My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1589

Vol 5 Chapter 1589: Wushen Family And Then Out Of The Holy Realm

Saint King's domain, in a particular plane.

A thousand cloud gates hang high, the Wushen family-four characters outlined vigorously,

Around the plane, towering mountains stand between the clouds.

Within the mountains, there is a pavilion like a forest, and the giant hall is high.

The mountain is like a dragon, and there is a lot of strong light surging. It is still like water, and it can open the sky!

In the main hall, a beam of red light rose into the sky! !

Bang ~! boom!

The red light exploded and turned into a sky full of broken mans!

Countless powerful people looked up, their eyes were shocking and incredible!

This is the exquisite blood jade of Wu Shenzi, actually broken?

Numerous domestic servants of the Wushen family went out of their way and looked at each other in amazement, as if to say: This is impossible!

"Including the space jade of the two adults, and the ace left by the Lord, even if the Holy King is out of the horse, it can't threaten his life!"

"Is it the double kings besieging the Son of God?"

"Where is the sacred, dare to destroy my Wujia God Son!"

"Sinful, this person is absolutely sinful! It must be condemned, if not, what is the name of the God of War, etc.!"

Countless hidden monsters are angry and scared!

The stronger the existence, the more difficult it is to produce offspring.

The Divine Son fell and moved the whole body in one stroke. If Lord Wu Shen is here, the entire Wu Shen family would suffer!

In the past, Lord Wushen chose concubines to conceive as gods, and there were tens of thousands of talented and beautiful ladies Xiang Xiaoyu.

Many of them are still the top ten beautiful ladies in the top ten list of the evil spirits!

Only the Yangyuan Seed struggled in the concubines body for thousands of years before quietly conceiving the God Seed!

Later generations have bred dozens of epochs with countless mysteries and resources. The son of the **** of war is born and comes!

Therefore, Wu Shenzi is the continuation of the lifeline of the current Wu Shen family. Without him, Wu Shen is full of anger and no one can bear it!

Wushen family, a dark red room!

Bang ~!

A dozen hidden monsters broke into the house!

Inside the dark red dense room, above a jade bed of Han Yu Xuan Bing, sits a young man with a trance-like expression.

He looked at his hands and his eyes were horrified!

This person is Wu Pingjue who was beheaded by Lin Chen!

However, the current "Wu Pian absolutely" is very different from the previous.

He cultivated very weakly, only the life and death realm, and secondly, he lost his magical power!

His bloodline no longer has the factor of God's bloodline! Just an ordinary life and death situation!

Wu Pian absolutely shuddered in horror: "Elders, I... am I dead..."

The old man in the red robe who broke into the secret room was uncertain, and then sighed deeply.

"Yes, Son of God, the worst situation..."

"The incarnate incarnation refined for you by the Lord at that time preserves your original spirit of the Son of God, can assimilate part of the memory of the body, and is the back hand of all ace. Once the body falls, your incarnate incarnation will be Will recover, recall the original blood..."

The bloodline of God is extremely overbearing, and even the Holy King cannot surrender between heaven and earth.

Incarnation is the last trump card left by Wushen for his descendants.

If the body really falls, the blood of the gods of the body will shuttle back to the void and most of the blood will gather back to the avatar. The only loss is the loss of the memory and the basis of cultivation practice.

But now it is the worst situation!

The incarnation started outside, but the blood did not come back!

This represents Wu Pianjue's falling into a plane of time and space that cannot even escape the blood of the gods, which is beyond the control of'God'!

This is a very scary thing!

This means that the Wu Family is completely'extraordinary'! I don't know when the next **** child will be born!


Wu Pian never held his head in his hands, bursting into the screams of his heart-breaking heart.

The old man in the red robe strongly resisted the countless emotions in his heart and solemnly said: "Son of God, please tell us who is the enemy of my Wushen family!"

"Lin Chen!"

Wu Pian snarled, his eyes split, his eyes overflowed with bloodshot eyes--"He was in the Shenyan Palace, he killed me, this **** is not willing! No, how can I stop here, I have not surpassed my father, I still Did not lead the Holy World!"

The eyes of many martial arts strangers suddenly burst into shock!

