My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1581

Vol 5 Chapter 1581: Beat You? Sorry I Just Want To Kill You

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Lin Chen can exert the power beyond the original power, and can practice very quickly to perfection, but he can't combine the power!

I have to say, the blood of Wushen is so strong!

"The Saint Talent List deserves to be the figure who made history on the top of the Holy World, and none of them eats dry food..."

Lin Chen vomited blood foam and smiled awe-inspiringly.

Dang~! Dang~! Dang~!

The sword light sword shadow, Lin Chen and Wu Pian swiftly waved the afterimages, the sword collision struck out numerous sparks, all around the corners of the sword gas, the sword lingering endlessly!

Lin Chen's swords were cold and scattered, and the sword flames rolled.

Wu Pian absolutely died of Huang Quan's breath and dark edge above the sword front, faintly absorbing the stars, strangling around Lin Chen again and again, blocked by Lin Chen in turn!

clang! Wu Pian absolutely cuts Lin Chen's head with a sword and a sword!

Lin Chen's swords and swords, two holy weapons were placed on the top of his head like scissors.

"Lin Chen, you are indeed very strong. If you don't meet this God Son, maybe you will become a new sage, but you challenge me, that is to find death, naked death!"

Wu Pian sneered, his hands gradually increased the divine power, and the blade was pressed down step by step, sneering awe-inspiringly.

"Did you see the greatness of Wushen! This time will let you die and convince!"

Sigh~! Bang ~!

After cutting the edge of the rhyme, Lin Chens "Golden Jade Garment" defense was broken, and the edge of the rhythm was passing, Lin Chens face was bloodshot, and the trace of blood traced to his side, but his face did not change color, and the cloud was light and gentle!


Then, Wu Pian swiftly drew his sword and cut it across the board. Lin Chen just took the trick and was caught off guard. He was caught close-up and raised his sword, but he directly took the frozen sky sword!

In the electric light and fire stone, Wu Pian never stepped closer to Wu Shenbu, and suddenly a sword pierced Lin Chen. Like lightning, the speed was extremely fast, and he could not retreat!

"It's over here, Lin Chen! You can't even break the defense of the Divine Son, you haven't reached the Sacred Heart State, and the healing ability is even more unbearable. When you are hurt, it is the beginning of your destruction!"

"It is indeed over, Wu Shenzi!"

Lin Shuai's mouth is crazy rising!

His arms were swayed steeply, a knife across the sky, and with a loud clang, when he forcibly received Wu Pianjie's sword, the corner of his mouth was bleeding!

However, Wu Pian never stopped the offensive, and then cut a knife to Lin Chen's right shoulder!


The faces of the servants changed slightly!

Only Jiang Taixu suddenly stopped Fang Ling and others who wanted to run away!

"Don't act rashly, the protagonist's strength has not bottomed out!"

The servants' heartstrings are tense!

Between the electric light and the flint, Lin Chen laughed.

"It's a pity that Wu Pian absolutely, you put on!"

At this moment, Lin Chen squeezed out a palm in desperation and shot Wu Ping's chest position!

Bang~! Tear ~!

This palm hit Wu Pianjue, but still did not break his last layer of defense!

On the contrary, Lin Chen was chopped with a knife in the front, and the star-studded Tianchen robe was cut out of a hole, failing to stop all the damage. Lin Chen's right shoulder ran across blood and was cut on the spot!

Wu Pianjue's heart suddenly rose a little!

Lin Chen laughed!

"The handsome goal, from beginning to end, did not intend to win you!"

Lin Chen grabbed his collar sharply and laughed wildly!

"Laozi is going to be your bastard!"

Wu Pian was very surprised, "He wants to explode?"

When thinking of a move, Wu Pian absolutely made another cut to cut off Lin Chen's arm!

[The host launches a supernatural talent, consuming 69.9 billion advanced talent points, successfully locks in the target, ingests!


A turquoise space ray of light descended from the sky and appeared like a vacuum. When passing by, Lin Chen and Wu Pianju disappeared at the same time!


Weird silence!

Inside and outside the entire Shenyan Palace, all the strong men glared, dumbfounded, dumbfounded!


In the flame space, the two disappeared completely!

Lan Jingyu suddenly touched the void in the palm of his hand, and the murderous intentions between the eyebrows skyrocketed. His eyes saw all the space planes nearby, and even imprisoned the space of thousands of miles in the Shenyang Palace!

However, there is no trace!

"A good thing you did?"

Lan Jingyu was a little scary and calm, and immediately looked at Lin Chen's servant team.

"You, don't be able to rely on it! You have a holy king to protect the space, can we take people away without disturbing you?"

"You're in a hurry, you're in a hurry! Wouldn't Shenyang Palace be just like this? Can't you?"

"Cut, you rarely despise the means of our hero."

"Our protagonist wants to get rid of him. Isn't that how dare he alone?"

"Want to injustice us? I'll **** you mother! Do not accept us to fight?"

None of Lin Chens servants was counseling, and Lan Jingyu did not dare to act lightly!

Indeed, a strong man in Lin Chen's team possesses the technique of space, which can be said to be unconscious.

However, Lan Jingyu personally launched this flame space.

On the premise of not disturbing him, this holy king, it is impossible to suddenly move away such a powerful fighting force as Wu Pian absolutely!

It is two different things to hide a holy king by carrying out space movement by oneself, and rob people in the space plane controlled by a holy king!

But the question is, where does Wu Pian go?

"what happened!"

"Where did Lin Chen take people?"

"Space holy? No, there is no such a strong space holy!"

"Is it time and space **** water? However, if you want to use this kind of hole card, you will definitely alarm the awareness of the protector!"

The eleventh highest elder of the Presbyterian Church panicked!

Damn, God Son can lose, but can't die!

Nima, if he died, Shenyan Palace would not have to give Wushen family an account!

Listen to Lin Chen's tone just now, this guy is real!

A lunatic who dares to run to the devil's condensed cave and dares to challenge the Nine Ranks sect, I am afraid that he will not dare to do this world!

Xue Yifan immediately looked at Dongfanghong

Dongfanghong shook his head: "I can't find their location. It's strange. I have never seen such a space secret!"

The elders of the Shenflame Palace were suddenly in a mess!

When the outside world is in turmoil-

In a vast space-time plane.

"Where is this?"

Wu Pian absolutely cuts off his sword with anger, the sword is open to the sky, and the infinite waves are torn apart, but he cant even break the crystal wall of space!

He was stunned, and even found that all the cards he had left to him from the Wushen family were useless!

This is the first time since he was born, there is a trace of fear!

This ghost place made him encounter an unprecedented situation!

"Welcome to my site, Son of Martial God."

At this time, Lin Chen's voice echoed the entire plane.

He appeared slowly in a very distant position, watching from a distance, like a black spot appeared, but Wu Pian definitely saw his position clearly.

"Lin Chen, what the **** are you doing!"

Wu Pian's eyes narrowed, and it seemed that Lin Chen was still the only one around him, and he also calmed down.

That's right, as long as Lin Chen is still alone, he may not be able to win his martial arts!

Lin Chen wiped the blood on his shoulder and laughed jokingly.

"What the hell? I made it very clear..."

"I want to destroy you!"


When one finger snapped back, the six phantom divine lights came into the plane!

At this moment, Wu Pian absolutely shrank his pupils.

In this ghost place, there are seven Lin Chen!