My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1588

Vol 5 Chapter 1588: Warriors Of Ancient And Modern Times Singled Out The Nine Great Talents

Peerless Yan Yan's eyes narrowed, staring at Long Jiushan, who moved through the void, muttered to himself: "Dragon Jiushan? The legend of physical training in the sage list..."

Ji Wuqing said: "These people are not dead yet!"

Ji Qianqiu nodded: "Every one of them, there is still a record in the family. If it were not the disaster of the holy prison of that year, perhaps half of them would have been called holy kings."

Xue Yifan opened his eyes for the first time, with a dignified expression-"Every one of them once possessed a qualification not inferior to the list of geniuses, even if they are not in the list of geniuses, they are comparable to the list of geniuses!"

Yun Potian's face was uncertain, and he fisted.

Dongfanghong shook his head and marveled at the battles near the Palace of the Divine Flame, and each battle circle was a legendary great man!

When the nine great saints looked at Lin Chen, their eyes were especially complicated, with jealousy, envy, killing, or unwillingness.

Their sacred talent list, heart and soul, except for the ten strongest people, never really served anyone!

But for Lin Chen this is the first time to look at each other!

This Ha, do the wrong thing!

Eliminate the son of the God of War in the midst of Yihua Ningjing!

Wearing the Devil's Ning Point and breaking through the border, the Ning Point is more than 17,000 times!

Even the Holy Prison was robbed by him!

Even these peculiar figures who were so popular and not inferior to the list of saints were willing to worship him as their lord! Sell his life!

In all fairness, if they are allowed to go on, they will definitely not do better than Lin Chen, or even half of them!

Fei Qingyue was taken by Fei Qianyu to a very distant mountain peak. Leng Yanjia, one of the top ten fascinating demon lists, stared blankly at Lin Chen's profile, and she was stunned and palpitated--

This Lin Chen seems to be normal without a moment on him!

Every moment and every moment, what is done is not something that the ordinary strong can think of!

He can also do what the Saints List can do!

He can't do it even if he can't even think about it, he also did it!

Fei Qingyue muttered to himself-"How terrifying you are to the world, Lin Chen..."

At this time, Fei Qianyu hugged Fei Qingyue, "Qingyue, then you have to return to the denomination yourself, and later the elders of the denomination will arrive here. I will join the war with your teacher, you want to be yourself protect yourself."

Fei Qingyue was suffocated, and she subconsciously grabbed Fei Qianyu, her beautiful eyes were full of tears, trembling: "Master, don't ever leave me..."

Fei Qianyu froze, then nodded solemnly.

"I will definitely come back alive!"

Brush ~! Fei Qianyu started to act and immediately joined the melee!

At this time, inside and outside of the Shenyan Palace, the void that was shattered into a vacuum zone continued to ripple, and the battle of the top powerhouses had the effect of'space shifting'. The aftermath that overflowed could still cover thousands of miles of space. Strangled into nothingness!

Originally, Shenyan Palace is enough to resist these aftermath.

However, Lin Chen's team had a lot of worry about it. Before coming over, he directly demolished many of the guardian arrays. The Shenyan Palace did not have much defense at all, and the top strongmen were all involved!

Inside and outside the Shenyan Palace, completely destroyed!

And Lin Chen's team "take one dozen two", it still has the upper hand!

Let the surroundings be dim and dark, and the sky is falling apart, the attribute light ball is flying in the sky

Lin Chen is still floating.

Except for a few spiritual avatars without much fighting power, Lin Chen stood still for him to capture the spiritual attribute light ball for him!

Lin Chens eyes looked quietly in a certain direction

That is the direction of the nine great princes!

The nine great saints also looked over.

The eyes of the two sides meet and the war spreads!

Bang ~!

The red-golden Shenxia enveloped Lin Chen, a divine and magnificent red-gold dragon carrying Yunyi's elegant white fairy suddenly appeared!

It was Lin Chen's Taixi Ancient Dragon!

Lin Chen stepped up from the dragon, accompanied by the beautiful lady, and the dragon was beside him, facing the nine great princes!

