!

"Protagonist, be careful! This guy is already against the sky, and can combine the exercises alone!"

At this time, a spiritual voice was passed directly to Lin Chen through the "Seal of Zhou Tiansheng", which was Fang Ling's voice!

Bang ~!

The moment the sword wheel merged into the dead sword lotus, the whole power stood up in awe. The three sword venerable sword sword lords and the sword sword lord five sword sages sighed with air!

"Combination of exercises and techniques?"

"The old man has been in the Holy Realm for so many years, he has only seen a total of two combo techniques, and they are all orange-level low-level series!"

"Practice a combination of exercises with one person's power? What monster is this!"

"This is the talent of Wushen's bloodline...too evil!"

"Lin Chen will lose!"

When seeing the situation clearly, Lin Chen hurriedly urged Yunying Tianguang to retreat!

Its incarnation is full of remnants of the sky, a sword dance in the sky, the extremely fast "Sky Sword of the Opening Speed" is madly displayed, the sword is like a wave, and the offensive is not reduced while retreating!

boom! boom! boom!

Wu Pianjie's offensive repeatedly suppressed Lin Chen!

The two men have a sword and a sword, and the battle is torn apart. From the sky to the earth, everything is in a vacuum zone, wrecked and annihilated!


This time, Wu Pian suppressed Lin Chen absolutely! Lin Chen was in a state of passive parry throughout!

His super chaotic talent was restrained by his "Wu Xin curse" secret method, and the slow runes were even broken by special skills. Half of the three orange rank talents could not be made out!

It stands to reason that Lin Chen has the talents of all major orange ranks, and is absolutely at the same rank as Wu Pian. Even if he can't win it in a while, he can't be suppressed!

"This is the orange-level advanced combination of exercises..."

"Legend, if different types of exercises can be used in combination, the advantages and disadvantages are complementary, it is possible that the power will be many times or even ten times more than the original!"

"The higher-level exercises are, the harder it is to create combo techniques. It is too difficult and difficult to perfectly control one exercise and derive a new fusion!"

"But once it appears, it is one of the miracles of the human clan civilization!"

"Only those with the same spirit and the same ties with the same vein will have a certain probability to combine the exercises..."

"But... the old man has never heard of it. There can be someone in the world who uses a combination of exercises!"

The elders and powers of all parties were shocked that the elders of the Presbyterian Church held their eyes in consternation.

Their Shenyan Palace once gave birth to a true biography of the combination of exercises and skills. The two actually cultivated to be in the middle of the Sacred Heart State.

However, once the two true passers use the combined techniques, the combat power directly overshadows the early days of Kaitian Realm!

The enhanced strength brought by the combination of exercises can be described as immediate!

Not to mention, it is still orange-level advanced exercises, or it is performed by the son of Wushen who activates the blood state of Wushen!

Even if Lin Chen is barely at the same level as his combat power, there are "Extreme Divine Possession" and instant light splitting to greatly improve the power of the practice, and he can't beat him on the front!

"The sharpness of the sword and the sharp edge of the sword are really whimsical and create miracles. The sage list is really a monster..."

"Before Wu Pian never stayed in the Sacred State of Mind for a hundred years, although Cultivation didn't break through, it seems that never stopped growing for a moment!"

"It's seamless... This is a true sword-sword combination, and the world is invincible! Given time, giving Wu Pian absolutely enough time, he will lead our civilization to a new height!"

Those old hidden monsters who are well-known and knowledgeable are all marveling at the incredible, and looking at Wu Pianjue's eyes sideways, it is unbelievable.

If they did not see it with their own eyes, such a scene of subversive common sense, they absolutely could not believe it.

The same is true of the Nine Great Saints, which is an eye-opener. This is Wu Pianju's strongest ace!

One person uses combination skills alone, the entire person and even the Holy Talent List, only he can do it alone!

This is a peerless talent unique to the God of War. No one can match the knowledge and insight of the exercises!

Lin Chen's move was suppressed, although Wu Pianjue's attribute light ball dropped a lot, but at this time it was flawless.

Lin Chen's eyes became more and more fierce, and he was even surprised in his heart

"It's so fierce that the combination of exercises and techniques is really fierce. This system is really not contending, and I don't know how to give me the whole one!"


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