My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1586

Vol 5 Chapter 1586: Shocking Epic Team

Buzz~! call out! call out! call out!

Purple qi comes east, and the gods shine.

The vast golden light led down from the sky dome in the east, paved a golden road, and an invincible coercion to suppress the heavens came to the Shenyang Palace!

Hundreds of silhouettes came on the golden road.

The strongest, Saint King Xiuwei!

The repair is the lowest, and there are six transfers!

As the first handsome boy, dressed in white, handsome and elegant. After losing his hands, he walked on the Golden Avenue head-on, Shenhui added himself and his spirits were flying. The Holy Light is surging all over the body, Sheng Wei dominates all living beings!

Between the young mens eyebrows, there are vicissitudes that do not match the appearance, the eyes absorb the stars, and the pupils are as deep as the red dust!

Those hidden old monsters and old antiques who are still staying near the Shenyang Palace and trying to join the big plan of the sage list, when they witnessed the team at this moment, their pupils tremble!

This team is probably the team they least want to see in their lives! !

It's a holy prison!

The one headed is the big sign of the Holy Prison, the famous Sheng Sheng Realm, the ancient and modern Baiyu Saint King Ying Chunqiu!

Ying Chunqiu's seniority is even higher than that of Lan Jingyu.

When the two great guardians of the Divine Flame Palace had not yet become kings, he was already the supreme saint, and he was the overlord under the same time as the holy heaven holy king!

"Ying Chunqiu, what is the so-called coming to My Palace of Flames?"

Lan Jingyu converged his murderous intentions and asked each other indifferently.

A holy king, in today's situation, has the weight to lift the weight and control the situation!

The owner of Shenyang Palace is also floating in the air, frowning and saying: "Can the Holy Prison want to judge my Shenyan Palace?"

Ying Chunqiu raised his hand, said indifferently.

"It's not your turn to speak at the Palace of Flames, we are not here to find you."

His eyes were thunderous, and after a moment of staying on the Nine Great Saints, he instantly turned around and locked Lin Chen!

Ying Chunqiu said with a sneer: "Lin Chen, right, this seat would like to know who gave you the courage to dare to commit my holy prison!"

Bang ~!

Ying Chunqiu attempted to suppress Lin Chen with Shengwei, but someone in Lin was light and breezy, and even laughed a little bit coquettishly.

As soon as this remark came out, all the old antiques were stagnant, and the hidden old strangers were shocked.

Even the nine great princes are stunned!

what's the situation? Lin Chen also had a festival with Holy Prison?

its not right! The holy prison is under the direct control of the gods, can this kid cause trouble to the holy prison?

Lin Chen shrugged and smiled with ease.

"My courage stems from my handsomeness. If it is a sin to look handsome, then I, Lin Chen, have already forgiven my sins! Your holy prison came to me, that is to say, you finally found me to be holy Is the world the first handsome. Really sinful man!"

Someone Lin shook his head very sadly and sighed-"Oh, he looks handsome, is it really a sin? Ask him how sad he can be, just like Lin Chen has been too handsome. Just! If your holy prison build one more The 20th floor of the Holy Prison gave me exclusive residence, plus 18,000 beautiful women, an acre of land, a grass hut, a hundred million, and I cant consider walking with you."

Ying Chunqiu frowned, "You..."

"Eh!" Lin Chen raised his hand directly, interrupting his words: "This predecessor, you must not be polite! Me, this person is collectively referred to as a **** gun in Langli, one of the cards of the dark horse club. The famous super long wait for the chicken, rest for two minutes, and then work for two months, the physical fitness is great. I dont want too many beauties, dont be polite!"

Everyone at Shenyan Palace: "..."

How did this kid survive to the present?

Also built a 20-story building for you to live in? Why do you travel to Holy Prison?

A servant stood next to him and said with a smile: "My lord, how can you say that people are also holy prisoners, and why don't you give me face."

Lin Chen slapped his head, "Oh, yes, yes, face is still to be given."

Lin someone kindly responded to Spring and Autumn with a childlike sunshine smile and laughed.

"Shit you!"

A lot of old antique mouths slammed...

This Lin Chen is really a newborn calf, not afraid of tigers!

This is the first time they have seen a holy prisoner who was tortured with yin and yang, and brought a curse!

Bang ~!

