My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1582

Vol 5 Chapter 1582: The New Version Of Tiandao Picking System Ship Excellent

Biquge, the fastest update of my skills depends on picking the latest chapter!

Lin Chen smiled, and the light in his eyes grew fiercer.

"I'm curious now, what attribute value will the Son of War God drop, kill you, what baby will burst out in the end."

Wu Pian could not help but step back, exuding a point of fear, his Wu Shen eyes could clearly see that the six newly emerged Lin Chens were no different from the main body, no difference!

If this is the case, under the premise of one-to-seven, Lin Chens perverted combat power will definitely pay a heavy price!

"Attribute value? What baby broke out?"

Wu Pian never gritted his teeth, and was anxiously corrupted-"Crazy man! Lin Chen, you are a complete madman! Are you not afraid of my revenge afterwards!"

Lin Chen snapped his fingers-"Bai Shuai is indeed a lunatic, but as far as I know, the human gods of the Holy Realm have already escaped from the Holy Realm, and your father is no longer in the Holy Realm, right."

Lin Chen's words made Wu Pianjie's expression suddenly change!

Does it mean that he also knows... that matter?

"There is no true God, no one in the Holy Realm can get me Lin Chen! Dare to fight the Shenyan Palace idea, but also want to make my woman into a stepping stone for you to form a force, Wu Pian absolutely, you will die without doubt! I also kill the list!"

When Lin Chen revealed his killing heart, he ordered all the holy objects back, and the equipment instantly returned to the six phantom avatars!


Bang ~!

With a single order, all Phantom Doppelgangers stepped away and immediately acted!

"Humph! Lin Chen, don't think that you have the ace of avatar, so does the Divine Son!"

Wu Pian absolutely gritted his teeth, spit out three blood beads, and when he slammed it, it turned into three "Wu Pianju"!

These three avatars are his elaborately refined "God blood avatars", which can only be used once and last for twelve hours. The cost of refining is extremely high. It is basically used for life and death. It is necessary to use it today. !

Sigh~! A split-faced "Quick Speed Thousand Swords" slashed out in front of the face, followed by Lang Fanyun's knife technique, the blade was so full of steam, the three flying knives were divided into five, strangling from all four directions!

Lin Chen has consumed a lot of rune energy, and these six avatars have assimilated to his newest state!

And Wu Pianju's three doppelganger realms were refined a long time ago, and the realm was still in the Sacred Heart Realm, and Zhen Chen and Lin Chen's doppelganger had to fall into the disadvantage!

There are six "Lin Chen"s with 60,000 cultivating strengths, full of firepower, and the encirclement and suppression will begin!

I just used the combination of skills and skills just now.

Lin Chen's doppelganger is by no means just the ordinary six strong men. The cooperation between them can be described as seamless and heart-felt.

This battle is played like a perfect combo battle!

Arrow skills, swordsmanship, swordsmanship, assassination, etc. cooperate with each other to block all martial arts tricks!

Wu Pianjue's three **** blood avatars can only block Lin Chen's two phantom avatars!

The rest of the phantom avatars are violently beaten all the way!

Two avatars may not be afraid of Wu Ping, he must fall into the downwind after three avatars encirclement and suppress, barely parry, more than four, basically be hammered all the way!

"Putting him here is basically stable. This guy's defense still has the last center of gravity defense, and it is only a matter of time before his eighth-grade defensive weapon is broken!"

Lin Chen's shoulders circulated with a burst of five lights, the injury recovered magically quickly, and the recovery speed was no less than that of the Sacred Heart!

Although the fighting power of the avatar and the body is almost the same-

But Lin Chen, who did not underestimate Wu Pianjue, personally played against the body outside the Shenyan Palace.

His primary goal is to pull Wu Pian absolutely into the "supernatural talent". If you fight with avatars, you can also fight Wu Pian, but it is difficult to pull him into the macro space plane.

If Phantom Rune was used at the beginning, when Wu Pian absolutely realized that he could not win himself, Lin Chen had no chance to pull him here!

Therefore, he must use the body to lure the enemy into the battle, look for opportunities to approach him from the battle, and ensure that the moment he is relaxed, the Macro talent can pull him in with the greatest probability!