Lin Chen, they have never heard of this name.

The family of gods, do not recognize the nameless people!

They just need to know that the enemies of the Wu Family are in the Shenyan Palace!

"Come on..."

A dozen old monsters withdrew from the Chamber of Secrets, and immediately several close-fitting maids came in panic to appease the violent Wu Ping...

Wu Pian was absolutely mad, and he saw the afterglow of the eyes of many Wu Jia servants when he left, and it was like a **** heart!

In the past, the domestic servants who admired themselves with respect and obvious esteem, left their eyes, either pity, or pity, or disdain, even gloating!

Losing the blood of the God of War, he would be dead even if he survived.

Wushen valued Wu Pianju's future, and the relationship in the bloodline was very light.

The potential of Divine Blood is the root of his lofty status!

Living in a way that loses the blood of the gods, he will never be better than death!

After making a lot of noise, Wu Pian never lost his soul and muttered to himself.

"How can I just stop here... this is not true... Lin Chen, Lin Chen! I want to kill you, I want you to live better than die!"

Wushen family, hall.

Bang ~!

Dozens of Holy Lights have arrived and urgently exited!

All the old servants of the Wushen family gathered together, and all looked dignified!

"The severity of the matter, the old man didn't want to say more."

The old man in the red robe narrowed his eyes, "No one can trample on the reputation of the family of the God of War, we need to give an account to the Lord! Everyone has hit us, and it will be a shame to wait for a moment!"

"Start, call all those who can move, Wushen family, never back!"

"The enemy, in the Palace of Divine Flame!"

boom! boom! boom!

An almost invincible power broke out from the plane of the Wushen Family, shaking all the forces of the Holy King Territory!

This once legendary family, inherited by the God of War personally, the giant power that dominates one side, is actually about to be born!

No one can guess, what kind of killing tricks are hidden in the Wushen family!

In the holy world of human race, God's means cannot be imagined!


Palace of Divine Flame, millions of voids, chaos in the war circle

The war gun was stabbed awe-inspiringly, and the dragon was roaring like a roar.


Xue Yifan's defense was torn, his eyes slightly changed: "This shot is so fierce, he had never used it when he was fighting Wu Pianjue, did he still have reservations?"

"Hey, pretty boy in the sage list, where are you looking at?"

Lin Chen picked a corner of his mouth, slaughtered the demon war gun with a sweep, swept thousands of blows as fast as a stab, the gun shadow bloomed like a peacock on the screen, and pushed all the way, Xue Yifan was repelled several times!

In other circles of geniuses, Lin Chens avatar was also inseparable from the geniuses.

In addition to the fact that the holy dragon is procrastinating Dongfanghong, other avatar battles even have the tendency to prevail!

Seeing this scene, the corners of the old antiques twitched slightly.

This young man, with a dozen or so sage lists, can he still have the upper hand?

Damn, it's no wonder Wu Pian will be killed by his town until it falls. This kind of combat power is unparalleled in the world!

"Go on like this, isn't the team of Lin Chen's son trying to get rid of the joint of Holy Prison and Shenyan Palace?"

An old antique hovering outside the Shenyan Palace was horrified.

"No, it's not that simple."

Other old antiques have a solemn expression: "The old man has understood the power of the Holy Prison. This is not their strongest power. Once the strongest power of the Holy Prison gathers, Lin Chen and others want to leave, and there may be a delay in the Palace of the Divine Flame. Next, a large number of strong men must fall!"

Bang ~!

As soon as the words fell, a large amount of Holy Light traveled from south to north, and more than one hundred, they all came near the Shenyan Palace!

The old monsters' faces changed slightly!

Here comes the support of Holy Prison!

Lin Chen, who was galloping on the battlefield, saw this scene, his mouth rising wildly.

"Come on, come on a little bit more. I'm so right, brother. Right."

Xue Yifan saw his heartbroken smile, his heart twitched, his eyelids jumped wildly.

Fuck, this Lin Chen, isn't your brain broken!

Are you surrounded and still smiling so happy?

Is this man ignorant of God? Are you afraid that you dont know how many strong men are there? Really want to pick the two and go through the Shenyan Palace and the Holy Prison?

Is he really so brave looking handsome?