My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1587

Vol 5 Chapter 1587: World War Ii The World Is Falling Apart

The hidden elders and antiques of all the parties, when they saw the servants around Lin Chen, were frightened with a trembling mouth!

That's right, it's not shock and consternation, it's real shock!

Throughout the entire Holy Realm, there is no longer a team that can be more adversarial than this!

Its not just strength but ability!

Jiang Taixu, the strongest fortune teller in the history of Shenji Pavilion!

The only holder of space magic in the Holy Realm, Lingyu Baiyu Fairy Xiao Ling'er!

The only burial old man in the blood domain who can see through the eight volumes of "Shen Shen eight volumes" and controls all the strongest secrets in the world, Ji Wuchen!

The strongest killer combination in the history of Heavenly Sanctuary, destroying the twins and destroying the sky!

The man in the Holy Realm that is closest to the Holy Realm of Refinement, Battlefield Taikoo Longzun Dragon Nine Mountains!

Danyu Eight-grade Pinnacle Saint-level pharmacist, the cultivating Dan Shengyou live!

The half-step saint king's flame-burning field arrow saint Qi Feiyan!

The founder of the Holy Realm Taoist Array, the Twelve Realms of the Ice Realm, Purple Thousand Worries!

Huang Yu is in control of the man who punishes Wan Lei in heaven. He is born with the Thunder God's body, and the half-step Saint Wang Xiuwei's war madness. Shangguan is invincible!

In the old days, the eighth-grade Saint Lord of the Profound Realm, who was alone in the Holy Realm, the Blood KingCloud Sky!

One of the only Thousand-domain crimson double masters that masters the resurrection divine art, the sacred holy Saint Fei Wushuang!

The last true biography of the Xianxiamen, a sect of the Nine Ancient Nine Classes, Xianxia Wujue, with five great Xianxia magic skills, Jiang Waner!

The first **** born from the sky was born into heaven and fire, and was born to the most dangerous **** and demon galaxy in the Shenhe Galaxy, the son of surprise Situ Longsheng!

There is also a peerless genius, Qin Jiuxiao, who has appeared on the list of sages at his youngest age!

As well as the two domains of sword and sword, the invincible hand under the holy king, it was called by the times as the half-step holy king who was closest to the sword and the sword, and the half-step holy king Fang Ling!

Many hidden elders subconsciously retreated subconsciously

"These are the arrogance of the Holy World in those days!"

"If it weren't for us, the old things, who had the luck to experience the same era with them, I'm afraid not many new young people knew it!"

"Under the heavens, can someone combine them together? This team is going against the sky!"

"This Lin Chen, wouldn't it really turn the holy prison upside down and rescue them?"

When these people crossed the Holy Realm, they were just a "brother"!

As strong as they are now, they are still a brother in front of these people!

When I think that these people actually call Lin Chen the "principal", the old antiques are even more arrogant!

Throughout the ages, who is eligible to be their hero!

Xing Jiutian cold sweated, sweating in the palm.

He finally knows why some time ago, he traced the murderer of the Qin family and could not find any clues!

There is a ghost out of this **** chase! Even the Holy King has to pull his hips!

"Damn, I used to jump on the edge of death once and for all! If I had traced these people, I wouldn't have thought it would be hard to die!"

Xing Jiutian felt terrified.

This team is really a fantastic combination!

In addition to the group of 19th-floor giants, this team also had **** asuras that were frightening and frightening at that time.

Those who were once detained on the 18th floor are all ruthless characters!

The strong men of the Holy Prison and Lin Chens team formed two momentums, fighting in court, shaking the whole Saint King territory!

Lin Chen gazed at the ridiculous face with his hands on his chest, Shangguan Jue's red lips slightly opened.

"Well, you, Lin Chen, actually went to the holy prison and made a big fuss, and released all the monsters that were as good as the old lady!"

At this time, the hidden monsters of the Saint King's domain were all shaken out!

Ying Chunqiu did not panic on the surface, but in fact his heart has set off a storm!

He expected that those on the nineteenth floor might have some individuals step into the half-step Holy King realm.

But he did not expect that there were four!

The other eleven, even if it is not half a step away from the Holy King, there is a taste that will break!

