My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1591

Vol 5 Chapter 1591: An Arrow Through The Clouds Thousands Of Troops Meet Each Other

When half of the servants on the eighteenth floor transferred to the second team of the Holy Prison to support-

Those prisoners and deacon of Shenyan Palace who had previously faced the wounded were relieved.

They hadn't had time to be happy yet, and a bloodline cracked strangely in the eyebrows and neck.


More than twenty prison guards and the deacon of Shenyang Palace face each other in disbelief. Before dying, his eyes were unbelievable.

laugh! laugh! laugh!

Their holy body, a burst of white smoke, the corpse separated, instantaneously turned into nothingness!

At this moment, countless powerful people are creeping!

Anyone who sees this scene feels a chill coming straight from the soles of his feet, and his back is cold!

None of these strong men is less than four years old! In an instant, the dust disappeared!

Twenty-eight strong men suddenly fell away! These 28 people are standing on top of the Holy Pyramid!

Murder is invisible and shadowless, even the spirit and the flesh must be completely destroyed, the real super-class killer!

It's them!

The most powerful killer in the heavenly domain, destroying the twins and destroying the sky!

In such a big dogfight, there is such a series of killers hidden in secret, it is simply a harvester!

An extreme fear spreads in the minds of the powerful in the Palace of Divine Flame!

No one knows who they are targeting next!

Unlike other battles, the Ember Destruction will not actively participate in the battle on the bright surface, and the killer will not be exposed until the last resort.

They dont make it, its time for disaster to come!

"This is the real top killer..."

Xing Jiutian was cold and sweating, and the more he looked, the more he was shocked, as strong as his level, and he didnt even see when the sky was destroyed!

Fortunately, I didn't encounter this team at the beginning. Damn, ten lives are not enough for the other party to kill!

Eastern Shadowless suddenly said: "Do we need to consider withdrawing from the alliance proposed by the Holy Talent List and fight like this,"

The Beast Master Sect shook his head: "If you want to quit, then quit. Behind the plan, there is the support of a combined force of more than 100 sages. Besides, don't look at Lin Chen and others now prevailing. The Holy Prison has not bottomed out yet, but Everyone in Lin Chen's team has made an appearance, and all the details are there. No matter how strong they are, they will not be suppressed by the number of strong ones!"

"You should know what a huge monster holy prison is!"

The beautiful woman's eyes flashed and muttered to herself: "Moreover, the plan of the priests is an unprecedented prosperity..."

The two Jiupin representatives looked at each other, recalling Wu Pianjie's conversation with them, and chose to continue watching!

After the arrival of the holy prison, the interception of Lin Chen and Jiang Taixu failed, but also relieved the pressure for a moment, Lin Chen's team offensive still prevailed!

Bang ~! call out! call out! call out!

Hundreds of millions of Jinxia led down from Jiuxiao, Shengwei swept all around, and the third Golden Avenue was rolled out!

The strong men of the Holy Prison are ecstatic!

Here comes the third team!

Hundreds of strong men came on the Golden Avenue!

Lin Chen and Jiang Taixu glanced at each other, and the two had a good heart and smiled at each other!

"Call people, do you really think you can call people..."

With a single shot, Xue Yifan was swept away. Lin Chen held the bow in one hand and shot the bow towards the golden cancan road above the sky!

Lin Chen's powerful breath of laughter spread all over the world!

"A cloud-piercing arrow meets thousands of horses!"

The arrows lingering in the light of the starlight shot at the Golden Avenue!

Sigh~! Bang ~!

When the arrow light exploded, a group of figures appeared on the opposite side of the third team of Holy Prison!

A large number of holy lights float, and the momentum of this team is not inferior to any team in Holy Prison!

"Ghost brother, let's come!"

"Bapin Huangfu family, three-turn saints or more, all 18 people, join the war!"

"Bapin Wanyan Hall Joins the War!"

"Blood Domain Nine Sha participates in the battle! Your honor, Ji Wuchen, we will repay your kindness!"

"All the elders in the Xuantian Pavilion in Cangyu are in place!"

"Sanbing One is ready!"

"They think we are on the second floor, in fact, we are on the fifth floor. Wuhu, take off."

"I'm up, it's a shot, what else is there to say!"

"I can have a fight with the holy prison in my lifetime, shit, drive him!"

"Once faced with the Holy Prison, we only promised. Now, we fight hard! Kill one to protect the capital and kill two to earn!"

"Pure lords should do eight rank forces? False lords! Real lords should do holy prison! Fuck!"

"The hero Lin Chen is the most handsome!"

"The stand-alone king is the most handsome!"

"We got a traitor! Hit him!"

"Wait, go to holy prison first, then hammer him!"


Hundreds of figures have stepped from the east, and the sages have emerged. The old antiques who are watching the situation feel numb!

The comers are all first-class strongmen, and there is no less than three conversions.

Some even brought their own eight-grade forces directly out of the nest!

Lan Jingyu's face changed slightly, and these eight rank forces are placed in the ranks of the best eight rank forces in the Holy Realm!

So many forces have come out and declared war on their Divine Flame Palace and Holy Prison?

Which of the big brothers who can hold the eighteenth and nineteenth floors of the holy prison was not a legend?

In the past, everyone was seriously injured, and they could not leak the news. They could only hide it. After the recovery, they could fully show their identity and show their cards!

There are some iron relations around them, either for the grace of the people, or for the grace of reconstruction, as long as the servants wave their arms, it is a response!

This is Lin Chen's second mover. These eight rank forces are all well-connected by his servants and willing to participate in the war.

Moreover, they have arranged a follow-up retreat route for their own forces.

That's right, if you dare to come here today, there is no hard character planning to leave alive!

Lin Chen smiled and said: "Isn't it just calling people, who is afraid of who!"

The expression of the nine great geniuses is more and more shocking-

A total of 270 strong men, swept across the mighty, fighting against the third prison guard of the Holy Prison!

The people arrived by Jiang Taixu

"Everyone, I can't provide you with more combat assistance. Please be very careful. The protagonist has orders that everyone today must go back alive!"

"This is the edict given to you by the Lord. Please take it with you. You must bring it with you."

Jiang Taixu was the best, and countless spiritual streamers crossed the void, and all the followers followed the strong with one hand.

A crimson symbol of red spirit appeared on the palm.

This symbol is engraved with Lin Chen's spiritual imprint, and everyone does not know how to use it, but it can be seen that their benefactor's'principal' values their lives!

"So let's rest assured!"

"The dog thief of the Holy Prison, the enemies that destroyed the door at that time, now let you **** blood!"

Two hundred and seventy strong men acted suddenly and traveled through the void--

"Three teams, against these thieves!"

The leading prisoner on the third Golden Avenue snorted coldly and shook the newly arrived powerful men in front!

When the two sides launched the offensive, Shenyan Palace completely overturned the sky!


Suddenly, the sky north of Shenyan Palace completely collapsed, and time and space collapsed!

boom! boom! boom!

The eight-headed blood mad dragon appeared in the air, and the blood dragon disturbed the wind and cloud, destroyed everything, and attacked Lin Chen's body and avatar!

The tremors of all the strong men tremble, and the terrible Shengwei dominates all living beings, coming to the world!

The old antiques frowned wildly--

Another king came?

Still aiming directly at Lin Chen!