My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1584

Vol 5 Chapter 1584: The Son Of God Falls And The World Shakes

boom! boom! boom!

Wu Pian's magical power broke out even more, and he once again displayed defensive skills, shrouded the whole body, stepped away from Wu Shen and swept to Lin Chen's phantom avatar, and fought all the way!

This time, the 82nd Holy Caverns of Wu Pianpeng have increased the Holy Strength of 8,000 Dignity!

This time, he was on the spot to stimulate the potential and break through the dragon's blood. He did not reach the perfect promotion and failed to surpass the first time, but his strength has actually skyrocketed by a grade!

This is an act of sacrificing potential for exchange of combat power. Wu Pianjie is really forced to a dead end this time!

"Lin Chen, climb the Divine Son! With such a strong avatar, the Divine Son will not believe how many times you can perform it, and see that the Divine Son will kill you all!"

Wu Pian must have been completely mad, losing his former style and temperament.

He held the sword in a rage, the black death sword lotus and the huge moon blade wheel appeared, and they were perfectly integrated again. The combination of skills and techniques reappeared. On the spot, all the masters of the phantom phantom were smashed and crushed and detonated!

boom! boom! Sigh~!

Strongly withstood the energy of the aftermath of the explosion, Wu Pian never stepped on the Wu Shen step to tear the energy frenzy, slashed a phantom avatar, and a sword broke through the avatar defense!

Lin Chen's phantom avatar, one dead and one seriously injured on the spot! Body retreat!

Wu Pian was terribly fast, immediately changed his sword, pulled the holy bow, and shot a second injury with a severe injury!

Bang ~! The sword light bloomed, and the three-handed Peerless Flying Knife enveloped Wu Pianjue, and he repeatedly pulled the bow and even broke Lin Chen's flying knife stunt.

"Lin Chen, see the power of the Divine Son, ha ha ha ha! The remaining avatars, the Divine Son will be crushed to death!"

When Wu Pian laughed arrogantly, he became a seal with one hand, pinching a very obscure and ancient seal, with five fingers bent, and the blood on his palms was slightly dry.

"The ghost of hell, with the blood of my god. The **** of offering ghosts, all belong to me! Hell heaven ghost road, now!"

Bang ~!

Wu Pian absolutely shot the void, blood marks formed, and a whole of four ghosts with three heads and six arms appeared in his body!

They wear veils on their three heads, and have hammers, axes or bladed halberds in their six arms. They wear a black robe and only the upper body. The black robe condenses like the lava of hell. .

These ghosts do not seem to be complete!

Bang ~!

The moment these four ghosts appeared, all of Lin Chen's five avatars were bounced away!

Lin Chen wondered: "Ghosts and gods? This guy even summoned four ghosts and gods who are not in six ways and do not return to reincarnation!"

Lin Chen has read many servants' cultivation memories, and his experience is no worse than some old monsters.

He was almost sure that this thing was definitely not something that the orange-level advanced exercises could do!

"The four-headed ghosts and gods all appear in an incomplete state. It is very likely that they are the top-level fragments of the Orange Order!"

Lin Chen's expression was solemn, "No wonder the list of priests has only been in the top ten, and other priests have never been ranked. The priests of the same level have to win and lose only life and death. No one will know that they are hiding. What kind of killer skills..."


The four ghosts and gods sacrificed their short blades at the same time and slammed into Wu Ping's flesh!


Wu Pian burst into tears, and his orthodox divine power as the son of Wu Shen was gradually passing away.

Instead, a more violent force appeared in his body!

Then, the four ghosts and gods slowly disappeared and disappeared, leaving an increasingly violent and brutal Wu Ping!

"Most of his blood was absorbed by ghosts and gods!"

Lin Chen was shocked!

"Ha ha"

Wu Pian became absolutely white-haired, frosty, and looked up at Lin Chen in the distance, his eyes were as if he were looking at the dead.

"It can force out the only orange-level top-level fragmentary technique "Hell Heaven Ghost Dao" I obtained... Lin Chen, you're really good..."

Tear ~! Bang!

When Wu Pian absolutely laughed, Wu Shen stepped through millions of miles, taking Lin Chen directly! Swept away!


The airflow was torn, and Wu Pian absolutely slapped an empty palm.

Wu Pian absolutely stunned! His current divine power is to pursue 90,000 respects! It can be said that the strongest state in history, can't even catch a Lin Chen?


"Fantastic, so wonderful."

Lin Chen applauded, his voice lingering in the space plane.

"The killer skills of you sage lists really opened my eyes. Wu Pianju, you wouldn't think my avatar is so easy to die?"

Fuck~! A snap of fingers, Lin Chen's seven avatars appeared again!

This time the seven avatars are intact and the state is still in its heyday!

Buzz~! At this time, the seven avatars flowed around with colorful streamers, gorgeous and colorful!

While the minor injuries recovered, the offensive launched also suddenly soared!

Wu Pian's pupils shrank...

He even had reservations!

Wu Pian madly stepped on the Wu Shen step, and dared into the direction of Lin Chens avatar, with a sword and a sword, breaking through countless estimates, and he was about to fight a death battle!

Bang ~! boom! boom! boom! boom!

The Eight Daoist Shadow Battles!

This time, the fighting power of Lin Chen's avatar was once again shocked!

The offensive of the seven avatars has doubled compared to before!

"Ambilight is really a good thing."

Lin Chen said, "The Ambilight" by Fei Wushuang comes with the healing power of the Holy Light, which can increase the power of the orange level and below to increase the power by 50%. It is a very powerful auxiliary method.

His strengthening points are not enough to strengthen all the exercises. Lin Chen only enhanced "Ambilight" to [+15], and the effect has more than quadrupled!

This exercise has temporarily become Lin Chenxin's trump card!

Lin Chen played with a smile-"Even if your Wu Ping's strength has skyrocketed, the injury will continue to exist. It is unrecoverable. In the long battle, I have never been afraid of Lin Chen!"

Outside the Flame Palace.

Wu Pian will disappear for three days and nights!

On both sides of the Shenyan Palace, the atmosphere is urgent, the smell of gunpowder is full, there is a crossbow drawn, there are signs of war at any time!

The little demon muttered-"Where did Lin Chen go? It's not interesting to see him fighting."

Bai Ruoyan smiled: "He had his own expectations, we don't have to speculate, just wait quietly."

Bang ~!

At this time, the sky exploded and roared!

Countless blood clouds emerged out of thin air, and the entire Shenyang Palace was millions of miles away. It was actually covered with dark clouds, covered with blood clouds, and screamed wild winds and blood!

A gust of wind screamed like a miserable cry between heaven and earth, and the sky was covered with a dark haze.

At this moment, not only the Holy King Realm, but also the entire Holy Realm thirty-six realms, all the human powers above the Heaven Realm, more or less, felt the haze of the air machine coming-

This is a sign that the human race's luck is weak again!

The hearts of countless powerful people are shaking!

They never dreamed that they would come again!

Outside the main hall of the Palace of Divine Flames, the nine great priests, the Presbyterian Church of the Divine Flame Palace, and the representatives of the Nine Pins have changed their faces!

"After a thousand years, this horrible vision appeared again in the Holy Realm..."

"Blood rain is falling, the world is crying. The exhaustion is exhausted, and the signs are looting. This is...the sign of the demise of the priesthood!!"

The list of sages, the name of Wu Pian, who belongs to the title of "Wu God", completely dimmed until it disappeared.

This scene shakes the world!