Ying Chunqiu was not angry, but the strong men of the Holy Prison were angry first!

Ying Chunqiu's breeze is light, he is accustomed to the city's bad habits, Lin Chen's set is not enough to anger him.

He was particularly calm.

"I was expecting your kid to be a personal character, and I want to give you the chance to fall back to my holy prison. However, depending on your **** attitude, I don't think I'm going to leave myself a hindrance. Since that is the case, this seat will fulfill you!"

"Holy Prison Law Enforcement Team listened to the order, the criminal Lin Chen infiltrated the holy prison, released the fierce horrible criminals, penetrated the holy prison, destroyed the holy prison multiple layers, killed a large number of prison guards, convicted, bad behavior, etc. on the spot Execution with fate, take down all the criminals of the Holy Prison, including Lin Chen, regardless of life or death!"

Should be ordered by Chunqiu to stir up a thousand waves! !

Many old antiques and hidden elders are stunned!

The Nine Great Saints didn't respond at one time!

Sneak into the holy prison?

Free criminals?

Break through the holy prison?

Kill the prison guard?

wait wait wait! !

Are you shelving this novel?

The goddess is the Holy Prison under the control of the gods! Real Holy World Big Mac!

In the early days of the creation of the Holy Realm, no one could die from the Holy Prison and no one could live!

Except for the Devil Emperor of that year, no soul can enter and leave freely, and even the Holy King dare not provoke the Big Mac! Absolute authority!

Suddenly one day, the Holy King sitting in the Holy Prison suddenly told the world that someone infiltrated the Holy Prison?

The most special thing is...

This person can't even achieve the cultivation of life and death!

Jue Tianyan: "Hey, hey... You must have a ridiculous degree!"

Xue Yifan: "This kid has infiltrated the holy prison?"

Yun Potian: "I don't believe it!"

Fang Xietian: "I don't believe it!"

Nangong Yue: "...Isn't I dreaming?"

Qianying Snow Ghost looked at his own grandfather, Promise Old Man!

Could it be that Grandpa is here?


"I can't think of the holy king of white feathers and the day when I admit the wrong person."

"If Lin Chen can infiltrate the holy prison, I will eat this large guard palace on the spot!"

Even the old antiques and the representatives of the three major nine-pin denominations shook their heads and laughed.

No one can accept this reality.

A chemical condensate penetrates the holy prison? Who can accept it?

Who believes! Youre lying here!

This is simply impossible!

Bang ~!

The sky above the Palace of Divine Flame suddenly changes! The men of the holy prison, immediately set off a battle! The golden road stretches for 100,000 miles and millions of miles!


At this time, a burst of laughter broke out in Lin Chen's team.

"This day is still here."

"Come on, everyone, it's time to let them know who is the father!"

"The ugly person is still shrinking, the handsome person has already punched hard!"

"Hahaha, hit the goddamn! Lao Tzu has long wanted to use this state to fight with the holy prison real sword!"

"I'm not pretending, I'm showdown! My Long Jiushan is the man closest to the Saint of Physical Training!"

"You ask me which side is the Palace of the Divine Flame and the Holy Prison? Sorry, the children make choices, I! We! All! All! Do!"

"The holy prison of the special, the territorial of the king!"

Everyone's black robe cloak lifted, unveiled the glazed mask

Many holy prestige forces shake the sky and rise to the sky!

Billions of gods thunder appeared out of thin air, colorful Xianxia turned around. The dragon spirit is galloping for thousands of miles, and the sword gas sword is in chaos!

The servants are full of posture!

Seeing the true face of everyone in Lin Chen's team, all the strong men were struck by lightning!

Nine great sages, dumbfounded!

Presbyterian Church of the Divine Flame Palace, gradually dumbfounded!

Lan Jingyu, the patron saint of law, was shocked.

Shangguan Jue, the Supreme Master of Law, exclaimed and shook his head.

Sword double domain big brother, suddenly shouting awesome!

Lord of the Flame Palace, thumbs up!

Nine days of punishment at Qingtian Pavilion in the Heavenly Sanctuary, looking at that epic team, and the dreamy combination, the corners of the mouth were trembling and trembling.

"Hey, hello... what the **** team is my day!!"

Lin Chen's mouth rose wildly.

"This great gift, you Palace of Holy Flame and Holy Prison can be followed well!"