My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1583

Vol 5 Chapter 1583: Desperate Martial Arts The Foundation Of The Sage

The new features of the new version of the ship, but as long as they can be completely obtained, each function can directly obtain the power to compete with the true **** level!

However, the opening conditions are also very difficult. Similar to the complete set function, the conditions for opening the collection are desperate!

Even want to kill a true **** and devil?

Lin Chen couldn't help but tremble: "Damn, the function of this complete set is still a bit far away, or the threshold of the Divine System is lower! You can use it when you drop it!"

[Attribute transfer function, you need to consume the sky value to use this function, you can transfer the attribute value to a specific target.

Lin Chen was shocked!

"Fuck, this attribute transfer is a bit..."

Lin Chen's analysis of the new system was as fierce as a tiger, and after looking at the two hundred and fifty-five at hand, he reluctantly issued a command.

"System, upgrade Phantom Rune and Slow Rune first!"

[Consuming 100 million points of top rune energy, the upgrade is slow, and the phantom rune is successful. Level 8 Phantom Rune, the number of phantom avatars cast by the host: seven.

[Level 8 Rune of Slowness: Less consumption, wider and stronger condensable space (Note: Not valid for the Holy King. The Holy King is connected to one hundred sacred caves and cannot be sealed with a slow rune.)]]

All the runes of Lin Chen are either invalid to the orange-level exercises or have become chicken ribs at this stage. Only the two great runes are really useful!

When Lin Chen exited the system and looked far into the distance, he was about to fight all day and night. Wu Pian was never exhausted. Instead, the attribute light ball filled the entire timeout plane.

His whole body was covered with faint water mist, constantly nourishing his lost holy power. Obviously, during this fighting time, he did not take the Elixir less!

"His mental and physical defense of the true martial arts body, the last defense must be broken, once the defense is broken, it is his day of death!"

Lin Chen's eyes were blooming, and he snapped his fingers--

"Go, Pikachu! Bring the attribute value back."

[The host consumes 2 Holy Rune Energy to activate Phantom Rune.


Another divine light came into the space plane, and the seventh'Lin Chen' avatar appeared!

As soon as the Seventh Phantom Doppelganger appeared, the backhand was a record of the Nine Heavy Burning Palms, and Wu Pian's pupils were terrified!

"What the **** is there! What's the situation?"

Wu Pian, who did not care about his manners, could not care too much anymore, and his handprints twitched, and a red flame rose slowly! He swallowed his mouth and swallowed the flame!

Bang ~!

His holy cave holy power actually burned like a torch. This is the kind of **** flame in the palace of **** flame, only the best true biography can be obtained.

The Divine Flame Seed can temporarily use the Divine Flame Seed to burn the Holy Cave to obtain a greater limit of Holy Power, but the sequelae are also very serious.

But Wu Pian can't care too much now!

This time he really has a despair!

Although, he hasn't really been injured until now.

But he is in this strange plane, and all the "space holy objects" and the trump card of escape can't even call the martial king!

It seems that this space plane is a new creation that isolates the entire Holy World!

Wu Pian never encountered this situation!

His time and space jade jade, but the level that even the space blocked by the holy king can be sent out, the special system of the Wushen family, today is actually invalid!

It was like a free little bird suddenly turned into a canary in a cage, panicked, the state of mind was broken, and the battle was about to collapse!

"No, I won't be able to beat my divine blood again..."

Wu Pian never swallowed the seeds of Divine Flame, and the fighting power soared a lot, but when she barely blocked Lin Chen's five avatars, she was in a panic.

"Lin Chen, let's talk about it! I admit defeat, I Wu Ping is willing to call you the strongest! I will not intervene in the Shenyan Palace, I can also let my family make compensation for you, apologize, Lets sit down and talk!"

Lin Chen laughed jokingly and sent a voice back to him-"Fart, am I Lin Chen the strongest? I don't have a point in my heart, do you want to agree with me?"

Talk? Talk about fart!

Lin Chen sneered: "I still want to talk about compensation. Drying you to the street is the best compensation for me!"

Bang ~!

As soon as the words fell, Phantom Doppelganger urged the "Extremely Open Sky" swordsmanship.

The wave of sword light like a broken moon raged, crushing Wu Pian absolutely two **** blood avatars, the attribute light ball fell all over the sky!


At the same time, the other five phantom avatars, at the cost of two avatars with serious injuries, finally broke the "Zhenwu body" condensed by Wu Pian's last "Zhenwudongtianjue" mentality!

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed-"The turtle shell formed by this mentality can be really hard. This guy's mentality can't be more perverted than the orange-level senior!"

Wu Pian had a bleeding corner of his mouth, and his pupils shrank, "Damn, this madman really intends to kill me!"

Hundreds of strokes, Nine Heavy Burning Sky palms rolled down, a starlight turned down like a galaxy like a starry star, and a starry star burning through the sky through the void!

boom! boom! boom!

A large number of offensives rushed to Wu Pianju, he used both swords, wielded swords, cut out swords like dragons, and in a blink of an eye, blocked Lin Chen's offensive alone!

However, in the void where the breath disappeared, a stream of light flashed across, making Wu Pian unable to quench the defense, and the knife and the man tears his defense!

Even though he took over this wave of offensive, Lin Chen's flying knife was cut open in front of his chest!

[The host triggers the talent of extinction and splitting, and the talent of destroying and exploding.


With an explosion, Wu Pian absolutely burst his chest, flesh and blood burst, vomit blood again, terrified!

"Impossible. I took two seven-grade Yin-Yang Shenglong Pills. With the extremely strong healing power of Yin-Yang Synthetic Dragon, plus my divine power, I could not recover this injury?"

Wu Pianjue's fear increased by another point!

He felt bad!

Lin Chen can actually restrain the super recovery ability of the state of mind?

How many cards are hidden in this Ha!

Wu Pian burst out of hysterical roar, "Lin Chen! You forced me, you forced me! Your grandma, the **** son fights with you!"

Lin Chen said: "Yes, yes, I forced you, who hasn't forced it out, but what trump card is there. The coach does not refuse to come!"

Wu Pian was absolutely furious, and the battle was mad. With a palm of his hand, a jade bottle appeared, filled with green dragon blood!

Boom! He squeezed the jade bottle and the dragon's blood merged into his chest. The injury still did not recover, but his holy cave suddenly expanded by a few points!

Eighty-one six-pointed star bursts shimmering all over the body, and they started to shine, faintly forced to rush to the momentum of the eighty-two holy caves!

Lin Chen was amazed: "Good guys, how many backers are there in the Saints List! They borrowed the blood of the Taikoo Dragon King. They can force the next holy cave!"

From the perspective of Lin Chen, the bottle of dragon blood is at least the dragon blood of the Saint King level!

Good fellow, the value is not small! Breaking through the dragon's blood is really bold and crazy!

Lin Chen amazed.

"Good guy, the trump card of the Saints List, how much is there, let me find out!"