My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1585

Vol 5 Chapter 1585: The War Will Start

In the space plane-

The explosion was endless, and eventually it was silent.

[Trigger of Explosive Destruction...]

After several days of attrition battles, Wu Pian's twenty-seven annihilation fissures and eighteen annihilation explosion talents finally fell to Lin Chen's many avatars.

"The people in the sage list are really scary. This is still the case of the ace of death that can't be used to escape. I killed my six avatars to die..."

Lin Chen frowned, fighting in the outside world normally, and trying to kill the Saints List is almost impossible.

As strong as the Holy King, I am afraid that there is a certain probability of failure.

In order to be cautious, Lin Chen did not easily approach Wu Pianjie's corpse, and continued to explode his corpse and the holy weapon he carried with seven avatars!

The Eighth Grade Sacrificial Object cannot forcibly recognize the Lord. Only the master of the previous generation can transfer it to others.

Wu Pian is dead, Lin Chen can only crush them all!

boom! boom!

Along with a series of explosions, Wu Pianju's body and the holy weapon were exploded together!

[The host obtains 4.8 billion set essences, 3.5 billion set essences, 100,000 holy essences, 290 holy spirits...]

When a large number of attribute light **** emerge, all avatars are accepted!

Wu Pianjue's net worth is not small, just make the best of the set essence obtained by blasting the Eighth Grade Sacrificial Equipment!


The position where Wu Pianjie's body was exploded suddenly raised a dazzling light beam!

Lin Chen's eyes became particularly hot!

"What kind of treasure will be dropped by true **** descendants..."

Lin Chen can't wait to rush past, a magnificent pure white attribute chest suspended in the void! !

Lin Chen felt the dignity of this attribute treasure chest, as if lurking a supreme beast, with a heart palpitations.

When the fingertip touches the property treasure chest, it opens automatically, and the pure white spar in the shape of a hexagon slowly rises!

Lin Chen witnessed clearly that there was an elephant head sealed in pure white crystal?

The elephant head is lifelike, the white long teeth are like crescent crescents, and the elephant trunk is vigorous and powerful, as if the gods are born.

Give Lin Chen a "hold" it, and master the illusion of a world!

The light screen pops up immediately-

[Open the Divine Treasure Box, congratulations to the host for obtaining: Divine Fate Divine Fragment (Power of the Deity).

[ShengeIdol Fragment: The host can use the power of the idol sealed in the Divine Fragment to invoke the Qi and Blood as a guide to summon the idol to be destroyed.

[Note: This deity does not distinguish between enemy and self, and the attack power is extremely strong, please use it with caution. The higher the host refining state, the faster the recovery time will be.

"Destroy a descendant of a god, and actually dropped a fragment of personality, which is interesting. I don't know which one is stronger than the ultimate sky-turner..."

Lin Chen wondered, taken away all the attribute light balls, collected the air transport capsule held by Wu Pian absolutely, and evacuated from the space plane.

Outside the Flame Palace

The faces of the powerful men are completely horrified!

This kind of vision appeared at the knot of the Saint King's domain. It was obviously Lin Chen!

He absolutely wiped out the son of Wushen Wu Pian!

How dare this madman do it!

The Holy Realm is about to change!

World wars are inevitable!

Bang ~! !

Lan Jingyu flew her hair, her pupils bloomed, and she suddenly rose into the air.

His eyes were staring at Lin Chen's servant team, the sky cracked like a python-like crack, spreading millions of miles away all the way, as if the whole world would be torn apart!

"Oops, the Supreme Master of the Flame Palace is furious! Quickly withdraw!"

"The Divine Flame Palace Sealing Ceremony is over, the Holy King is angry, we can't bear it!"

"Lin Chen is really a pervert, this guy planned to kill Wu Pian from the beginning!"

"Damn, everyone who kills the Holy Talent List can do it. Don't provoke this kind of character well, otherwise you won't have enough lives!"

call out! call out! call out!

Countless guests took their own people to escape into the void!

Kaitian Realm is below perfection, and you are not eligible to stay in Shenyang Palace!

If the Holy King fights, the aftermath after the control can shatter them!

Shangguan Jue squinted, "This little guy really dares to do it. Although Wu Pingjue's character will not be completely dead, there may be a first line of life, but the blood of Wushen is completely cut off!"

Shen Lingshuang pulled her sleeves, "Master has beaten him. If we fight next, we want to help the master, okay!"

Shangguan Jue said helplessly: "The more people in the higher position, the less they can't get along with each other, and I can't shoot yet."

Shen Lingshuang grumbled: "That's too unfair, why can't Wu Ping kill other elders!"

Shangguan Jue shook his head-"He was assassinated, and the elders would favor him, and the evidence was destroyed. We can't expose him. If I do it, the elders will surely get ahead first, but..."

Shen Lingshuang wondered: "But?"

Shangguan Jue looked into the distance.

"As long as Lin Chen is here, there will be no peace, Nizi, with your master, are you still afraid of not fighting?"

Shen Lingshuang was startled and suddenly realized!

Shangguan Jue Jiao suddenly burst into a beautiful smile.

"For many years I haven't completely let go of my hands and feet. The people in Shenyan Palace can't move for the time being, but it doesn't mean that the old lady can't hammer other forces!"


Brush ~! A turquoise light flashed, Lin Chen appeared again in the high altitude of Shenyan Palace, between the two camps.

"Why, Shenyan Palace wants to turn over?"

Lin Chen talked and laughed, and Lan Jingyu was surprised again by this teenager!

Without the help of any half-step Holy King, he can resist the coercion of his Holy King, and can he be so calm?

"Lin Chen, don't you want to leave the Shenyan Palace safely today!"

"Are you really afraid of death? You dare to kill the people of the Wushen family?"

"It seems that you didn't take the nine of us in your eyes..."

The Presbyterian Church and the Nine Great Sages of the Palace of Divine Flame came out of the air.

Wu Pian's absolute nine great priests, as well as other geniuses who joined the "organization", the role is more critical. If he died here, they must take back a "confession"!

The elders of the Palace of Divine Flame shook their heads helplessly, only to be dispatched again!

brush! brush! brush!

Lin Chens servants stood in one step and stood beside Lin Chen, with the stars holding the moon.

Shenyang Palace's law-enhancing action, Shangguan Jue appeared, and stopped them.

Shangguan Jue said: "Let's watch the changes and let this little guy deal with it. His team is very strong."

The four brothers of the "Sifangjiehai" on the 17th floor protect Bai Ruoyan and others, and Ye Lixue and other people who do not have the ability to watch the battle, retreat quickly!

The many VIPs who have just retreated to the distant place can't help but feel palpitations in the face of the might that tears thousands of planes...

This battle is fought, I am afraid that the eastern part of the Saint King's domain will also be destroyed by a fifth. This is also the premise that the space crystal wall of the Saint King domain is relatively stable!

Bang ~!

At this time, Huanghuang Tianwei drew down from above the nine heavens, and glanced at the world, immortal. The brilliant golden light of the world shines in the direction of the Palace of Divine Flame!

The Presbyterian Church of Shenyang Palace is waiting for everyone!

This coercion is the arrival of the Holy King!

"Hahaha, Lin Chen, it must have been from the Wu family. This time you are dead!"

Elder Huomei raised his eyes and laughed.

However, Lan Jingyu suddenly said in a deep voice!

"No, the person coming is not from the Wu family!"

As soon as this remark comes out, the two sides are on alert!

Whoever comes is an enemy or a friend?

Lin Chen raised his lips, as if expecting something.

The Promise Old Man's eyes narrowed and he was surprised.

"Actually, are they even dispatched..."