It is possible to open the position of the 100th holy cave at any time and advance to a half-step holy king!

"I really deserved to be the arrogant of the times, and the imprisonment can make such rapid progress. If they are allowed to practice normally, don't all surpass this seat?"

Ying Chunqiu's killing intentions skyrocketed!

At first he was calm and calm, and thought that his pioneer team was more than enough to deal with them.

Now it seems that the deer is still unknown!

This group of people, especially the group of guys on the 19th floor, should all be destroyed!

They are the characters most likely to advance to the Holy King in addition to the Holy Talent List in the Holy World today!

Every additional Holy King, the situation in the Holy Realm has to be chaotic!

Long Jiushan stepped on the foot, the void was broken, and laughed with pride: "The three nine-turn guys on the left are handed to me, and Uncle Ben hammers him!"

Ji Wuchen chuckled softly, his palms of blood were disillusioned, and he smiled awe-inspiringly: "The three things on the right are not ghosts, the old man will stop them."

Shangguan invincible stretched his lazy waist, bursting into the crackling infinite thunder and tearing the void, and laughed.

"Brother Fang Ling and Lang Fanyun, you can concentrate on dealing with the Holy King of the Shenyan Palace."

Qi Feiyan and Shangguan glanced invincibly at each other, with a heart in their soul, taking a step in the air, directly blocking the front of Baiyu Shengwang!

Ying Chunqiu chuckled: "Two two-step Saint Kings also want to block this King?"

Shangguan invincible sneered: "What are you pretending to be? If you were not framed by the holy prison, Lao Tzu is stronger than you when you lie down and practice!"

Qi Feiyan raised his hand to shoot a bow and arrow to Ying Chunqiu, not nonsense at all!

Arrow light directly stirs the wind and clouds, and the light turns into a whirlwind!

Bang ~! Arrow light was squeezed by Ying Chunqiu in one hand, and his body unfolded, layers of phantoms flashed into the void, descending like a demon god, Shangguan was invincible and pulled hundreds of thousands of days to punish thunder light, suddenly enveloped Ying Chunqiu!

Lin Chens team was half dispatched to fight the Holy Prison team!

The entire sky of the Shenyan Palace is directly plunged into an unprecedented melee!

"Let the disciples evacuate!"

At the order of the Presbyterian Church, the major deacons successively covered the withdrawal of the reformist disciples from the Palace of the Divine Flame!

Such a large-scale dogfight, with the participation of the Holy King, once the fighting power spread, the disciples could not bear it.

Lin Chen snapped his fingers, "Ghosts are sad."

"My subordinates are here!" He looked down on his knees and looked respectfully.

"I give you a quarter of an hour to wipe out all the disciples of the Wu Ping faction without leaving a mouth."

Lin Chen said indifferently: "Those who want to use the disciples of Shenyan Palace as their furnaces, cut the grass and remove the roots."


Ghost seeing sorrow turned into a ray of light smoke, disappeared like a ghost!

"Elders, take this opportunity to win Lin Chen's son!"

Lan Jingyu gave a cold drink, and the elders and the Presbyterian Church of Shenyang Palace had to act!

Fang Ling smirked.

"Oh, I haven't let go of my hands and feet for a few years."

Lang Fanyun suddenly smiled and said: "We will play again after the friendly game, first play this Saint King knockout!"

After talking, Fang Ling laughed, waved his hand, his sword gas was vertical and horizontal, and a spiral tornado-like sword light storm blocked Lan Jingyu!

Lang Fanyun turned into a blade of light, suddenly split towards Lan Jingyu!

The two of them have a sword and a sword, and they fight against Lan Jingyu's guardians!

Lin Chen's other half of the servant team immediately stood out for the most and faced the Flame Palace!

All inside and outside the Shenyan Palace, suddenly overturned the sky!

The flames of the Palace of the Divine Flame are completely destroyed, and the palace is sinking. If the space is moved, the main hall of the Palace of the Divine Flame cannot be kept!

All the old monsters stepped back and back, looking horrified.

Actually doing it, it's still "one dozen two"!

They looked at the silver robe boy floating in the sky, which may be the real power!

Lin Chens team directly took the two giant forces of Shenyang Palace and Holy Prison! !