My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1590

Vol 5 Chapter 1590: The Man Who Masters The Battle Situation Jiang Taixu

"Hahaha! Happy, it's so happy!"

"You just owed me a running dog in a holy prison, remember to pay me back."

"Fuck your uncle, and grab the head and say so."

The team of Lin Chen's servants came out with a hearty laugh, and Long Jiushan and others were violent in their fighting intentions, and they could be described as a battlefield of vertical and horizontal battles.

The Shenyan Palace is surrounded by high altitudes, blood and rain are blowing, and the wind is roaring.

A tyrannical atmosphere annihilated the heavens and the earth, and from time to time an eruptive storm blew up!

The servants of the nineteenth floor, almost every time they engage in battle, there will be wounded or even fallen saints with more than seven turns!

Absolute advantage!

Lin Chen's team, even with a dozen or two, still has the advantage, and even killed more than a dozen prisoners and more than ten Deacon of the Flame Palace!

Lin Chens servants who participated in the war, the lowest level of cultivation is also the peak of eight revolutions, and the prisoners have been suppressed on the realm!

On the side of Shenyan Palace and Holy Prison, except Lan Jingyu and Ying Chunqiu, who stopped the four and a half steps of the Holy King, no other top fighting forces such as Long Jiushan, Zi Qianchou and others, no one can stop it!

Even the saints who were below the nine-turn saints were not qualified to stop them, and they could not make five moves in their hands!

This led to the holy prison's top fighting power being tilted in order to hold the people of the 19th floor, and other servants killed the Quartet!

"Damn, it's crazy!"

"These are all strong men with three-turn saints who are more than perfect. Killing five-turn saints is like killing chickens, which is terrible!"

"The old man has never seen such a large number of powerful people fall, these guys are desperate!"

"No, why did these strong men strike back without damaging Lin Chen's team?"

When many old antiques were horrified, several old strange pupils from the "green field" shuddered!

"I know, it's him! It's that man!"

Several old strangers burst into the eyes, even the holy prisoners have come back!

Among the major battle circles, a dashing and elegant, like a fairy-like old man, holding the mountains and rivers in his hand, in charge of the Xiaoyao Banner, a pair of wise eyes shimmering in light, insight into the audience, revealing a light and gentle smile.

The most powerful fortune-teller in Shenji Pavilion, Jiang Taixu! !

In the thunderous sea of the void, arrows flew in vertical and horizontal directions, and three figures flickered in a staggering manner. After repeated collisions, the Holy Force spurred the laws of heaven and earth, and exploded the infinite waves and shattered the space!

Qi Feiyan and Shangguan are invincible!

And Ying Chunqiu, who was delayed by them, witnessed the outside of the battle circle, and the prisoner was almost angry when he was falling at an alarming speed!

"Damn, it's really Jiang Taixu! You must stop him!"

What he did not expect is that this team will appear four and a half steps of the Holy King-

And, the entire team has recovered!

This was unexpected, and how long did they escape from prison! This reverted to the heyday and even exceeded the heyday!

"Even if their team has been living for so long, in such a short period of time, where can they find so many sufficient resources and pharmacists to make medicine for them..."

Ying Chunqiu couldn't calm down. I thought everything was under control. I thought that these guys' fighting power was restored to 50% at most. I didn't expect to exceed the peak moment!

There is also Jiang Taixu, a man who stunned the Holy Realm, and was once a powerful contender who was hailed as the No. 1 arithmetic operator of the Holy Realm.

On the bright side, his cultivation base is only eight peaks, but threat is the most dangerous level! It is the only man who can understand the trend of the whole battle and master the whole battle situation!

The dynamic trends of all the strong men are clearly understood by him!

This is the terrible part of the mathematician!

Even anyone who wants to blew himself up and whoever wants to use desperate killing tricks will be prejudged by the prophet, announced in advance, one step ahead, so that Lin Chen's team will always be at the edge of battle!

Unless the rank and number can suppress Lin Chen's team, it is impossible to threaten them!

There is an unspoken rule in the world of mathematicians. The mathematicians do not play, but when they play, they are to be besieged by groups!

The Promise Old Man came slowly from the void, the fairy bones, the light of the avenue circulated around him, and many hidden monsters immediately withdrew or clenched their fists.

The two little girls beside the Promise Old Man pulled his sleeves.

"Grandpa, what about my sister."

"This big brother is so good, can my sister beat him."

Wuji's old man smiled and said: "It's not your turn to worry. This is the way she chose. If she creates a prosperous world, she will bear its weight."

After that, the eyes of the Promise Old Man stared deeply at Lin Chen.

This young man is the only one who can't see through and can't figure out any possibility.

Perhaps it is also the most critical turning point in this war!

"This team is really terrifying..." Jiu Tian, one of the representatives of Jiu Pin, stepped back aside, feeling terrified.

One of the representatives of Jiu Pin, the deputy hall master of Qianfang Qiankun Hall, the Eastern Shadowless Dao thought.

"The individual combat power of an arithmetic operator is indeed not strong, but if the arithmetic operator is arranged behind the group battle, it will be even more powerful, and the dragon will enter the sea!"

The eyes of the young patriarch of the Sun and Moon Beast Sect looked at the infinite old man on the side, and the meaning was profound.

"Not to mention that this arithmetician is still the candidate of the first arithmetician of the Holy World!"

Bang ~! Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

The dazzling golden light swept through the sky, a golden avenue was rolled out, and a group of saints came, the hundred saints came, and the sky and earth changed suddenly!

The support of the holy prison arrived!

"Bai Yuzun, the second team of Sacred Prison Sky Line arrived, five saints in nine turns, seven saints in eight turns, fifteen saints in seven turns, and fifty-eight saints in six turns!"

The sage preached by the Cotai Strip.

Ying Chunqiu angered: "Cooperate with the Shenyan Palace and take them all down, mainly attacking Jiang Taixu and Lin Chen, regardless of life or death!"

The elders were suddenly ecstatic, "Come on, everyone in the Holy Prison!"

"The support of the Holy Prison has begun to come"

"The old man will have to peel off Lin Chen's skin alive!"

"Fight against my Palace of Divine Flame, die!"

Just when the Presbyterians thought they would make a comeback, Lin Chen, who had fought Xue Yifan, swept his eyes and laughed.

"Isn't it, Holy Prison is just like this? Can you come a little bit more and make the storm more violent!"

Damn it, crazy!

Many old antique eyelids jumped wildly, this kid is crazy!

I have seen people who think they have too little money, who have too few women, and who think they look handsome.

Hurry to die, you put this?

Faced with this wave of holy prison support, Jiang Taixu didn't change his face, took control of the situation, and smiled lightly.

"Everything is in the calculations. They are eager to expand their formation and attempt to attack the protagonist and the old man quickly, but they are very easy to expose huge flaws and attack intentions. They don't even need to predict. The old men in the southwest, poke them with their eyes!"

The servants laughed loudly. More than half of the eighteenth floor servants abandoned their opponents who were seriously injured or crippled in front of their eyes, and instead attacked the second team of the Holy Prison!

When Xue Yifan crushed Lin Chen with a palm, he gritted his teeth and said: "Lin Chen, is this also in your budget!"

Lin Chen turned around with a single shot, otherwise he laughed amusedly.

"From now on, the dark horse club will officially take over the battle!"