Bai Ruoyan took the young man's hand, and Yu Yu was slightly red, and she smiled: "This time, I won't let go of your hand."

Lin Chen smiled and said: "Sister Yan, this Shenyan Palace is my present to you. After this battle, I will definitely let you take over it."

Bai Ruoyan shook his head.

"As long as you are in peace, nothing else is as important as your hair."

Lin Chen said with a bad smile: "Sister Yan, I am a thin-skinned person who can't listen to love. Next time we will find a place where no one will. You, me, and my brother should make it clear."

Bai Ruoyan's mouth is covered, Jiao Fei dyes the haze, "poor mouth."

The two hugged each other.

call out! call out! call out!

Nine Daofengfeng sounds, nine Daoguang lights come!

Nine great geniuses, surrounded Lin Chen in groups!

Xue Yifan was like a flower Buddha, closed his eyes indifferently.

"Lin Chen, Wu Pian is absolutely a member of our camp. He died in your hands. We need an explanation. We will stop when we leave, and we can not move your woman. If not, you might be missing your arms and legs. ."

Lin Chen teased and said with a smile: "The guys in the sage list, all of them look like this.

Lin Chen waved his hand and smiled.

"A few nonsense, not afraid of death!"

Bang ~!

The atmosphere suddenly stretched out, and at the touch of it!

Upon seeing this, dozens of servants withdrew to leave the battle!

Jiang Taixu and You Xiangsheng raised their hands and blocked all the servants!

Jiang Taixu first smiled and said: "You beat you, the protagonist orders that the holy prisoners can kill a few and count a few."

Youxiang Shengfu must laugh-"Do you think that our protagonist can't even solve the nine saints?"

Seeing this, many old antiques did not understand directly!

What way?

Lin Chen was surrounded by nine great saints, these guys still don't save people?

The Presbyterian Church of Shenyang Palace is ecstatic!

"Great, the geniuses are finally going to shoot!"

"This Lin Chen is about to suffer, die and hold his servants, don't let them help!"

A Wu Pian absolutely injured Lin Chen, and the nine great princes made a siege. This is an unprecedented lineup! Lin Chen is always in danger of life!

Outside the main hall, at the location of Hufatang, Shen Lingshuang anxiously said: "Sister, please go to save the master!"

Shangguan Jue didn't say a word, her beautiful eyes looked at Lin Chen's confident face, becoming more solemn!

"Could it be that"

Bang ~!

The situation has changed dramatically, and the nine great saints have shot at the same time!

In a face-to-face meeting, the sages sacrificed their killing moves, swords, swords, saints and dragons, crushing the spirits of nine days and ten earths, and blocking all the retreats of Lin Chen!

It's all orange-level advanced scholasticism, and no one looks down on Lin Chen!

boom! boom! boom!

I saw that when all the offensives exploded, the faces of the hidden elders all changed!

Was all of these offensives taken over head-on?

The smoke was rolling, and the ancient dragon soared above the sky. At this moment, the crowds were shocked!

I saw that, just above the head of the dragon, there were seven identical Lin Chen!

Their breath is arrogant, exactly the same as the body!

Lin Chen snapped his fingers and smiled awe-inspiringly.

"Since you want to fight, don't stop!"

"One hammer is a hammer, and nine hammers are also hammers! I'll fight as many as you can!"

Bang ~!

The sky was full of blood and clouds, and Lin Chen's all avatars were dispatched!

Roar ~!

Gu Long Fei Tian, suddenly annihilated Tian Yan and left, a dragon claw stunned away!

Lin Chen held the magic gun with one hand and faced Xue Yifan directly!

boom! boom! boom!

Atmospheric fracture, space fault. The situation has changed dramatically, and the nine great priests have become illusions, and instantly fell into the chaos!

At this moment, all the hidden monsters took a breath of air, and the disciples of Shenyan Palace and the strong men of Hufatang shuddered!

Is this **** human?

Based on the five folds of the sage's realm alone, the nine consecrated geniuses who singled out the heavenly realm were singled out from the condensed environment and cultivated as a virtue?

This is the man who pierced the holy prison and led the sons of the times!