Only by entering here, can all his escape trump cards be invalidated!

If not, there is Lan Jingyu, the holy king sitting outside, and the nine elder princes and the Supreme Elders of the Shenyan Palace

It is not difficult for the other party to rescue Wu Pian absolutely.

What Lin Chen wants is not'victory', but'killing his opponent'!

If you dont make a shot, youll need to cut the grass as much as possible!

The killing intention in Lin Chen's eyes is even more point!

"This Wu Pian is definitely determined to control the Shenyan Palace, and there is another Wushen family..."

"Even if he wins, it won't help, he will come back sooner or later!"

Lin Chen sneered.

That being the case, then take advantage of his Lin's usual'specialty' and uproot it!

"Now is the time to get rid of the descendants of the gods, and swarm them all with avatars. The recent battles have given me so many talent points and rune energy. Fang Ling and Qi Feiyan are sitting there, and Shenyang Palace will not act rashly outside. In this way, open the space plane and slowly consume him to the end!"

Lin Chen stepped back aside and did not intend to join the battle easily.

At this time, when there were surprises, Lin Chen was still observing Wu Pianjie's flaws and the falling attribute light ball. A light screen suddenly popped in front of his eyes!

[The update is complete, the update of version 8.0 of the Tiandao picking system has been completed, congratulations to the host!

[This system opens the **** system, the attribute transfer system, the complete set system, the enhanced function upper limit is increased, up to +17 level, the enhanced +16 single level increases 120% gain, +17 increases 170% gain...]

[All the top-level, high-level, and intermediate-level properties of the host have been automatically upgraded, the ratio is 100 million to 1 point, please pay attention to the host. All top-level attributes are upgraded to: Saint-level attributes.

"Lying trough! The system update is complete!"

Lin Chen was ecstatic!

This time the Tiandao picking system is a real "makeover"!

Lin Chen retreated to the edge of the space-time plane, so far that Wu Pian could not even find himself, let the avatar and him upset.

Lin Chen is devoted to researching the new system, all functions are unfolding

[Tiandao Picking System 8.0 Version

Host: Lin Chen-Cultivation: Five-Middle Stage of Holy Realm-The essence of Holy Class: 26.55 million points.

Ultimate strength: 9800 dignity (carcass awakening + 300%)-Holy blood: 12.79 million points

Holy Spirit Power: 290,000 points (Spiritual Spirit, Half-Step Spirit Realm)

Holy class power: 19 points-Holy rune energy: 190 points-top heavenly value: 197 points.

Top talent points: 9866 points-Set essence: 2.2 billion points.

Intermediate enhancement points: 4.11 million points.

Energy of top elements: fire system 1.5 billion points, soil system 1.3 billion points, wood system 1.9 billion points, gold system 1.5 billion points, water system 1.5 billion points, thunder system 1.7 billion points, wind system 1.7 billion points, light system 1.6 billion points , 1.9 billion points.

Set column: Golden God of War set (not complete).

Talent bar-Bloodline status bar-Kung Fu status bar-

Life Awakening Column-Mortality Column-Character Rune Column -]

[The new open functions are as follows -]

[Spirit function: can match the power of the true god. Divinity is divided into: fetish, energy, device, etc. Note: The divine personality is the power that the host can control and has limited use.

[Complete set function: The host now holds a set, the ultimate strength set-the Golden God of War set (not complete), still lacking: a gold ultimate helmet, a gold ultimate armor. (If the set is collected completely, the God of War weapon perfectly equipped with the host can be automatically born).

[Preview of Set Output-Fantasy Reincarnation Set: Supreme Illusion Set, Illusion Control God, One-Stage Reincarnation...]

[Ultimate Fengshen Set: King of Speed, beyond time. Extremely fast, horizontal and vertical. Open the collection condition: a **** (or devil emperor).

[Dynamic God of War Set: Optimus Prime, undefeated forever. Absolute defense, the gods are not broken. Both hard and soft, the strongest defense. Open the collection conditions: the host needs to refine the **** body...]

Lin Chen opened his mouth slightly...

The new system is so strong!